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How can we get
college students to help
us in our fight with corruption?
College students of the past showed a little interest in their world and their future.

College and high school students show the least interest in the September 11th attack, and other problems the world is facing. How can we entice the students into taking an active role in world affairs?

Why don't students today seem to care?

How do we help them?

Is a good way to reach students?

Many high school and college students use, so would that be a good way to reach students? Well, on his Wednesday 15 March 2006 radio show, Alex Jones tried to give myspace a bad image.

In case you don't know, Rupert Murdoch --who owns Fox News and a lot of other media outlets that routinely lie to us -- purchased myspace in 2005.

Murdoch also has a page at myspace:

Jones tells us that Murdoch has thousands of people censoring information on myspace. Jones announces that he is going to prove it by starting his own page at myspace. He proudly announces, “the war is on”.

Jones also mentions that “they” are planning to shut down the Internet and force us on an “Internet 2”. Here is an excerpt:
Alex Jones, 15 March 2006, radio excerpt #1 only 175 kbytes

In the excerpt below he criticizes the mainstream media, and then he explains more about their diabolical plan to shut down the Internet, and force us onto a new Internet where we will be censored, tracked and traced, and we won't have any free speech rights:
Alex Jones, 15 March 2006, radio excerpt #2 only 149 kbytes

On 16 March 2006, Alex Jones and his friend Paul Watson posted an article that claims myspace is a “Trojan Horse”.

Instead of encouraging people to use myspace in order to reach high school and college students, Alex Jones frightens people with stories of a New World Order tracking and tracing us, taking away our rights, and censoring our information. He discourages the use of myspace on the grounds that Rupert Murdoch is part of some diabolical plan to enslave us.

Is this your idea of a man who is trying to make the world a better place? Or is he trying to incapacitate us with fear?

What should any of us care if a Zionist owns We would be fools to pass up this opportunity to use their network to expose them!

It may be true that some information is censored at myspace, but why should that stop us from using it to spread information? Private companies censor information all the time. The Free Republic message board, for example, routinely censors messages that are too honest about 9-11 and Zionism, and so does the forum at, and so do many (maybe all) web sites of newspapers.

Alex Jones is censoring information

Alex Jones could easily be accused of censoring information about Zionism and Israel. Take a close look at Alex's videos, books, articles, and radio shows, and compare his view of the world to what you find at

If Alex Jones is truly interested in exposing censorship, corruption, and lies, why does he support -- rather than expose -- Jeff Rense and the coast-to-coast radio show, both of which push absurd propaganda about UFOs, crop circles, ghosts, bigfoot monsters, time travel, and mind reading?

There will always be differences of opinion

We can't expect everybody to agree with each other, but the differences between me and Alex Jones are too extreme to explain as merely a difference of opinion. The only way to explain it is that Alex Jones is trying to minimize the role Zionism plays in world corruption.

Alex Jones has nothing intelligent to say about myspace. He is merely trying to frighten people into avoiding it. But why? The only sensible explanation is that he is part of the criminal network and is trying to prevent students from getting involved.

Investigate the Truth Seekers

If 9/11 is ever exposed, we must investigate all of the 9/11 Truth Seekers. Almost all of them seem to be working for the criminal network. 

Another example is Rick Siegel, who recently produced a DVD called 911 Eyewitness.

The primary message of this video is that some military helicopters were flying around the World Trade Center towers prior to their collapse, and that one of them may have triggered the collapse of the buildings. He wants us to believe that the US Military is solely responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Rick Siegel is another "truth seeker" who is trying to divert people from the role Israel and Zionism played in 9/11. 

When we find a criminal within a crime network, we can identify lots more criminals by looking at the people he associates with. For example, at Rick Siegel's web site, he has only two links as of February 2006. One link is to, and the other is to Gerard Holmgren. Notice the praise he gives these two: : A campaign to expose the truth 
The nationwide umbrella organization for local 911 truth efforts. Activist resources, media and respectable research links. Upcoming actions, campaigns, strategies. & more. This is a key site for those wanting to plug in and do something.

Gerard Holmgren 911 Research 

Top Researcher for 911 - A great writer.

Be happy the criminals are exposing themselves

If you have looked at some of our articles, you should realize that we suspect Gerard Holmgren and the people at to be members of the criminal network.

Some people get upset when we tell them that Alex Jones, Jeff Rense,, Webster Tarpley, Gerard Holmgren, Phil Berg, Wayne Madsen, Kirt Nimmo, and dozens of other people appear to be part of the criminal network. We hear such such comments as, "If all of the truth seekers are liars, then who can we trust?"

However, you should be excited that these criminals are exposing themselves. These criminals have made a big mistake. We now know who many of them are. We have names, and in many cases photographs, addresses, and phone numbers. We should be happy that they made such stupid mistakes.

You should be excited that Gerard Holmgren exposed himself.

Furthermore, all of the 9/11 "Truth Seekers" who support Holmgren are giving themselves away as being naive, blackmailed, bribed, or as members of the criminal network.

We should collect their names, and investigate all of them.


Follow the rats to their nest

In February 2006, Mike Ruppert wrote about the most frightening story he had seen in four years:

The article explains that Venezuela's President Chavez is on the verge of declaring war on America.

If you look at Ruppert's other writings, you'll find that he has been trying to frighten us into believing that oil is about to run out (i.e,, the Peak Oil Theory), and that we must start reducing the population soon. He doesn't bother to explain how we reduced the population, nor who is reduced.

Mike Ruppert also suppress discussions about how the World Trade Center was destroyed by explosives, and he deflects all attention away from Israel and Zionism in regards to corruption, drug dealing, and the September 11 attack. He also associates with Zionists and other liars, such as the 9/11 "truth seekers" in San Francisco that produced the Deception Dollar.

All of the people who support Mike Ruppert should be considered as part of the network of criminals. Some of Ruppert's supporters may turn out to be merely naive, but they should all be investigated.

Aaron Russo, a Hollywood producer and presidential candidate during 2004, produced the film “America: From Freedom to Fascism”:

Two of the people Russo interviews in the film as experts on corruption are Mike Ruppert and Catherine Fitts. However, Ruppert and Fitts lie about the 9/11 attack and other corruption, so what are the chances that they will be honest in this film? Here is Mike Ruppert's analysis of Russo's film:

Why would Aaron Russo make this film and promote people such as Mike Ruppert as experts on corruption? What are the chances that he Russo is truly as naive as he appears? When you identify a criminal, get the names of all of their friends and investigate all of them.

For a final example, on 14 March 2006, Jeff Rense invited Dylan Avery to be on his radio show so that Rense could promote both Avery and his “Loose Change” video. As we explained in other documents, the videos Loose Change, 911 Eyewitness, and In Plane Site are providing a minimal view of the September 11 attack, and the people who produced those videos put the blame for 9-11 on a few American government officials. Coincidence? Daryl Bradford Smith thinks not.

Can't you see how these suspicious people promote one another? Can't you see that they push aside those of us who truly expose this criminal Zionist network?

Learn about the deception; don't become one of their victims. Tell your friends about

And don't be frightened by people such as Alex Jones. If you know any college students, tell them to use, e-mail, and message boards to expose this criminal network.