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Daryl Bradford Smith
interviews Christopher Bollyn

4 Nov 2006

Bollyn exposes Michael Chertoff

Bollyn explains that the Chertoff family has been involved in the Talumudic, Zionist movement for many generations.
Bollyn, Nov 4, 2006   6.6 mb
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Bollyn wrote about Chertoff a long time ago, but most "truth seekers" ignored this information:
Controlled press hides Chertoff's Israeli roots
4 March 2005

Chertoff's cousin wrote 9/11 propaganda for Popular Mechanics
4 March 2005

These and other articles can be found at Bollyn's page:

Why are we allowing Zionists to control our nation? Are we as stupid as Rosenthal says we are? Did you read Rosenthal's remarks yet? If not, it is time to do so:

Cleveland, Ohio seems to be another center for Zionists. Take a look at Bollyn's articles about the Millers, the Ratcliffs, and the Simons. Two of his articles:
  9-11  Controlling the Message

Jim Condit Jr.'s ads calling for the arrest of Chertoff have been censored by WLS radio in Chicago, which is against the law.

You can see his ads here:

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