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Lesson # 9
Expose your own false information

9 Oct 2007

Criminals cannot prevent people from exposing their crimes, but they can use deception to trick people into dismissing the evidence.
There is evidence that the Zionist Jews have been tricking Americans into secretly creating alien spacecraft. Some photos of these flying saucers are here:

It is possible that billions of American tax dollars have been wasted on attempts to create realistic flying saucers. Zionists within the US military, NASA, and the Star Wars program may have been secretly siphoning money into these crazy projects for decades.

The Zionists cannot stop people from exposing this crime, so one of the tricks they use is to create false information about the flying saucers, and then expose the information as false,  thereby causing people to dismiss the real evidence.

For example, here are two photos, and it is obvious that one or both of them has been edited:

A person named Art Moss posted the photo with the flying saucers at this website:

A helpful person named Joe Yoon responded by explaining that the photo with the flying saucers was a fake. He explained that the Avrocar was the only flying saucer developed by the US government, and the others are phony.

Another helpful person, Gregg Alexander, then posted a couple more photos that show obvious editing, further reinforcing the belief that the photos of the flying saucers were phony.

When people look at a webpage such as that, they are likely to think to themselves,

"Hmmm, it looks like the images of flying saucers developed by the US military are phony, except for the Avrocar."

Instead, we should ask, 

"Why would a person go to the trouble of creating all of these phony photos?"
Did you take a look at the photos at this page:

Notice also that there are lots of videos and images of the American military giving an autopsy to a dead Martian. For example:

You can see more than one person in the video, and they are adults. This means that a team of adults has been working together to create phony information about Martains. Why would a team of adults waste their time and money on such a stupid activity?

The autopsy of the dead Martian may have been an attempt to fool people into thinking that the US military actually has a real Martain and his spacecraft, but when nobody fell for the trick, the US Military allowed it to be exposed as a hoax. But what about the photos at the top of this document that are obviously edited? Why would anybody create them?

Consider the possibility that the Zionists have been secretly funneling money from the US government into attempts to create a realistic alien spacecraft. How do they stop people from exposing their crime? One method is to create lots of false information to confuse people into dismissing the real evidence as more false information.

Joe Yoon, who exposed the flying saucer photo as a fake, worked at NASA for a while, and he claims to have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. If he is giving an accurate description of himself, he is above average intelligence, so he should be able to provide a better understanding of the flying saucer issue than an ordinary person. However, his explanation is rather simplistic.

Be suspicious of intelligent people who appear stupid or naive. Politicians use this technique of faking naivety and stupidity on a regular basis. For example, when a person recently asked John Kerry about the collapse of Building 7, Kerry pretended that he didn't know much about Building 7:

This trick would not work if people would demand higher standards for people. When somebody in a leadership position claims to be naive, tell them to get an education or find another job. Don't feel sorry for them. Americans have a very strong tendency to feel sorry for the "Underdog" and the losers, but pity does not help anybody.

Getting back to this webpage in which the photo of the flying saucers was posted:

It is possible that Art Moss, who posted the photo, and Joe Yoon and Greg Alexander who responded, are part of the deception team that is trying to confuse us as to what is true and what is false.

Some of the people who post messages on the Internet may not even be real people. Because the Internet allows us to remain anonymous, it is possible for one person to post messages under different names, thereby allowing one person to create artificial interactions between a group of people.

How do you know what's real and what isn't? There is only one way. The secrecy that protects criminals must be removed. We must investigate everybody. And we must demand higher standards of behavior from people in leadership positions.