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Interview with Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn

April 15 2007

The Rothschilds purchased the Reuters news agency in the late 1800's so that they could have influence over the media. They also helped the Zionist movement get established, and the Zionists are also getting control of the media.
Have you seen this Rothschild timeline?

Even though the Jewish crime network has control of the media, technology is allowing us to spread information behind their back. Individual citizens around the world are using the Internet to post photographs, videos, audio interviews, and news items. We can make CD-ROMs and DVDs.

We are having a very profound effect on the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Bronfmans, and Zionists. For example, a couple years ago there was almost no talk about Zionism on the Internet. Now it is spreading to every nation. 

The Zionists, Rothschilds, and others are being exposed, and there is no way they can stop it. Even if they completely silence North America, the rest of the world will continue to talk.

What does this mean to you? It means that the Zionists are certainly aware that their time is limited. America is losing manufacturing and engineering, and without that, we become a "third world" nation of farmers, truck drivers, and government workers.

As America deteriorates, it will be less able to support and protect Israel, the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, and others. But you can bet that these people are not going to let themselves be taken down without a fight.

Bollyn, Hufschmid, and Smith, 15 April 2007   8 mb
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Update: There are remarks in this audio file about the upcoming trial for Christopher Bollyn, but it is now over, and the Bollyn family appears to have been kidnapped. Bollyn's neighbors did nothing to help.
When the Zionists came for Bollyn,
I remained silent;
I did not personally care for Bollyn.

When they came for Hufschmid,
I did not speak out;
I never liked Hufschmid's personality.

When they came for me,
I offered to be their Shabbat Goy.
Why couldn't Bollyn and Hufschmid cooperate?

If you're not familiar with the Bollyn case and want more information, I have these pages:

The Jewish crime network got away with their phony arrest and trial of Christopher Bollyn. Our police, courts, and government cannot be trusted. If our military and police don't shape up, we citizens may have to take matters into our own hands.

Our earlier discussion between Smith, Bollyn, and Hufschmid:

Can we find enough Americans and Europeans willing to stand up to Zionism and organized crime? Or will most people continue to offer themselves to the crime networks?