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Christopher Bollyn Fired
from American Free Press

By Christopher Bollyn
Monday, 9 October 2006

Christopher Bollyn of American Free Press was fired by the managing editor Chris Petherick on Saturday morning, October 7, 2006.

Bollyn, who has written for AFP (formerly The Spotlight) since June 2000, was terminated in an email memo from Petherick "effective immediately." 

Petherick's letter of dismissal gave two reasons for firing Bollyn: 

His first reason: 

"Our reporters would not dream of submitting a false story. The same cannot be said for you, however." 

Petherick implies that I have submitted false stories. I have, therefore, asked him to clarify exactly which stories of mine were factually incorrect. 

Petherick's second reason was that I was a disloyal employee who had accused AFP of being under the control of some other agency. He said,

"By accusing AFP of being under the control of some other agency, you lie." 

I have asked Petherick to show where and when I have accused "AFP of being under the control of some other agency." 

As of this point, Petherick has failed to clarify his accusations and statements. 

Petherick concluded his notice of dismissal saying,

"For the reasons above, please do not bother to submit anything else to this newspaper. In addition, we will no longer be able to pay your salary. 

"This is effective immediately. 

Christopher J. Petherick 
Managing Editor/AFP" 

It should be noted that Bollyn was fired some 6 weeks after being attacked and TASERed by undercover police at his home. The identities of the three men involved in the police provocation and assault were kept secret for over a month. 

American Free Press has collected funds at its office in Washington for a legal defense fund for Bollyn. Bollyn has repeatedly requested a list of the donors in order to thank them personally. As of this point Bollyn has not received a list and has no idea how much money has been raised for his forthcoming legal battle. 

During American Free Press's recent "First Amendment" conference in Washington, Bollyn was told to stay away by the senior staff of American Free Press. Bollyn was told that Michael Piper had given an ultimatum that either he or Bollyn would attend. If Bollyn were to attend, Piper said he would boycott the conference. 

Bollyn's arrest was followed by an immediate and intense attack on his character by Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn) and Lisa Guliani of WING TV. Bollyn first became aware of WING TV's character assassination campaign against him on Piper's radio show in which he was aggressively interrogated by Makufka. 

Makufka and Guliani also write for AFP and its sister publication The Barnes Review. They have on-going book publishing and sales arrangements with AFP. WING TV has worked closely with Piper and published a book of his called Dirty Secrets (2005). 

Bollyn had only recently started to defend himself from the attacks of Makufka and Guliani by posting factual information about them and their background on the Rumor Mill News website. 

WING TV's "character assassination" attacks of Bollyn are on-going in different forums and continue to this day. AFP has done nothing to stop their attacks against Bollyn. 

Photo: Christopher Bollyn (left) and Professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University discussing 9/11 evidence in Provo, Utah in March 2006. Bollyn and Jones have collaborated on a scientific investigation of the molten metal found in the rubble of the World Trade Center five weeks after 9/11. 

Bollyn first reported the discovery of molten metal in the summer of 2002 after speaking with two of the contractors who oversaw the removal of the debris. Jones has determined that the metal is from a Thermite reaction, evidence of a controlled demolition of the three WTC towers. 

In the past month both Jones and Bollyn have been removed from their jobs after being attacked and publicly humiliated for their 9/11 research. In both cases, a radio show was used to set up a situation in order to malign the two researchers and question their credibility.


Christopher Bollyn and his family are MIA

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