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Lesson # 2
The Deception Dollar

Deception for who?

6 Jan 2006

Good-quality images of different versions are here. The Deception Dollar has two primary effects on people:
1) The drawings on the dollars deceive people into thinking that President Bush and his friends in the oil business are responsible for 9-11, the Mideast wars, and other problems.

2) The websites on the dollar fool people into thinking they are getting information about 9-11, but much of what they get is deceptive.

Furthermore, none of the web sites provide serious information about the Holocaust lies, Zionism, the attack on the USS Liberty, the Federal Reserve system, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Apollo moon landing hoax, or other major crimes. 

Finally, none of the web sites explain that the media executives are suppressing evidence of all of these crimes, and that the media executives are best described as "Zionists". Their suppression of these crimes is proof that they are part of the criminal network.

The only way you will understand these accusations is to look at the web sites on the Deception Dollar yourself, and then compare the information at those sites to the information at such sites as:

  • Main Page

  • If you were to finance the printing of Deception Dollars, which web sites would you include?

    Don't make excuses for the people who produced the Deception Dollar. Don't assume that they are naive. They know what they're doing. One of their web sites:

    There had been eight printings of the Deception Dollar as of January 2006, so they have had eight attempts to find useful sites. However, they continue to include web sites of little value, or sites that are truly deceptive.

    Further evidence that these people are deceptive is the video they produced, the cover of which is shown below.

    Their DVD implies that the Bush family is responsible for terrorism. Specifically, that Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden are actually puppets of the Bush family.

    What evidence is there that the Bush family is in control of Hitler, Hussein, and bin Laden? And how is the Bush family stopping NBC, the New York Times, CBS, and other television networks, magazines, and newspapers around the world from exposing their crimes?

    How could the people who produce this DVD and these Deception Dollars possibly believe that the Bush family has as much control over the world?

    The only sensible answer is that these people do not really believe that Bush is in control of the world. Rather, they are trying to deceive us.

    During the 2004 elections, these people were little more then that a Kerry-for-President committee.

    A more accurate DVD would have the following cover:

    Most of the people involved in that Deception Dollar and that deceptive DVD are in the San Francisco area. They are the same group of people that invited Eric Hufschmid to speak in March of 2004 at a meeting about September 11, and then about a week later, would not let him speak.

    Although they did not feel that Hufschmid was acceptable as a speaker, take a serious look at who they allowed to speak.  The list is at their site:

    Here are some of the people they considered qualified to speak about 9-11:

  • Mike Ruppert
  • Actually, they let Ruppert speak twice at this meeting.

    In case you don't know much about Mike Ruppert, he is trying to blame 9-11 on Vice President Dick Cheney. He also pushes the "Peak Oil" theory, and he warns us that we must reduce our population before oil runs out. He avoids explaining who will decide which of us will be reduced, and how we will be reduced.

  • Jim Hoffman
  • They let Jim Hoffman speak about the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, and at that time Hoffman was promoting the theory that the towers may have been taken down by Maser weapons

    When asked for evidence of Maser weapons, his reply was something similar to: "Well, there is no evidence that Maser weapons exist, but the government has a big black-ops budget, so they may have developed a lot of amazing technology."

  • Paul Thompson
  • Paul Thompson discussed "The Role of Pakistan in 9-11 and Possible US Government Connections. There is ample evidence that the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, played a key role in the 9-11 plot."

    Well Mr. Thompson, we are still waiting for your "ample evidence".

  • Webster Tarpley
  • Webster Tarpley discussed "The question of the links between the Bush family and the Nazis."

    Tarpley frequently tries to use Hitler's bad image to cause people to hate Bush, and he suppresses any suggestions that Britain and Israel could be involved in these crimes.

  • Daniel Hopsicker
  • Hopsicker may have some good information about the flight schools in Florida, but he tries to promote the nonsense that the towers and Building 7 fell down because of fires.
  • Kris Millegan
  • Antony Sutton wrote about the Skull And Bones society of Yale University. He died in 2002. We could describe Kris Millegan as Sutton's replacement since Millegan is now writing about this society. However, Millegan may simply be trying to get control of the issue, not expose it.
  • Phil Berg
  • He was the lawyer for Ellen Mariani, whose husband supposedly died during the 9-11 attack. Berg claimed to be filing a lawsuit against the government. He has been involved in 9-11 for years, but what has he accomplished? How is he making a living?

    In his speech he says that George Bush must be held accountable for 9-11. Why George Bush? Why not the people who blew up the towers? Why not include the media executives who suppress evidence? What about the Zionists, Mr. Berg? Can we hold them accountable, also?

  • Guerrilla News Network's Aftermath
  • The Guerrilla News Network did not speak, rather, they played their video Aftermath.

    This is a video about 9-11, but it doesn't expose much about the attack. It doesn't explain that the towers were demolished with explosives, nor does it explain how the media is suppressing evidence, nor does it discuss the Israeli involvement... actually, it has a lot of deception, such as implying that Pakistan had a significant role in the attack.

    Can you figure out who to trust? Are you going to promote the Deception Dollar or their DVD?