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Daryl Bradford Smith
talks with Eric Hufschmid

22 May 2006

Many people tell us to stop accusing 9/11 "truth seekers" of being liars and criminals. They want us to focus on details about the 9-11 attack, such as what type of plane hit the Pentagon.

This is deception! We are in a battle of intelligence, so please think carefully before believing something.

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I want to make the world better, not figure out every detail about the plane that hit the Pentagon. I want to expose the people who did 9-11.

I want to know the role played by the Simon family, the Ratner family, and George Soros. I want to investigate the "truth movement" to remove the infiltrators.

Have you seen Bollyn's articles and interview on this issue:

Bollyn and I are not doing this for fun, fame, or profit. We encourage you to join us in exposing the corruption. Don't be fooled by the attempts to lure you into endless discussions about the details of 9-11. Let's collect the names and addresses of the criminals, and then let's fix this corrupt nation.

Take a serious look at the "truth seekers". Judge them by their actions and their friends, not by what they claim to be.

Did you know that Alex Jones is a Zionist Denier? Please listen to the excerpts from his radio show if you wonder what we are talking about. There are excerpts in the middle of this page: