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Alex Jones
An honest investigator of crimes?

Or a criminal trying to confuse us and protect his network?

Alex Jones is typical of investigators in this 9/11 truth movement. Specifically, he has been exposing 9/11 and other crimes for many years. He is an experienced investigator.

This page has some audio and video excerpts of Alex Jones to help you understand that he is trying to shift the blame away from Zionists and onto other people, mainly Americans, but also some British and Chinese. Most of the people in the "truth movement" are doing exactly as he does, so try to understand  this technique so that you are not fooled by it.

For a recent example, on 21 September 2007, Alex Jones tries to convince us that the Zionists are actually subservient to other people, such as the Queen of England:
Jones-Arabs-not-Zionists-21Sep2007.mp3  only 540 kbytes

On 30 August 2007, he gives an emotional rant about how he is tired of these criminals ruling over us, but listen to who the criminals are:
Jones-30Aug2007.mp3 only 540 kbytes

Update January 12, 2010:

Millions of people now realize that they have been lied to about 9/11, and that politicians are puppets, so Jones, on his radio show for January 12, 2010, tries to convince his audience that people are starting to discover that the bankers are the "Globalists", and are controlling the political puppets.

Jones-blame-bankers-12Jan2010.mp3  290 kb

Can you see the trick? He is trying to tell you what to think. And he's trying to convince you that it is the bankers that we need to investigate and arrest. If people are fooled by this trick, then a small group of bankers will be arrested, and possibly millions of other criminals will get away. The only way to protect ourselves is to investigate everybody! Don't believe somebody when he tells you that he knows who the criminals are!


In 2008 everybody is under pressure to talk about Israel's involvement in 9/11 

Millions of people around the world now know that Israel played a role in 9/11, and so the pressure is on Alex Jones to explain Israel's involvement. Here is one audio file with several excerpts from his radio show on 18 January 2008:
Jones-Roberts-excerpts-18Jan2008.mp3  only 470 kbytes

Jones is talking with Paul Craig Roberts, another liar who protects Israel and Zionism. Roberts implies that only a tiny group within Israel wanted the war with Iraq. Jones talks about interlocking collusions, Straussian groups, splits between the elites, soft-power Fabian elites, and other nonsense to trick us into believing that Israel is a victim of a small group of evil people.

Then on 27 January 2008 somebody called in to the Alex Jones show to complain that Israel was involved in 9/11, after Alex went on a rant to defend Israel:
Jones-on-Isreal-27Jan2008.mp3  only 460 kbytes

He talks a lot, but what do you actually learn from him? His technique is to mix confusion with remarks that make Israel look innocent.

Jones explains the attack on the USS Liberty

One of his recent videos that try to make us fearful of the police and military, Terror Storm, explains who was behind the attack on the USS Liberty and other crimes.

Please listen to this audio excerpt in which he summarizes the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967:

"In a nutshell, this is what happened. President Johnson had personal control over the ship, parked it in the Mediterranean, made a backroom deal with Israel to attack it, with an order to kill all aboard. Then the attack on the ship was to be blamed on Egypt, the US would enter the war, and take over the entire Middle East."
only 54 kbytes
You can watch his entire video for free at Google video:

Consider what Alex Jones is telling us:

1) President Johnson had personal control over a Navy ship.

Why would the US military give Johnson "personal control" over one of their ships? Does any president have personal control over any Navy ship, Air Force plane, or army tank?

2) Johnson made a backroom deal with Israel to attack the ship and kill everybody on board.

Unfortunately, Jones does not provide any evidence that there was a "backroom deal". He does not provide any documents, nor does he explain how President Johnson convinced the Israeli government and Israeli military to commit such an incredible crime against their best friend.

The absurdity of his accusation should become more apparent if you imagine yourself in Israel's position. Imagine yourself getting a call from the leader of a nation you regard as a friend, such as New Zealand. The New Zealand president asks you to get your friends together, go over to one of their military bases, and kill all the New Zealand soldiers on the base. New Zealand will then blame the attack on Bolivia, and then take over all of South America.

Would you and your friends commit such a crime? Wouldn't you be wondering, "Why should I and my friends risk such a disgusting crime for the President of New Zealand?"

Alex Jones expects us to believe that the Israel government and military are submissive and innocent victims of the selfish, murderous, and cruel American government officials. Alex Jones wants us to feel sorry for the Israelis.

Those of you who trust Alex Jones might want to take a moment to shed some tears for the innocent Zionists. 

Some people claim that President Johnson's support for the Vietnam War is evidence that he wanted war, but the evidence suggests that Johnson was just another criminal who was promoted to president because he would gladly follow orders from his Zionist masters.

Furthermore, the evidence suggests that it was Zionists who wanted the Vietnam War, not "the Pentagon". Kay Griggs says that the Vietnam War was pushed on America by such Jews as Henry Kissinger and Walt Whitman Rostow. Please listen to the free excerpts of her interview:

American government officials and our media are under the control of Zionists, not the other way around.

3) The US would take over the entire Middle East.
Alex Jones says that the purpose for attacking the USS Liberty was to allow the USA to take over the entire Middle East. America was fighting the Vietnam War at the time, so starting a war in the Middle East would mean the USA would have to fight two very big wars.

However, Alex Jones has no evidence that President Johnson had plans to start a second war and take over the entire Middle East. 

What was President Johnson going to do with the Middle East after he took control? Was the Middle East going to become America's 51st state? 

If President Johnson was truly interested in conquering other nations, why would he pick the Middle East rather than Canada or Mexico? Why wouldn't he take South America? Why not Europe?

How much proof do you need?
In June 2006 there was a 9/11 event in Chicago, and Alex Jones once again explained that Israel is innocent in the attack on the USS liberty:
Jones at the Chicago 9-11 event, June 2006  (wmv video, 3.4 mb)


Alex Jones works with the John Birch Society?!

In April 2006 Jones interviewed John McManus, the president of the John Birch Society. Jones told him:
"I want to work with you guys, to see you grow."

McManus replied that he was:
"looking forward to seeing the relationship continue".

What relationship? Why would Jones be working with the John Birch Society? Jones avoids articles from Hufschmid and Bollyn, but he promotes articles from the John Birch Society, such as this silly article about the 4th of July:

The John Birch Society is lying about the September 11 attack, and other Jewish crimes. It may have been an honest organization when it was founded, but it is definitely controlled by Zionists today.

The John Birch Society doesn't blame Israel or Zionists for anything, which is why David Eisenberg joined and was promoted to the JBS Council:

“My name is David Eisenberg, and I certify that the John Birch Society is good for Jews!”
Bob Dacy, an Alex Jones associate, admits to being part of the John Birch Society:

Since, Bob Dacy -- a close associate of Jones -- is part of the JBS, we should assume Alex Jones is, also. The JBS appears to be another of the many Israeli/Zionist organizations designed to control, manipulate, and confuse us. Everybody who works with or promotes Alex Jones, Bob Dacy, or the JBS should be regarded as an enemy.

Alex Jones is married to a Jew 
The fact that his wife is Jewish doesn't prove that he is a criminal, but it provides a possible explanation for why he is protecting Jewish crimes. Specifically, he may not be bribed, or blackmailed, or afraid of Jews. Rather, he and his wife may be members of the Jewish crime network.

An anonymous person looked into his wife's family and sent me this information about her. Note that Jones admitted:
"yeah, my wife was their attack dog, heh, heh..."

Can you see that Jones manipulates phone calls?

The television and radio talk shows and news programs are regularly interviewing people, and they create the impression that they will interview virtually anybody with something important to say, and that they interview them in a fair and impartial manner. However, they interview only certain people, and they manipulate the people who try to say something that they don't want us to hear. It's important that you understand this trick so that they don't manipulate you.

For example, listen to Alex Jones cut off a man who asked why Jay Walder, who might have connections to the London 7-7 bombing, was hired by New York city officials - and for a salary of $350,000!:
Jones-Jay-Walder-20Sep2009.mp3  160 kb

Alex Jones tried to frighten people with Y2K

Remember Y2K? That was the day when airplanes would fall out of the sky; electric power would stop; and nuclear war would start.

