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Daryl Bradford Smith interviews John DeCamp
April 5, 2006

Warning:  most of the people in this "truth movement" have turned out to be wolves in sheeps' clothing. They are criminals who are trying to control the flow of information, as well as identify and control those of us who are fed up with their crimes.

Be like a smart fish. Look at the information John DeCamp provides, but be suspicious of him and everybody else. John DeCamp and the other investigators provide some very valuable information, but they never go all the way in exposing pedophilia, 9/11, the Holocaust, or other crimes. There is a reason they are holding back, and I don't think it's because they're frightened. I think it's because they're working with the crime network.

Kidnapping, sex slaves, the rape of children, and other crimes are very serious, so you should expect the criminals to make a tremendous effort to protect themselves and keep you confused.

It is useful to listen to the criminals because they have "inside information" about their crimes. So take their information, but don't bite the hook.

John DeCamp explains how he discovered that the bizarre stories were true; that government officials and other people were routinely raping orphans at Boystown; using them to smuggle drugs; and taking them to their parties.

The people who engage in this rape and abuse are blackmailed by the criminal network. Many (or most?) people in top positions of government, media, school, and military were promoted to leadership because they can be controlled by blackmail.

Orphans have been abused for centuries. Most people think it doesn't affect them, but ignoring the blackmail is allowing a criminal network to get control of our nation.

Furthermore, this pedophilia and blackmail is happening in other nations, also.

John DeCamp, April 5, 2006   4.1 mb 
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A follow-up interview with John DeCamp at this page:


Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews


Some of the issues mentioned:
Let your friends know about the Franklin Coverup Scandal and the blackmail: has vanished, so until it comes back, the article is here. Keep in mind that virtually all of the investigators and websites that are exposing this pedophilia are actually wolves in sheep's clothing. Learn about this trick so that you don't become one of their victims. I have a lot of files on my website that should help you learn from the mistakes made by me, Christopher Bollyn, and other people.

Watch "The Conspiracy of Silence" video (the video is low quality): (new link)

Here is an interview with Rusty Nelson:

A photo of Johnny Gosch and two other boys is here.
More at his mother's site:

Kay Griggs, ex-wife of Col. George Griggs, explains how the criminal network looks for and abuses emotionally weak boys for the purpose of finding people to promote in the military. This is why the US Military has deteriorated into a pack of attack dogs for Israel

Links to the Griggs interview are at the bottom of our our brief page on Einstein. Please listen to her:


Most of the "truth seekers", such as Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Phil Berg, Bob Bowman, and are wolves in sheep's clothing who are minimizing the pedophilia, blackmail, and Zionism, and who direct attention away from Zionism, Israel, and Jews and onto other people, such as George Bush or the US military.

For example, listen to Alex Jones on 4 April 2006 as he responds to a caller who asked about this report that claims Israel is influencing American foreign policy:

AlexJones_4Apr2006.mp3 only 159 kbytes

He starts to answer the question, and then abruptly shifts the blame for our problems to other groups, such as the Chinese:

"sir, listen, the Communist Chinese have most our major ports..."
And the King of Spain:
"...our highways are being taken over by the king of Spain..."
He then asks his guest, David Ray Griffin, who wrote The New Pearl Harbor, for his comments, but David Ray Griffin will not talk about Zionism, either. In fact, nobody that goes on the Alex Jones radio show will seriously talk about Zionism. Coincidence?

Jones and other "truth seekers" deliberately refuse to seriously discuss the possibility that Zionists are the primary group behind the corruption, wars, sex slave trade, drug trafficking, and other problems. They blame our problems on vague entities, such as the Globalists.

We are not fighting with Alex Jones, nor are we insulting Webster Tarpley, nor are we criticizing Morgan Reynolds. Rather, we are exposing their lies and their deliberate attempt to deceive us about the role of Zionism in world corruption.

Also, all of the people and web sites that promote Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, and other liars are also avoiding those of us who have a no-holds-barred attitude on Zionism. Coincidence?

There are hundreds of these sites, and all of them should be investigated also. For a few examples:

Don't accept partial truth; don't make such excuses for those sites as, "But some of what they say is true!"

We can be deceived with the truth. I have an article about this concept in regards to the health problems of the 9/11 rescue workers:

We have the right to investigate people who try to influence our world. Don't be intimidated! We would be fools to give blind obedience to a self-appointed truth seeker. Don't behave like the submissive Bush and Kerry supporters; demand higher quality from your leaders. Have you seen this article of mine yet:

We are in a war of deception; a war of intelligence. Please learn about the deception. Some more examples:

Ben Freedman's speech has helped thousands of people realize that Zionists have committed some of the most horrendous crimes.

The information has been available for decades. Freedman worked with the Zionists until he decided he did not want to support them any longer, so he has a first-person account of their crimes.