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Is this why people believe in flying saucers?

The U.S. Army developed this Avro Car in the 1950s:

The U.S. Army Museum is hoping to restore the Avro Car and put it on display:

A link to very high-resolution photo of this flying saucer is at this page:

You can build a paper model and see more photos at this site:

Why create flying saucers?

If a group of people could secretly develop realistic alien spacecraft, they would be able to do either of the following tricks:

1) Aliens could help us

The aliens would be kind, intelligent people who offer to help us improve our world. The aliens would tell us to put away our weapons and follow their orders.

2) Aliens could attack us

If the alien spacecraft were not very convincing, then instead of landing in our cities and offering to help us, they would remain high in the air and attack us. They would be able to drop nuclear bombs on our cities and kill anybody they pleased.

Who would create flying saucers?

Obviously the US military was involved in developing and producing the flying saucers, but whose idea was it? Since most of the people who promote the concept that aliens actually exist are Zionist Jews, and since the Zionists have a history of deceiving people and trying to take over the world, we should consider that they are the ones who have been secretly trying to develop alien spacecraft. 

The U.S. Army admits to creating the Avro Car, but the following photographs are still a mystery:






A plastic model is available here:

Some of the photos of the flying saucers are phony, apparently to confuse people as to what is real, as I explain here:

Moller International produces "Flying Saucers" for consumers:,,70131-1278332,00.html

Here is a video of it:

The attempt to fake alien spacecraft supposedly was going on during World War 2. Here are some videos and photos from Nazi Germany:

However, one of those aircraft may be an early "stealth" aircraft, not an alien spacecraft:
The Horten HIX

Don't be a fool by responding, "But some of the flying saucers might be real!" Look for evidence for your theories.

Some people have admitted to faking the flying saucers:
Photos of fake aliens

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Also, some UFO's are clouds: