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Daryl Bradford Smith
interviews Christopher Bollyn

3 Dec 2006

Jeffrey Feltman has been U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon since July 2004

There are significant protests going on in Lebanon because of people such as Feltman.

"Down with Feltman's government!" was one popular chant

The Lebanese people don't merely dislike their government, rather, they realize that their government officials are puppets of the US and Israel.

This is equivalent to millions of Americans protesting in the street and chanting, "Down with the Zionist's government", and referring to Bush, Pelosi, Harman, Waxman, Emanuel, Clinton and other Zionist agents and puppets.

The Zionist propaganda devices (CBS, CNN, BBC, etc) are trying to minimize the fact that the Lebanese are realizing that their government officials are puppets.

The Zionists don't want the Americans or Europeans to start wondering if their leaders are also puppets. Two news articles that mention the chant about Feltman are this and this.

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For more info:
Bollyn has an article about the Balkanization of Iraq

This map shows the nations today:

The Zionists encourage fights between races, religions, nationalities, political groups, and even between men and women in order to break down large nations. Don't become one of their suckers! Remain calm, discuss issues, and think, don't just react like an animal.

Bollyn's articles are listed here, so check it out:


Bollyn points out that some Iranian Jews are working in the Israeli government. Are any of the "Muslims" in Iran actually Crypto Jews who are secretly working with the Israelis to set up and destroy Iran?

Here is President Ahmadinejad's recent letter to the American people:

Will the Iranian president ever come out against the Zionists full force by exposing 9/11 and other crimes? Is he really trying to stop Zionism? Are the Crypto Jews within Iran sabotaging his efforts?