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You should already know that people who get promoted by the "mainstream" media are serving the Zionist agenda. However, you may not have noticed that the "alternative" media is just a "9/11 mainstream media".

Why doesn't Bob Chapman, of The International Forecaster expose 9/11 or Zionism? Why doesn't G. Edward Griffin?

We don't need to know why they deceive us! Avoid them all! And don't fall for the Alex Jones deception that the police are evil.

The police, soldiers, car mechanics, carpenters, and other people are victims of these Zionists! Help us educate people!

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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews
Zionism is based on a serious mistake!

After America's Civil War, about 4 million slaves were freed. Most of them were uneducated.

Imagine if some of them decided to trace their family's history, and they made the mistake of writing "Alaska" instead of "Africa" as their homeland.

Imagine that today there was an Alaskism movement to return black Americans to their homeland, and they were using false flag attacks in order to fool the white Americans into attacking Eskimos.

Well, boys and girls, the Ashkenazi Jews who are deceiving Americans and Europeans into killing each other and the Arabs are making a blunder that is just as stupid!

The ancestors of the white skinned, Ashkenazi Jews are still living in the area we call Khazaria, not Palestine.

Here is a short video about this issue. You can post it somewhere or email it to people:

There is a tremendous resistance among white skinned Christians to face the possibility that Jesus might be dark skinned. But what would be so strange about that? Jesus was a Jew, not a Norwegian or an Irishman. Therefore, Jesus should look like the original Jews.

Here is a BBC article about this:

There were no white people in Africa or Palestine 2000 years ago!

The medieval Europeans did not understand how big the Earth was, and most did not know that there were different races of people.

They assumed that the original Jews looked exactly like the Europeans.

This is why they painted pictures of Jesus with blue eyes and green eyes, and why Jesus and his mother were assumed to have white skin.

I have more about Jesus in my article about the similarities between religion and the UFO nonsense: Space-Aliens.htm

If you know any Zionists, tell them: 
Get a clue!
Ashkenazis are not real Jews!

Go back to Khazaria!