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Interview with Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn

12 Jan 2007

The Iraq war is intended to destroy the nation, not help it, and then allow Israelis to get control of the resources and people, as they did with Germany and Kosovo.

Bollyn has an important article about it:


Bollyn, Hufschmid, and Smith, 12 Jan 2007   18 mb
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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews


Some of the issues discussed:
The "Liberals" and the "truth seekers" are trying desperately to blame George Bush for 9/11, and some of them blame the Vatican.

If they succeed in impeaching President Bush, we end up with President Cheney, or President Pelosi, and the Zionist gang will remain in control.

Sunsara Taylor did a great job of standing up to Rahm Emanuel, and she gets national TV coverage:

However, all she wants to do is impeach Bush so that we can have President Cheney. Sunsara Taylor is involved with the world can't wait:

This group wants to replace Bush with a different Zionist puppet.

She and other "liberals" are either naive, stupid, or secretly working with the Zionists.

It is time to tell these "liberals" that they either start helping us fight Zionism, or they will hang with the Zionists.

The liberals in Congress want to have a symbolic vote against the war in Iraq, as mentioned in many news articles, such as this and this

Therefore, if the US Military and police eventually wise up and start to hang the liberals, let's respond with a symbolic protest of the hangings!

We need to stop the war, and we also need to get rid of this Zionist cancer from America, Europe, and other nations. Impeaching President Bush is not going to fix our economy, our court system, our banking system, or our media.

The "liberals" who continue to blame all of our problems on Bush or the Vatican should be considered criminals also.

A question we continue to get when we complain about the dishonesty among the "truth seekers": 
"Why would Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones, and others expose 9/11 if they are working with criminals?"

Think about this:

If Al Capone was worried that people were about to expose his crimes, and if he was capable of putting his friends in the Police Department, the media, the banking system, and the court system, then he could let his friends turn him in.

Since his gang would be in control of the city, they could delay the trial, or they could give him some trivial punishment.

Even if they had to sacrifice him, the gang would remain in control.

By the way, Bollyn says the gang is still in control of Chicago!

It's called a conflict of interest when criminals are in control of their own investigation.

Is this concept really that difficult to understand?

A person who worked at the World Trade Center provided information that may explain the Thermite in the South Tower:

We need more people to come forward with information!

Don't trust the FBI or Homeland Security

If you have information about September 11, or other big crimes, don't make the mistake of giving your information to the FBI, Homeland Security, the antiwar groups, or the 9/11 truth seekers.

The FBI is in the Federal Bureau of Israel, and they routinely confiscate evidence, confuse the witnesses, and threaten witnesses. The FBI is one of our enemies.

If you have information about a crime, don't give it to the FBI. Instead, post it all over the Internet for everybody to see.

Please look at our page for our special September 11, 2006 interview for more details on the corruption in the FBI:

Hustler magazine

Hustler magazine has a new article about 9/11, and they promote Alex Jones, the Loose Change video, and other anti-goy, anti-American, and anti-European Zionists.

Scanned images of the article are at this Zionist site:

The Hustler article mentions that the budget for the new Loose Change video is $20 million.

Who is providing the money? Why is Hustler promoting only a select group of 9/11 truth seekers?

In 2005 Hustler had an article that promoted David Ray Griffin:

The answer should be obvious: Everybody who gets promotion is helping the Zionists in some way, and those of us who are not under Zionist control are ignored, ridiculed, and insulted.

It's not difficult to figure out who the criminals are in this truth movement. All you have to do is identify a few of them, and then you can follow them to their friends and associates to identify lots more.

We already mentioned Michael Berger is a Zionist agent. He is producing a new video about 9/11with Rebecca Cerese

We now have another name, Rebecca Cerese, and everybody else involved with this video should be investigated. Jim Hoffman exposed himself years ago. Now we need to ask Kevin Ryan and Professor Jones, "Why are you still associating with Zionist criminals?"


Is your name on a list of Zionist enemies?

Everybody who subscribed to the American Free Press, The Barnes Review, or other suspicious publications should consider the possibility that their names are on a list of potential Zionist enemies.

To protect yourself and the rest of us, please spread our website and warn people about this deception.

Please take a serious look at the evidence that these publications are controlled by Zionists, and consider that they have been collecting names of people:


Frank Weltner of

Blackmailed puppet exposed by his Zionist master!

Frank Weltner was a radio host in Missouri for a few years and was known as "Couch Potato".

This ADL article on Frank Weltner is interesting.

A mysterious person using the name cpotato2004 (undoubtedly a reference to "Couch Potato") recently began promoting Weltner by posting videos of him on youtube with such remarks as:
The Best News Source on the Web is from

Update: youtube has removed all of his videos:

Then, on January 7 or 8, 2006, cpotato2004 posted an embarrassing video of Weltner. Text comments were added to the video to emphasize how disgusting Weltner was behaving. However, the video was deleted after two days. 

If you were among the lucky few to watch this amazing video, you might have noticed that Weltner's facial expressions and tone of voice made it seem as if he was forced into making this video. Weltner appears to be another blackmailed, Zionist puppet who is used by the Jews to the lure the Goyim away from people like me and Christopher Bollyn and over to his site.

Here is a screen image that shows the description written by cpotato2004. Why not ask Frank Weltner or cpotato2004 to explain that video (the video referred to as a "screen test").

Zionists search for troubled Goy

Kay Griggs explained how Zionists in the military look for people with emotional problems, and then promote them to top military positions because they can be controlled with threats, blackmail, and bribes.

Furthermore, the Zionists force their puppets into doing embarrassing or illegal acts so that they have something to blackmail them with. (watch the excerpts of Kay Griggs at

It seems that some of us were finally lucky enough to see one of those very special videotapes that are normally held in secret and used only for blackmail. Of course, this was one of the more mild tapes.

The Zionists must have thousands of videos that show government officials, military leaders, Hollywood stars, and other people engaging in illegal and embarrassing acts.

That embarrassing video of Weltner is more evidence that he is one of their many blackmailed puppets, and cpotato2004 is likely to be one of the Zionist handlers.

Apparently, Frank Weltner became rebellious, so his masters posted one of the more mild videos they were holding for such an occasion.

Frank Weltner is more evidence that all of the white supremacists, such as David Duke and National Vanguard, are Zionist agents and puppets who are trying to protect Israel's role in 9/11 and other crimes: