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Help us expose the Bollyn trial

2 May 2007

If you don't know about this trial,
here is one shocking article:

If they get away with putting Christopher Bollyn in jail, why wouldn't they continue to arrest the rest of us who they regard as potential threats?

Please ask the police to investigate this!

Learn from Europe and Russia's mistake

In Russia the Zionists pretended to be anti-Zionists and anti-Communists, and they collected names and addresses of their potential enemies. They had them arrested one by one, and nobody complained.

General Eisenhower didn't even bother with deception, take a look at the photos and article about how he killed more than a million Germans after the war, if you have not already seen it:

The Zionists have control of America's federal agencies, such as Homeland Security, the FBI, and the ATF. They have already proven that they use these agencies as their private army to attack people that they don't like.

The FBI, for example, helped to cover up 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and even the terrorist attack in Bali, Indonesia.

Will the Zionists turn themselves in to the police?

The people involved with the Zionist movement are not going to give themselves up to the police. They have committed crimes that are beyond belief. they have directly and indirectly slaughtered tens of millions of people during the past century. They have tricked Europe, Russia, America, and Japan into bombing each other's nations.

They are also involved in the sex slave trade, and horrendous financial crimes with banking system and stock market.
The Zionists are not likely to announce:
"Okay Goyim, we give up. Let's be friends! You should live and be well, and eat plenty of chicken soup!"

The most likely scenario is that they are going to continue their plan to take control of us. They are trying right now to get control of America, Britain, and France. Tony Blair has been eliminated, and now they are trying to get rid of Bush and Cheney. They want people in control of these three nations who are even more dedicated to supporting Zionism.

If we let them get control of our nations, what will stop them from sending their Zionist attack dogs -- commonly referred to as the FBI and Homeland Security -- from arresting those of us who show signs of independence?

You better take a look at the history of Zionism and start taking this possibility seriously.

Is your name on their list?

The Zionists already have lots of lists of their potential enemies:

Subscribers to alternative magazines, such as the American Free Press, the Barnes Review, and the Idaho Observer.

Subscribers to alternative radio stations, such as Alex Jones, RBN, and David Duke.

People who are politically active, such as the people who join Black Box Voting, the anti-war groups, or the Libertarians.


Has the group you trust been infiltrated?

Learn from the mistake that Jimmy Walter made. He wanted to help people so much that he spent most of his inheritance trying to expose 9/11, but he was tricked into thinking the criminals were the Republicans, the military establishment, and the corporations. He trusted Israel and didn't know much about Zionism.

Some people seem be 100% honest, such as Jimmy Walter, but that doesn't mean it's safe to let them have your name and address because some of the people he trusted were Zionist agents.

For another example, Jim Condit, Jr. trusts virtually everybody, such as Mark Weber, Mike Piper, the American Free Press, Mark Glenn, and other people we advise you to stay away from.

Is it safe to trust somebody who trusts so many suspicious people? Jim Condit Jr. may be 100% honest, but that doesn't mean the people he works with are honest.

If you make the wrong decision about who to trust, it could be your last decision. 

We got Bollyn out of jail in August 2006, but now it's more serious

Bollyn was arrested in August 2006, and he would have spent at least one night in jail if it had not been for all of the phone calls that were made that night. If nobody cared that Bollyn had been arrested, it would have shown the Zionists that we are such submissive sheep that they can safely arrest more of us. They certainly would have arrested another of us, and then another, and so on, until all of their enemies were gone.

However, the Zionists are in a very bad position now that Bollyn's trial is coming up.

The Hoffman Estates police committed a crime by arresting Bollyn. To cover up that crime, they committed additional crimes, such as destroying their dashboard camera videos.

There is no way for the police to get themselves out of this mess except to commit an even larger crime, such as arranging for Christopher's death, or setting up a sham trial.

The Hoffman Estates policemen did not make the decision to arrest Christopher. This decision came from some group of Zionists. If we can identify the people responsible for this, it will let us know who is manipulating the Police Department. Then, by looking at their associates, we can identify more people in this nest of Zionist criminals.

To further make the situation for Zionists difficult, technology is allowing people around the world to closely analyze people and events. The 9/11 attack is being exposed as a Zionist false flag operation, and people are looking closely at the Oppenheimers, Bronfman's, Rothschilds, Larry Silverstein, Benjamin Netanyahu, the attack on the USS Liberty, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and many other suspicious events and people.