In January 2000, Bill Cooper pointed out on his radio show that Alex Jones was a "fear monger" pushing this Y2K  nonsense. Listen to Alex Jones try to create hysteria for Y2K:
Bill-Cooper_Alex-Jones-1999-part1.mp3   7.1 mb

Cooper predicts false flag op blamed on bin Laden

On June 28, 2001 Bill Cooper said that he expected some gigantic false flag attack to be blamed on Osama Bin Laden. Alex Jones claims to be the first person who expected an attack by Osama, but Alex made his prediction after Bill Cooper. Alex Jones may have been trying to divert attention away from Bill Cooper:
If that video is removed again, here is the audio excerpt of Cooper (there is nothing to see because it is from a radio show):
Cooper_predicts_Osama_false_flag.mp3  only 420 kb
“Follow me, not Bill Cooper!

And buy my DVD, Terror Storm!”

Bill Cooper was originally promoting propaganda, such as UFOs, and later he came to the conclusion that he was a useful idiot who was being lied to, and that may be why Bill Cooper was killed by the Arizona police in November 2001:
By the way, a man named Troy made a video parody of Alex Jones based on a show Alex did on 10 Dec 2007. Troy calls a lot of radio shows to cause trouble, so you cannot trust him, but you might enjoy his accurate imitation of Jones. He posted his video on youtube, but he later removed it, so until I find another copy, here are two short excerpts:
Troy-1.wmv   2 mb
Troy-2.wmv   1 mb

Jones is a Zionist Denier

There is a definite and obvious pattern with Alex Jones. He is constantly shifting blame away from Israel, Zionists, and Jews, and onto the Goyim or onto mysterious entities, such as "The New World Order".

How could such an experienced investigator as Alex Jones possibly be oblivious to the role of Zionism in world corruption? How could he possibly believe that all of the world's problems are coming from goyim?

There is only one explanation for Alex Jones and his Zionist Denial: he is a Zionist, and his organization in Austin, Texas is a Zionist terrorist cell.

Israel is innocent?
Jones has been studying crime and corruption for so many years, so he should have a better understanding of the role of Zionism than any of us.

However, Jones does not believe that Zionists have much of an influence on America. For example, listen to Alex Jones on 4 April 2006 as he responds to a caller who asked about this report that claims Israel is influencing American foreign policy:
AlexJones_4Apr2006.mp3 only 159 kbytes

He starts to answer the question, and then abruptly shifts the blame for the world's problems to other groups, such as the Chinese:

"sir, listen, the Communist Chinese have most our major ports..."
and the King of Spain:
"...our highways are being taken over by the king of Spain..."
He then asks his guest, David Ray Griffin, who wrote The New Pearl Harbor, for his comments, but David Ray Griffin will not talk about Zionism, either. In fact, nobody that goes on the Alex Jones radio show will seriously talk about Zionism. Coincidence? No!

Jones has a radio show on the Genesis Communications Network. If you have access to their archives, listen to the 2nd and 3rd hours of the Friday, February 9, 2006 show during which he interviews Robert Gaylon Ross. There are several times during that show where he seems to be doing "damage control"; ie, he deflects criticism away from Zionism and Israel.

For example, in this excerpt, Jones tells us that the "Luciferian Controllers" are responsible for the world's problems:
Jones_Luciferians_kill_Jews.mp3, only 170 kb

Jones brings up the X-raying of 110,000 Sephardic Jewish children, but he tells us that the US Government paid for the operation. This implies that the Americans were somehow involved. However, Jones fails to tell us who in the American government helped to fund it, and why they helped.

Most likely the funding was coming from Zionists, Crypto Jews, Crypto Zionists, and/or their puppets within the US government. However, by saying the US Government funded it, Jones deflects blame away from Zionists and onto the American government.

Notice that Jones also asks, "Why, why are they always trying to kill Jews?"

This brings pity to the innocent Jews who are perpetual victims of the mysterious "they".

Jones says that "they" are always trying to kill Jews, but he fails to mention that the "they" are the Zionists.

During that interview, Robert Gaylon Ross mentions that there is evidence that Hitler was an illegitimate child of one of the Rothschilds. This is very significant because if the Zionists played a large role in helping Hitler and the Nazi party, as well as the Communist Party, World War I, World War II, and virtually every other war and disaster of the 20th century, the Zionists are not the innocent victims they pretend to be.

However, Jones does damage control by changing the issue to the X-raying of Sephardic children in Israel, and making it appear as if the mysterious "they" are responsible for the X-raying. He fumbles for words as he tries to bring pity to Israel:

"Well, I mean, this group openly went and killed a hundred plus thousand.. and.. or radiated, these... these... these... Sephardi. They... every time we look they're killing Jews. And then I don't understand how we're... how we could be bad...  I mean Barry Chamish is Jewish. He's saying exactly what... exactly what you're saying..."
MP3 Excerpt #2 only 170 kb
Jones said "every time we look they're killing Jews". Once again Jones refuses to mention that the "they" are the Zionist Jews.

It doesn't matter which of his radio shows you listen to; you will find the same pattern over and over. Specifically, he blames the world's problems on a mysterious group that he refers to as the "New World Order", a "Germanic death cult", the "Luciferian Controllers", the "Western Intelligence Agencies", or the "Elite".

Why does Jones use "Germanic death cult" as one of his expressions? Why not Jewish death cult? Why not Zionist death cult? How about "Israeli death cult"? Why do so many of these truth seekers try to create the image that Germans are evil when all the evidence suggests that Zionist Jews are the problem?

By never mentioning the names of Zionists (such as Sam Newhouse, Joe Lieberman, Sumner Redstone, Edgar Bronfman), Jones keeps his listeners in a state of confusion and fear. How can we defend ourselves from a "Germanic Death Cult"? How is it possible for the police to arrest the "Luciferian Controllers"?

Alex Jones works closely with Paul Joseph Watson and his brother Steve Watson, who live in England, both of whom are rumored to be Jewish. (Further information is still demanded on their background.) Their support of Israel should be considered a sign that the Watsons are Crypto Zionists.

Considering that Alex Jones works and lives with suspicious people, is it any wonder that he deflects criticism of Zionism to the "New World Order"? Perhaps Jones is also a Crypto Jew.

Don't let the name "Jones" fool you; the man credited with founding the B'nai B'rith was Henry Jones:
wikipedia entry for B'nai B'rith


Alex Jones now working with Kurt Nimmo

On 26 September 2007, Alex announced that he hired Kurt Nimmo:
Jones-Nimmo-26Sep2007.mp3  only 330 k bytes

Nimmo created a site for the new video by Jones:

This is more evidence that Nimmo -- and all of the people he associates with -- are working with the group that Alex Jones works with. It's a gigantic network of criminals. They are all protecting Israel.

Michel Chossudovsky promotes Kurt Nimmo

Did you know that professor Michel Chossudovsky of promotes Kurt Nimmo? Look at how many of his articles are at Global Research:  Author Kurt Nimmo

Christopher Bollyn has written hundreds of articles, but they selected only 5 for promotion: Author Chris Bollyn

My name doesn't appear in their list of authors, but they have Greg Szymanski, and they have 10 articles by Greg Palast: Author Greg Palast

Geraldo Rivera promoted Alex Jones on television
Geraldo Rivera, who some people claim was born with the name Jerry Rivers, has a Jewish mother, so it's not surprising that he gave favorable publicity to Alex Jones after the DC Madame committed suicide:

By comparison, when Rivera interviewed Jimmy Walter about the 9/11 attack, he interrupted Walter constantly and tried to make him look like a fool.

You can identify this Jewish crime network by noticing that they all help one another.

Israel is their base of operation

If you wonder how this Zionist crime network can be so big, consider that Israel is their base of operations. They can make lots of diabolical plans in Israel without worrying about being arrested. They can plan and organize the 9/11 attack, for example, with no concern that the police are watching them.

They also have the support of foolish Christians and Jews who believe that God wants them to kill Muslims so that Palestine can become a Jewish nation.

I’m a good Christian! God loves all people, and I’m helping God get rid of those filthy Arabs. Praise be to Jesus, our Lord and Savior, who died for our sins!”
Alex Jones promotes Zionist Mike Berger
Jones and his friends ignore or deny that Zionism is behind the world wars, the 9/11 attack, the assassination of President Kennedy, the attack of the USS Liberty, and many other crimes.

Another example of how they deceive the gullible goyim occurred on 8 May 2006 when Alex Jones interviewed Mike Berger of
By the way, Mike Berger was also selected by CNN to discuss 9/11:

Mike Berger told the audience that we need to ignore where we disagree:
Alex-Jones-Mike-Berger-8May2006_1.mp3  only 28 k bytes

A few moments later, Berger repeats his suggestion that we unite:
Alex-Jones-Mike-Berger-8May2006_2.mp3  only 52 k bytes

Mike Berger wants us to unite, but only if we unite under his leadership. Don't be fooled into following them. We must bring all issues out in the open, including Zionism. We refuse to unite under the leadership of Zionist Deniers.

A few moments later Alex Jones repeats his theory that Israel was not involved in 9/11. Notice that he blames Dick Cheney and the "people above him":
Alex-Jones-Cheney-Israel-8May2006.mp3  only 61 k bytes

Who are the people above Dick Cheney? Jones never mentions their names; rather, he refers to them as the Feds, or the New World Order, or the Germanic Death Cult.

Jones tells us that Bob Bowman and "many others" also blame Dick Cheney for 9/11. Why should we care what Bob Bowman and "others" say? The evidence points to Zionists:

Here is an amusing excerpt of Alex Jones as he tries to make us hate the Mexicans:
Jones-on-Mexicans-17June2007.mp3  only 800 kb

Alex Jones creates fear of a "police state"

As with other Zionist Deniers, Alex Jones does not encourage us to contact our police and educate them about Zionism. Instead, Jones and the others are trying to trick us into hating and fearing the police rather than working with the police to arrest the Zionists.

The reason should be obvious: the police could put an end to Zionism as soon as they realize that Arabs are not our enemy. Rather, Zionists are our enemy. The police could arrest Larry Silverstein, Rahm Emanuel, Michael Chertoff, and others.

Have you heard Jones complain and insult the police after he got a speeding ticket on Thanksgiving day 2006? You should enjoy this:

We have a page with suggestions if you would like to help educate the police:

Michael Moore wants us to laugh at the police
Alex Jones wants us to fear the police, and Michael Moore encourages us to laugh at them and ridicule them. Sure, some of his jokes are funny, and the police in large cities are definitely corrupt, but laughing at the police does not fix the problem!
Click here

Jeff Rense and Alex Jones blame IBM

Alex Jones was on the Jeff Rense radio show on 3 August 2007. He blamed IBM, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, and a couple other people for the world's corruption. In this excerpt, Alex Jones gives some background on IBM and the father of Bill Gates in order to convince us that IBM is the key player to the Nazi movement, the eugenics movement, and even the implantable microchips.
Jones-3Aug2007-IBM.mp3  1.1 mb

Jeff Rense interrupts him to say that we've got to stop thinking of Adolf Hitler as the most evil man in history. Jones agrees that Hitler was a "complete construct of these people".

Who are "these people"? Jones identifies some of them: Margaret Sanger, Bertrand Russell, HG Wells, and the Rockefellers. Jones then explains one of the mysteries of World War II:

"the Rockefellers literally created the mindset of Nazi Germany, and then posed as the saviors, cold-bloodedly the entire time."
So, don't blame Alfred Rosenberg or Zionists for the Nazi philosophy; blame the Rockefellers. Somebody should tell Wikipedia to correct their entry about Rosenberg.

