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Ignoring FEC Ruling, WLS Censors "Arrest Chertoff" Ads

by Christopher Bollyn
3 November 2006

WLS, a Capital Cities/ABC Radio station in Chicago, evidently decided this afternoon to stop playing the "Arrest Chertoff" radio ad of Jim Condit, Jr., a political candidate running for Congress in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Since playing his last ad at 2:39 p.m. (8 minutes late), it conspicuously pulled Condit's 4:50 ad.

The ads are from Jim Condit Jr.:
Jim Condit's radio ads are here:
This is a serious violation of political free speech in the United States and will certainly lead to a landmark legal case. Jim Condit's ad dealt with 9/11 and the evidence of Israeli involvement in the "false flag" terror attacks that killed more than 3,000 Americans. Michael Chertoff and Christopher Bollyn are the subjects of Condit's ad. Bollyn is from the Chicago area. (See text of radio ad below.)

Roe Conn, the afternoon radio host, had said that he would do everything in his power to stop Condit's ad from being played on his show. He called Condit's ad about Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security, and independent journalist and 9/11 researcher Christopher Bollyn, an "anti-Semitic rant."

When Condit's ad should have run at 4:50, Conn prolonged a meaningless conversation with a comedian named Jimmy Dore about watching pornographic television with 40-year-old women. These two babbled on about nonsense when Conn should have taken a commercial break. They did not stop their utterly mindless babbling until the 5:00 hour had passed.

When Conn returned after the news, he jubilated about how he was leading a "jihad" against Condit's add, although he never mentioned Condit or Bollyn by name. The ad calls for Chertoff to be arrested and Bollyn, who was beaten, TASERed, and arrested by undercover cops, to be freed. Bollyn faces two charges: resisting arrest and aggravated assault against a peace officer. Both are completely baseless as Bollyn had called 911 about a car with three heavily-armed men loitering around his house on the evening of August 15, 2006.

Clint Herdegen, the Chief of Police in Hoffman Estates, then sent the three armed men to Bollyn's house to "explain" their presence. The men refused to identify themselves and proceeded to attack Bollyn in front of his wife and child, pin him down with their knees on his head and arm, and TASER him while he was restrained in handcuffs while breaking his right elbow. This unusual action is thought to have been directed by Chertoff in revenge for Bollyn's articles about 9/11 and other sensitive issues.

After hearing Conn attack the ads, Bollyn contacted the WLS studio twice in an attempt to discuss the ad, but was told by Todd Rozenkowski, the gatekeeper for the Conn show, that he would not be allowed on air to talk about the ad.

The lawyers for ABC Radio (owned by Disney) and the station's management evidently decided sometime after 2:40 p.m. that they would not play any more of the Condit ads, which they had been contracted and paid to play. Their failure to play the political ads challenges the ruling by the Federal Election Commission that stations cannot censor political ads.

The 4:50 p.m. ad, however, was not played. Nor were subsequent ads for 7:46, 8:48, and 9:32 p.m. played. It appears that WLS has decided to test the FEC ruling that a radio station cannot censor or edit a political ad. This WLS-Condit case looks to become a test case of political correctness versus freedom of political speech.

November 2 was the second day that Condit's ad had run on the pro-Bush, pro-war, talk radio station. WLS, is one of Chicago's older radio stations. In the 1960's it was known for playing contemporary Rock and Roll music.

Today, rather than playing the music of the Supremes and Elvis, WLS talk radio drones on for hour after hour with the mind-numbing pabulum of pro-war propagandists such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Coast-to-Coast with Art Bell and George Noory. I have never heard such lousy radio in my life, anywhere, but I realize that this is about all that is offered in most American cities. It's certainly not the BBC.

I stoically endured several hours of pathetic and abusive radio in order to confirm for myself that WLS had indeed decided not to run the ads. Although I was not surprised, I was profoundly saddened to see that the cherished American value of free speech is so easily violated by those who demand that they do all the talking.

On Sean Hannity's show, it was interesting to see how everybody was called "a great American" on a network that was violating the most fundamental American freedom – the right to free political speech.

WLS hosts have been pre-occupied for days with the odd comment by John Forbes Kerry that college students who do not study will find themselves in Iraq.

Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity discussed the Kerry comment ad nauseam and concluded that, because of it, the Republican Party will maintain its hold on both houses of Congress. How convenient. The Skull and Bones brother of George W. Bush comes through again – for the Republicans!

It appears that the Bush administration and the Republican Party have employed their quisling Democrat, Mr. Kerry, to provide a plausible excuse to cover the exceedingly criminal vote fraud they have planned for Election Day.

U.S. elections do not meet international standards for open and free elections. American votes are counted by private companies, some of them foreign owned.

Less than 1 percent of the American population is even allowed to vote in a way that provides citizen oversight of the vote count. The great majority of the population willingly participates in sham elections in which no citizen is allowed to observe the vote count. This is certainly not the democracy of France.

After voting, most Americans think they have exercised their democratic franchise, while secretive cabals and companies process the data and manipulate the outcome to suit their agenda. This is how the democratic franchise has been lost in America and replaced with what I call a "crimocracy."

Most Americans have never even observed a vote count! And they call it a democratic republic!

Here is the text of Condit's ad:

The best thing we can do for Homeland security, -- is arrest the head of Homeland Security. This is Jim Condit Jr.

Michael Chertoff is a traitor to America.

Descended from Russian Jews, a citizen of Israel, Chertoff is now an “American.”

Investigative Reporter Christopher Bollyn has proved in many articles that Chertoff and Israel are implicated neck-deep in 9-11. In August 2006, three mysterious Homeland Security-related men trespassed onto Bollyn’s Illinois home, handcuffed and TASERed him in front of his family, and took him to jail WITHOUT CAUSE.

We charge Chertoff is retaliating against Bollyn for his patriotic, honest reporting.

Furthermore, I charge that CHERTOFF, and the Criminal Neo-Con Jews around him, are planning a SECOND horrible, TERRORIST ATTACK against America, a phase II of 9-11, as an excuse to suspend the Bill of Rights.

Arrest Chertoff and free Christopher Bollyn. Go to “” – that’s -- Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.


Michael Chertoff, a scrawny Israeli national who has an uncanny resemblance to the Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, controls U.S. Homeland Security. Chertoff, the son of a Mossad agent, oversees the Secret Service, Immigration and Naturalization, the Coast Guard and the TSA. Bush had better smile.

Chertoff, oversaw the prosecution of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the non-investigation of the 9/11 terror attacks. He was the Asst. Attorney General responsible for the criminal division of the Dept. of Justice and controlled the entire non-investigation and destruction of 9/11 evidence by the FBI.


Christopher Bollyn and his family are MIA

My response is here

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