Technology is removing the secrecy that has been protecting organized crime and Zionism. Ordinary citizens can now analyze events at virtually no cost, and pass information around the Internet.

You can determine this easily by doing a Google search on such phrases as "Holocaust hoax", "Apollo moon landing hoax", and Zionism. A few years ago, there was almost no talk about Zionism or the Holocaust, but today there are discussions about this everywhere, and there is no way the Zionists can stop the information from spreading to more people.

What are the Zionists going to do to protect themselves?

Some methods the Zionists used to protect themselves:

Promote propaganda in the media.

Pose as crime investigators, JFK researchers, Holocaust revisionists, and 9/11 truth seekers. They also pose as antiwar activists, liberals, veteran associations.

Blackmail, bribe, and threaten people who oppose them.

Think about this carefully. Christopher Bollyn was arrested in August 2006, so there were months for all of these "truth seekers" to encourage people to contact the police department in Chicago to look into this issue. Instead, almost everybody ignored the issue until after the trial was finished. Since these "truth seekers" don't care about Bollyn, do you really think they would they care about you? Do you think they would even let people know that you were set up?

Most of the people who claim to be "truth seekers" are not trying to expose crime. Rather, they are trying to draw attention away from us and over to them.

These Zionist agents will do whatever it takes to trick you into listening to them. Some are criticizing Zionism; some condemn the bombing of Lebanon; some talk about anomalies with the Holocaust.

Many people foolishly respond, 

"Look everybody! Alex Jones is talking about Zionism! He's helping us, he's on our side! Hufschmid and Smith is wrong when they say Alex Jones protects Zionism. Our hero Alex admits that Israel attacked the USS liberty. Hufschmid and Smith are fools."

"Look at the article on the Holocaust by Curt Maynard. Curt Maynard is our hero! Hufschmid is wrong to say that Maynard is not trying to expose the Holocaust. He is exposing it. Hufschmid is a fool."

"Look everybody! George Soros is criticizing Israel. He's our hero! Hufschmid, Bollyn, and Smith are wrong to say that liberals are not trying to help us. The Liberals are our heroes!"

"Look, everybody! Mike Piper talks about Zionism more than anybody, and he fully exposes the Israelis, the Bronfmans, and other people in his books. Hufschmid and Bollyn are wrong to say that Piper isn't giving the full story, or that Piper is secretly trying to protect Zionists. Piper is exposing Zionism more than anybody. Piper is our hero!"

Soros, Jones, and others are not really interested in exposing Zionism. Rather, they are trying to lure you away from those of us that they have no control over.

Rather, they provide little bits of truthful information to lure you over to them and away from those of us that have no control over, and then they give you a deceptive view of the story. They focus attention on only a few people, such as George Bush, or people who were about to die, such as David Rockefeller, or people already dead, such as Meyer Lansky.

Alex Jones tells us that the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 because President Johnson asked them to do it. According to Alex Jones, the nice Israelis were kind enough to grant President Johnson's request. Apparently, the Israelis were so happy to please President Johnson that they did not ask to be paid for the bombs they used.

As another example of their deception, here is an article that exposes some Jewish organized crime members. It appears that this website wants to expose corruption, but this is a Zionist publication, so they are never completely honest about Zionist crimes:

Alex "bullhorn" Jones  rants almost daily about a "police state", but he is doing nothing to help stop this absurd and illegal police action with Christopher Bollyn.  Neither are the other "truth seekers". Face reality; they don't want to stop it!

Here's a test for you

On 1 May 2007 Mike Piper claimed that I am wrong to accuse him of putting the blame for the Kennedy assassination on Meyer Lansky, and trying to protect the Bronfman's and other Zionists. Here is the audio from his show:
Piper-JFK-1May2007.mp3  only 800 kbytes

Mike Piper is correct; he does mention the name "Bronfman" many times in his book, and he has a photo of Sam Bronfman.

Alex Jones admits that the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty, but he puts most of his emphasis for the blame on President Johnson. Mike Piper mentions a lot of names in his book about JFK, but the emphasis is on certain people, such as Meyer Lansky. What are the chances that all of the people involved in killing JFK are following orders from that lousy criminal? This is deception.

