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 Albert Einstein
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Eric Hufschmid interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
(The audio file is below the disclaimers)

27 June 2006, updated Oct 2007

Christopher Jon Bjerknes is one of many people who are "exposing" Einstein as a Zionist who plagiarized the work of the real physicists in order to allow Jews to get all the attention.

However, it's turning out that many (or most) of the investigators who expose Einstein are actually Zionists trying to confuse or dominate the issue, just as they do with the 9/11 attack,  the Holocaust, and other crimes. So, keep that in mind as you look at some of the evidence that Einstein was a fraud.

Links to the work of Bjerknes and some other investigators is at this page:

Can we trust Christopher Jon Bjerknes?

My recommendation is to be very careful about trusting people. Almost everybody I've met in this "truth movement" has turned out to be a liar.

The main reason they are getting away with their crimes is because they set their own people up as investigators, truth seekers, peace activists, and researchers.

It's difficult to be sure who among us is naive, who is deliberately lying, and who is too stupid to understand the truth. Until a few years ago, I naively believed in the Holocaust and the Apollo moon landing, so I'm not surprised that there are still tens of millions of people who believe these hoaxes.

However, anybody who is capable of analyzing Einstein's work is much more intelligent than the ordinary person, and he should be able to produce some very intelligent analyses of the Holocaust and the Apollo moon landing.

However, his analysis of the Holocaust is that "Jewish racists collaborated with the Nazis to kill off the weakest Jews and preserve the best genetic stock for deportation to Palestine".

He obviously investigated the Holocaust, but he didn't notice that the 6 million figure is absurd; that there is no evidence of gas chambers; and there were only a few small ovens, as I explain:

Bjerknes also promotes people I no longer trust, such as WingTV, and the American Free Press. Furthermore, he claims to be of "Jewish descent"; and he has an entry in the Zionist Wikipedia:
Update: As you can see by the notes on that page, his entry was deleted, then restored, and then deleted again. However, the text for his entry -- without any formatting -- is still in the Internet Archive here.

You should consider the possibility that within the Zionist movement there are different factions fighting for control, and Bjerknes is simply a different type of Zionist. He may be releasing information about Einstein and certain other issues in order to draw you over to him and away from the goyim.
“Einstein was a fraud!
Follow me!
Ignore Hufschmid!”

Only a complete investigation of everybody will let us figure out who is a Zionist agent, as I mentioned here: 

I no longer trust Bjerknes. Some of my reasons are here:

With that disclaimer, here is an audio file of my discussion with Christopher Bjerknes about his book:

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Did you listen to the Kay Griggs interview?

When Kay Griggs was explaining about the sexual abuse that occurs at Princeton University and among people in leadership positions, she made the curious remark that Albert Einstein, who was working at Princeton, was also involved in the odd sexual practices. 

She did not provide details on what Einstein did, or why. However, if she is correct, Einstein's behavior is more evidence that he was not what we were told.

Some excerpts of Kay Griggs are at my HugeQuestions site (they are the "Desperate Wives" videos):

If you want to buy the 4-DVD set of Kay Griggs, go here:

Update: Sofia, who created the video 911 Mysteries, also produced those 4 DVDs of Kay Griggs. The original interview was conducted by Pastor Strawcutter in the 1990's, and they were available only on VHS tapes. Pastor Strawcutter gave her permission to offer the interview on DVDs.

Sofia became friends with Kay Griggs. However, now that Sofia has proven herself to be another Zionist agent, I suspect that her reason for becoming friends with Griggs is for the same reason she spent four years trying to become my friend. Specifically, to provide information about us to the Zionist crime network, and perhaps to set us up for blackmail or death. She also spent a lot of time trying to convince me of stupid theories, such as channeling was real, and that every jet contrail in the sky was a chemtrail.

I discuss Sofia and her suspicious behavior in my audio file for September 14, 2008. She appears to be a sweet and wonderful woman, but here is a very brief audio clip of her yelling and swearing at me:
Warning: don't play this in public!
Sofia_yells_at_me_6Sep2008.mp3  44 kbytes