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Jimmy Walter

An example of a Useful Idiot

Learn from his mistakes!

We are in a battle with a large criminal network.

The people who refuse to take this seriously will get hurt.


Hey, Jimmy! Even Jews commit crimes!

Crime comes from all nationalities, races, religions, and ages. Crimes are even being committed by dwarfs, disabled people, and transvestites.

However, Jimmy Walter, and millions of other goyim, have been duped into believing that Jews are a superior species that is only a victim of crime, never a perpetrator.

Anybody who refuses to consider the possibility that Jews commit crimes (possibly even more than the goyim!), is asking to become a victim of them. Jimmy Walter is a good example of this.

Holograms are out; Blue Screen is in

Take a look at Jimmy Walter's web site.

As of 6 March 2006, at the top of his site in a very prominent position is a link to the important document by the physics professor, Stephen Jones of Brigham Young University. However, directly under it is a link to "Proof Blue Screen Technology Faked 2nd Plane"

This article comes from the same people who were previously trying to convince us that the airplanes were holograms, such as Gerard Holmgren and Rosalee Grable (the webfairy). 
See the Bovine Gas Theory for more info.

Since most people are laughing at their hologram theories, these criminals have switched to the theory that the airplanes that hit the World Trade Center towers were creations of video editors at the television stations rather than real airplanes.

Why would Jimmy Walter post a nonsensical article in such a prominent position?

When you expose 9-11, the Zionists become your best friends

If you do a good job exposing 9/11 -- or any other crime by the Zionist Mafia -- the Mafia will send agents to contact you. They will try to become your friend so that they can manipulate your opinions via e-mail, phone calls, and personal contacts.

Gerard Holmgren has been working on Morgan Reynolds for a long time in an attempt to convince Reynolds that the airplanes that hit the towers were not real airplanes. Holmgren explained to Reynolds that if you magnify the video of the airplanes, you can see the airplanes changing shape.

Reynolds was impressed, and he was getting ready to write an article disclosing this amazing information. Fortunately, Hufschmid explained to Reynolds that this is simply a characteristic of interlaced video, as explained here:

Unfortunately, we now find this nonsense at Jimmy Walter's web site, and in a very prominent position.

What happened to Jimmy Walter?

Walter's organization has obviously been infiltrated by Zionists, and now they are posting nonsensical articles on his web site. They are also using his web site to promote their agents, such as Webster Tarpley, Jim Hoffman, Rosalee Grable, and Gerard Holmgren.

Furthermore, Walter has been fully convinced that Israel is our best friend, so he will not tolerate discussions of their involvement in 9/11. Walter has been convinced that 9/11 -- and most every other problem in this world -- is coming from George Bush, Dick Cheney, and a few other Americans.

Walter has also been convinced to ignore discussions of the Holocaust. Recently Walter posted an article that he wrote about the Holocaust in response to all the people who have been telling him that the Holocaust is a hoax:

Is that article your idea of a serious investigation of the Holocaust? It looks more like his Zionist "friends" told him to defend the Holocaust, and they gave him a few "facts" to write about. For example, Walter writes:

Remember that Roosevelt refused to let the ship with 30,000 Jews land in the US when Hitler tried to deport them! 
The link that Walter provides is to a message at the Free Republic forum, but what does that message prove? How can a ship even hold 30,000 people? It appears as if the Zionists fed Jimmy Walter with some nonsense, and he repeated it word for word like a stupid parrot.

Obviously, Walter never did any research into the Holocaust. Rather, he makes the ridiculous assumption that Roosevelt turned away the 30,000 Jews because he was an anti-Semite.

However, the evidence shows that the Zionists were trying to force the Jews to go to Palestine. The Zionists -- not the mythical anti-Semites -- were trying to prevent the European Jews from entering America.

Please listen to Benjamin Freedman's speech, if you have not done so already:

Support respectable people, not losers or criminals

The American attitude has always been to feel sorry for the losers. Supposedly the losers -- or Underdogs as Americans prefer to call them -- are wonderful people who have become victims of bad luck, society, aristocrats, ignorance, anti-Semites, or poverty.

Americans love to feel sorry for losers, and the Zionists take advantage of it. The Zionists play the role of the victim. They whine about how they have been victims of Arabs, Nazis, and anti-Semites for thousands of years. They tell us that Jews got involved in pornography, slavery, drugs, and gambling because Jews have been shunned from regular businesses.

Jimmy Walter is one of millions of goyim who have fallen for this trick to feel sorry for the Jews and other Underdogs.

Learn from Jimmy Walter's mistakes. Don't become one of the Zionist's Useful Idiots. Support people who contribute to society, not the losers who beg for sympathy.

It is not the losers who provide you with food; it is the people who get out into the farms and do some real work

It is not the losers who give you a home to live in. It is the carpenters, woodworkers, and other people who produce the raw materials and put them together into a house.

It will not be the losers who make this world a better place, either. It will be the people who face reality, stand up to the Zionists, and help spread information about this criminal network.

Try to differentiate between who contributes to society, and who doesn't. And then support the people who contribute. Stop feeling sorry for the parasites and criminals.