At the end of that audio excerpt, Jones announces the astounding revelation that the chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is... the father of Bill Gates! Wow! That important piece of information should put everything in place for you. If not, don't worry because Alex explains the significance of it: 

"So, literally, IBM is the king of front companies"
To summarize these revelations from Alex Jones for those of you who just can't figure it out: Bill Gates set up a foundation, and his father is the chairman, so that is 100% proof that IBM is in control of the world, and the Zionists are innocent. So stop blaming the innocent Zionists! Start blaming IBM, David Rockefeller, and Bill Gates. And blame some dead people, such as HG Wells and Margaret Sanger.

About a minute later Alex explains that the diabolical attitude from IBM and other evil people had permeated the college he went to. He said the teachers would sometimes stop the class to talk about killing 90% of the population. Did this ever happened to you when you were in college? Listen:
Jones-3Aug2007-college.mp3  70 k bytes

Millions of people are realizing that George Bush cannot be solely responsible for 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, or the world wars. There must be other people involved, and some of them must be extremely wealthy and have a lot of influence over the government, media, and businesses. Who will be blamed for the world's corruption?

You can hear Alex desperately trying to convince us that he is an honest truth seeker who is struggling to expose the corruption on his 30 July 2007 radio show (Notice that he refers to Lord Rothschild as an "Englishman", not a Zionist Jew):
Jones-30July2007.mp3 520 K bytes

Can you see what's going on? The Internet is allowing us to expose 9/11, the world wars, and other corruption, and somebody is going to get blamed for it. Benjamin Fulford, Rense, Jones and other  Zionist agents are desperately trying to shift the blame to people that they are willing to sacrifice, such as the Rockefellers, IBM, Bill Gates, and some of the people involved with the Planned Parenthood Association.

They are trying to make us hate those people. They are trying to convince us that IBM is an evil corporation of evil people, and Bill Gates is one of their soldiers, and David Rockefeller is the leader of the entire group.

During the Olympic torch ceremony of 2008, Alex Jones and many other people in this so-called "truth movement" were trying to convince us that the Chinese are a murderous and dangerous group of people. The Chinese provided protection for the athletes who were carrying the torch, and Alex Jones was furious that foreign troops were freely operating inside America. Listen to this excerpt from his show on April 9 in which he becomes furious at those horrible Chinese:

Benjamin Fulford shows the desperation
His interviews with Jeff Rense show how the Zionists are desperately trying to fool us into blaming a few people for their crimes. It is important that you understand this trick.
Click here!

Jones believes in "Weather Wars"
Have you seen my article from 17 July 2007 about Alex Jones and the upcoming putsch? And his claim that the Chinese are controlling the weather?
Click here


Warn your friends about the Austin terrorist cell

Many of us trusted Alex Jones, and we even promoted his videos and web site. However, many years have passed since 9/11, and it has become obvious that he is a Zionist denier; a fear monger; a member of the criminal network that gave us 9/11.

Jones and other "truth seekers" deliberately refuse to discuss the role that Zionists play in corruption, wars, sex slaves, drug trafficking, and other problems. 

It is up to you to help us get this information out to people. Don't be fooled by Bob Bowman, Alex Jones, Mike Berger, Professor Jim Fetzter, Webster Tarpley, Kurt Nimmo, DailyKos, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Wayne Madsen, Mike Ruppert, Aaron Russo, Jordan Maxwell, and the other Zionist Deniers. Please send your friends a link to our articles.

Why are people supporting Alex Jones?

If you know a person or web site that is supporting Alex Jones, send them this web page. If they continue to support Jones, consider them part of the criminal network.

Keep in mind that Jones is just one of many of these liars. The John Birch Society, Kurt Nimmo, Webster Tarpley, and thousands of others are also trying to deceive us. It's important to understand their tricks so that you don't become a victim.

The Zionists have murdered hundreds of millions of Goyim during the past century, and they also murdered a lot of Jews they didn't like. If you treat these Zionists as your friends, we must assume that you are either a moron, or you are part of their criminal network. In either case, you are a threat to the world.

Join us in exposing these Zionist Deniers!