There is a pattern with these Zionist agents. Specifically, they try to focus our attention on a few people that are expendable to them, or in the case of Meyer Lansky, already dead, and in the case of David Rockefeller, on the verge of dying from old age.

Alex Jones blames President Johnson for the attack on the USS liberty; Mike Piper puts an extreme emphasis on Meyer Lansky; most of the 9/11 truth seekers put extreme emphasis on Bush and Cheney.

If you follow the advice of Piper, Jones, Webster Tarpley, and other liars, you would arrest a few people, be fooled into thinking you just solved the problem, but the Zionist crime network would continue to operate!

It doesn't do any good to arrest a few criminals. There are tens of thousands of them, and they are in many nations.

Alex Jones, Mike Piper, Webster Tarpley, and the others are trying to fool you into thinking that the problem is much smaller than it appears; that we only have to arrest Bush and a few other people. Don't be a sucker!

The Zionist crime network is gigantic, and worldwide. We must get rid of the entire network.

We are in a battle of intelligence. Don't let the Zionists outsmart you!

Don't be a sucker!

Don't be fooled into ignoring Christopher Bollyn. The Zionists are trying to lure you away from him so that they can get rid of him quietly. Keep your eye on him and on his trial.

Don't be a sucker; don't be lured away by somebody who criticizes George Bush or Israel.

How can we stop Bollyn's trial?

We urge everybody to call and/or e-mail the people on this list.

The e-mail is already set up and ready to go. Just click and send, or write your own message. Send a message to all of the people on the list every day until this trial ends.

It doesn't do any good to have only three people send 10,000 e-mail messages. We need thousands of people to call and/or send e-mail messages.

We have to show the Zionists that we are not fooling around any longer. Let them know that we are fed up with the corruption.

When the Zionists came for Bollyn,
I remained silent;
I did not personally know Bollyn.

When they locked up Smith,
I remained silent;
Why should I care about Smith?

When they came for Hufschmid,
I did not speak out;
I never liked Hufschmid's personality.

When they came for me,
I offered to be their Shabbat Goy.
Why couldn't Bollyn, Smith, and Hufschmid cooperate?


"But I'm just an ordinary person!"

The ordinary citizens often make the excuse, 

"But what can I do? I'm just an ordinary person!"

Ordinary people can talk about these problems at work, and with their relatives and neighbors. They can help us by spreading this information.

If people had talked about these problems a century ago, Zionism would have been eliminated before it became a big problem. The refusal to do anything about organized crime allows it to grow.

The selfish, sheep-like behavior of the "ordinary" people is allowing this corruption. Perhaps we should start holding some of these sheeple accountable on the grounds that they are accessories to the 9/11 crime by refusing to help us expose it

The military kills deserters

During times of war, the military will kill deserters on the grounds that they are leaving the other men at risk.

We are at war right now with Zionism, so perhaps we need to start telling people to help us, or be considered deserters who are leaving the rest of us at risk.

Is there a way to avoid a violent clash with Zionists?

It is possible that the Zionists will ignore our e-mail and phone calls. If so, you have to start thinking seriously about whether there is any way to put an end to such a giant crime network without at least some violence.

What are the chances that the Rothschilds will give up control of the banking system, or the Bronfmans will turn themselves in for their crimes, or that Israel and the Arabs will become best of friends?

The people in the military should take a serious look at what they've been doing with their lives. They have been suckers, fools, and Zionist tools. Many of them are suffering health problems because they were tricked into using uranium in weapons.

Many of the people in New York City are suffering health problems because of 9/11. They were also suckers, fools, and pawns in the Zionist's futile fantasy of world conquest.

If we do absolutely nothing, the Zionists will continue taking control, and then what happens? What will they do with us if we allow them to grow larger? Do you really want to wait and find out?

The judges, lawyers, news reporters, politicians, FBI agents, Homeland Security agents, Michael Chertoff, Larry Silverstein, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Phil Berg, and thousands of others need to be dealt with.

Are the police going to do something about this corruption? Or will groups of citizens reach the point of anger that they create sniping or lynching squads to take the Zionists out one by one?

We have choices. We can do nothing and let them continue taking control, or we can start fighting back.

Look at the crimes that the police are committing in regards to Bollyn:

Let's start by trying to peacefully stop this trial with Christopher Bollyn: