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The Canada Free Press,
and other deceptive groups

Follow the rats to identify more of them

This material was extracted from:

A Canadian version of the American Free Press

Take a look at the writers for the Canada Free Press:

One writer is Douglas Hagmann
He has the site:

He pretends to be a patriotic American. However,he constantly puts out frightening messages that we are about to be attacked by terrorists. Some of the writers are listed here:

Lee Kaplan writes for the Canada Free Press, and he also writes for Hagmann's, as well as

Kaplan is the founder of DAFKA, a Zionist organization whose main target is colleges.

Doug Hagmann also works with Steve Quayle to provide us with frightening stories of upcoming terrorist attacks:

Steve Quayle also provides idiotic deception, such as giant species of humans up to 36 feet tall:

Steve Quayle should remind you of Jeff Rense, who also mixes some serious information with lots of nonsense.


Steve Quayle and Alex Jones

Update: On September 23, 2008, Alex Jones interviewed Steve Quayle, and the two of them put out propaganda as idiotic as what we get from Jeff Rense, and the coast-to-coast radio show with Art Bell. Here is an excerpt of the show:

 Jones-Quayle-23Sep2008.mp3   only 390 kb
You can find the complete interview and others here:

Steve Quayle claims that we have bases throughout the planets, especially on Mars, and we have teleportation devices that allow us to walk through a "gateway into dimensions". Alex Jones was surprised that these exist; he thought the military was only working on teleportation of weapons.
I think this is a photo of Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, and Congressman Ron Paul teleporting themselves to one of our bases on Mars.

Notice that after Quayle makes those idiotic remarks, Alex Jones tries to improve Quayle's credibility by claiming that he interviews only respectable people. Jones says:
"I don't have the kooks and the quacks and the people that make stuff up on."

"... you have sources, you've been right so often..."

Then Jones makes the idiotic remark that the Special Forces in the US military have the amazing ability to kill goats with their minds.
"Die, goat.... die!
 Die... please die."

I have an entire page on Alex Jones and his attempts to confuse and deceive us, and his tricks to protect Israel and the Zionist network:

The idea that Alex Jones and these other people can get control of the world with such idiotic propaganda is truly shocking. The majority of people should be ashamed of themselves for not being able to see that the political candidates are Zionist puppets; that the news is actually Zionist propaganda; and that our schools are lying to students about 9/11, the Apollo moon landing, the Holocaust, and lots of other crimes.

"I have a college degree, and I watch several different television news shows to get a difference of opinion, so I know what's going on.

And I know that your conspiracy theories are idiotic!" ... another pro-Zionist group!

By following the people within these Zionist groups, you can identify more Zionist groups, and that leads you to more Zionists. Another example of Zionist propaganda groups is

This site was created by Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo in 1995. Take a look at those two people. Wikipedia provides a Zionist view of them:
Eric Garris helped to create
Justin Raimondo was part of the Ludwig von Mises Institute
Pat Buchanan recommends Raimondo's "important book", and wrote the foreword to it:

Follow them to lead you to more Zionist groups and agents. Take a look at

And the Ludwig von Mises Institute:

Justin Raimondo spoke at a meeting in June 2007 where all sorts of suspicious people were speaking:

Morgan Reynolds and Paul Craig Roberts are two of the people in the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Morgan Reynolds has been pushing the "blue screen theory", and Paul Craig Roberts routinely tries to imply that President Bush is responsible for all the world's problems.

Trying to follow all of the associations quickly becomes overwhelming for a single individual. However, you should be able to realize that you can identify nests of criminals in this manner.

There are lots of people writing articles for these three sites:
Ludwig von Mises Institute

With so many different writers, those sites should provide a thorough explanation of 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, Zionism, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing. However, they provide almost nothing useful about these issues. How could this be a coincidence?

All of these sites are deceptive. They appear to be against the war, or for some noble cause, but they actually post articles that keep you ignorant about Zionism. They also deflect blame for the world's problems to George Bush, Neocons, Globalists, and Illuminati.

You can use this techniques with almost anybody. Take a look at the people who write for WorldNetDaily, or look at the guests who get favorable treatment by Coast-To-Coast radio, or the hosts and guests on the Air America radio show.

Follow the connections between all of these people and you can identify nests of criminals.

Be careful who you follow

If you cannot figure out who among us can be trusted, you may end up following one of the criminals. We need people who can differentiate between true researchers and the criminals who are trying to get control of the investigation.

Have you seen Occasionally you will find an article by Christopher Bollyn posted on that site.

I assumed that Bollyn posted those articles, so one day I decided to ask Bollyn why he posts on Rense. Bollyn told me that he has never posted anything on that site. If fact, he did not even know his articles were on that site.

Look at all the Bollyn articles at Rense:

If Rense is part of the criminal network, why would they post so many of Bollyn's articles?

Posting these articles serves several purposes:

The regular readers of Rense will find lots of articles from lots of people. They will assume that Rense provides them with everything they need so that they don't have to bother looking at any other site.

Since the articles are already on the Internet, the Zionists may as well use the articles to lure people to their site.

Rense avoids posting the articles that are really damaging to the Zionists.

The Rense site certainly does provide some information about the world, but most of what the material is deception. Ideally, people would avoid that site, and all sites that support Rense. 

We could drive these criminals out of business without a single shot being fired. All we have to do is stop supporting them! Don't go to their web sites, don't buy their videos, don't subscribe to their newspapers or magazines, and don't go to their Hollywood movies.

The criminal network is not an amoebae

Many people seem to think that the criminal network is a highly unified group of people that blindly follow one leader. Many people find it difficult to understand why there appears to be a difference between George Soros, Al Franken, Joe Lieberman, and Paul Wolfowitz.

Look at the crime gangs of the early 20th century. Criminals within a gang do not have the exact same opinions. Furthermore, they frequently fight with one another for control of the group. They sometimes turn one another into the police, and sometimes they kill one another.

Do you really think the criminal network that did 9/11 is much better behaved than the gangs of Al Capone's era?

There is a very good chance that some of the members of the 9/11 gang will turn one another in to the police, kill one another, and double-cross one another,

The criminal network that did 9/11 certainly has at least thousands of members, and probably thousands more when you count all their blackmailed Useful Idiots. We should assume that some of the members will double-cross each other, fight for control of the group, and even kill each other.

So don't be confused when you find one group of them, such as the people at, criticizing some other group, such as WorldNetDaily. Some of these fights may be staged, but some of them may be real fights among the criminals as they fight each other for control of the horde of stupid sheeple.