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Super Genius?
Or Super Plagiarist?

If you realize that Zionists have been using the media to manipulate Europeans and Americans for more than a century, you ought to question everything they tell us, including what they say about Einstein.

When Al Gore was given the Nobel Peace prize in 2007, it should be a warning to you that the Nobel prizes cannot be trusted, either. The people in the Nobel Foundation should be investigated for their connections to the Zionist crime network. By following the rats, you can identify lots of others.

Michael Sohlman, the Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation, is also a member of the Board of Governors on the New York Academy of Sciences. Zionists use these groups to manipulate science and education.

Einstein is held up as the most intelligent human to ever walk the earth. However, several researchers have compiled a lot of evidence that Einstein plagiarized the work of other physicists, and that the Zionists in the media decided to promote Einstein rather than the Goyim scientists.

Update: August 2018

I added some information in this document to show how Einstein is getting credit for work that was done 100 years earlier by a German named  Johann Georg von Soldner.

Can we trust the Einstein investigators?

A lot of people are "exposing" Einstein as a physics failure who plagiarized the work of the real physicists in order to allow Zionist Jews to get all the attention, but it is turning out that many (or most) of the investigators who expose Einstein are actually Zionists who are trying to confuse or dominate the issue, just as they do with the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust, and other crimes.
I'll expose Einstein!

Follow me, not those other people!”

So, keep in mind that these Einstein investigators may be Zionist agents, take the useful information they provide, and be suspicious of them:

• Here is a non-technical version:

• Dr. Paul Bowers; Albert Einstein: A Jewish Myth

Christopher Jon Bjerknes has a free PDF file that discusses this issue:

Warning: I no longer trust Bjerknes. Some of my reasons are in this document:

I also interviewed Bjerknes before it was obvious that he could not be trusted. The audio file is at this page:

Richard Moody Jr. has a shorter, less technical version:

What is the truth about Einstein?

The only way we will know the truth about Einstein -- or the truth about 9-11, the attack on the USS Liberty, the Holocaust, the Federal Reserve, and every other issue -- is to grow a backbone and start discussing these issues!

There is nothing wrong with questioning or verifying the "facts" that the media and schools provide to us.

Did you listen to the Kay Griggs interview?

When Kay Griggs was explaining about the sexual abuse that occurs at Princeton University and among people in leadership positions, she made the curious remark that Albert Einstein, who was working at Princeton, was also involved in the odd sexual practices

She did not provide details on what Einstein did, or why. However, if she is correct, Einstein's behavior is more evidence that he was just a loser who was selected to be genius.

Short excerpts of Kay Griggs are at HugeQuestions (look for the "Desperate Wives" videos):