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Bollyn Hires New Lawyer
Prepares For Trial

by Christopher Bollyn
8 March 2007

I appeared in Cook County Circuit Court yesterday with a motion to change lawyers and extend the trial date, which had been set for today, March 8. The motion was granted by Judge Joel Greenblatt and my case is now set for a jury trial to begin on April 10, 2007.

After being badly represented for 5 months by Jack Craig Smeeton of Wilmette, I desperately needed to find an attorney with integrity who would fight the baseless charges imposed on me by the Hoffman Estates Police Department, rather than simply accept them and negotiate a plea bargain.

I have filed a complaint against Mr. Smeeton with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois.

A generous supporter to my legal defense, who is an attorney in Utah, helped me in my search for a lawyer by consulting with attorneys who are graduates of the J. Reuben Clark Law School of Brigham Young University. In this way, he consulted with attorneys of integrity in the Chicago area, and recommended an attorney from Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.  My new attorney is not a graduate of the Reuben Clark Law School but was recommended by lawyers who are. 
This attorney has agreed to represent me through the trial process for $6,000. I have raised some $3,500 of this amount and desperately need to raise another $2,500 before the trial date of April 10. He said that he will investigate and interview the numerous police officers involved in the assault that occurred at my home on August 15, 2006.

I have discovered that the police were preparing to assault me before they arrived at my home and that they had even discussed that a "fight was in progress" some three minutes before they arrived at the scene. This was heard by the 911 dispatcher who then informed the fire department dispatcher, who sent two emergency vehicles from the Hoffman Estates fire department in case they were needed.

See Bollyn-Evidence-Police-Conspiracy.html

There were, in fact, 6 police vehicles with 9 police officers and two fire department vehicles with a full emergency crew at my house or on the way before I even came out of the house. These 8 vehicles with more than a dozen police officers and emergency personnel came to my home in response to a non-emergency 911 call I had made about a suspicious vehicle seen around my home for two days in a row. Why were some many resources allocated to a non-emergency call that is usually handled by one uniformed officer on duty?

Clearly there was something else going on than a normal response to a non-emergency call to the Hoffman Estates police about a suspicious vehicle seen earlier in the evening.

The suspicious vehicle turned out to be a heavily armed undercover tactical unit of three men. This was the vehicle that came to my house after I made the 911 call, although the transmission log shows that a uniformed officer in a normal police car had reported being on the scene some 30 seconds earlier. This officer appears to have been instructed to hold back and remain out-of-sight around the corner until after the tactical unit arrived a half-minute later.

The transmission log shows that the undercover unit was on the scene at 20:03:56 and that I was attacked 50 seconds later at 20:04:46. It is important to note that my wife was the first person to meet the three-man undercover unit on the driveway. There was a 30-second exchange of words between Helje and the three men regarding their identity and the purpose of their visit, before I even noticed their presence.

This indicates that my discussion with the police, in which I asked them who they were and what they wanted, only lasted some 20 seconds before they attacked me. So what was the real reason why this undercover unit was sent to my house in the first place?

If these men had explained their identities and reason for their presence on my property, there would have been no need for me to fetch my brother from the house. But because they refused to identify themselves or explain their purpose, I told them that I needed to get my brother.

At their first opportunity, when I turned to my house, they jumped me and threw me to the ground and TASERed me. This assault clearly appears to have been pre-planned. Before I turned toward my house, there were no orders given, nor notification of arrest. Therefore, there was no arrest prior to their assault and there was no resistance during the assault.

It is only through a trial by jury that the essential evidence will be heard and the police conspiracy exposed. This is why I refused to accept a plea bargain and compromise with the truth. The real question is who is really behind this attack on me and why?

I have reason to believe that the Hoffman Estates police force was being mis-used by another agency, and that the officers involved and the force had been misled and misinformed about who I was and the danger I represented.

The abuse of local police forces to threaten, attack, and maliciously prosecute political dissidents and independent journalists in the United States is an extremely serious problem that urgently needs to be discussed and addressed.

For this trial to succeed, I urgently need to raise about $3,000 in the next week or two. I hope there are people who recognize that this case is of national importance and will consider making a donation to my legal defense fund.

I want to thank those who have already donated to this effort.

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