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Bernie Sanders
Can we trust dual US/Israeli citizens?

By an anonymous reader of Hufschmid's website

2 July 2015

Recently, Bernie Sanders, the independent Representative from Vermont who is running for president, was asked by NPR's host Diane Rehm if he was a dual U.S/Israeli citizen.

Sanders vehemently denied the charge and was upset about why such a question was brought up. You can read about it and listen to the interview here.

Is there anything wrong with being a dual U.S./Israeli citizen? If you believe that Israel is our best friend, then you will probably reply, "No, it makes no difference!"

However, the Internet has allowed us to analyze historical events, and that has provided us as with a more accurate view of Israel and their relationship to other nations. For some examples:

• In 1946 the Zionist Jews who were creating Israel blew up a portion of the King David Hotel, murdering 91 people and wounding 46 others, in an attempt to create hatred towards Arabs.

In 1967 the Israeli Air Force secretly attacked the USS Liberty, murdering 34 crew members (Naval officers, sailors, two marines and one civilian), and wounding 171 others, in an attempt to trick America into starting a war with Egypt.

• In 2001 Israel was the primary group responsible for the 9/11 attack, and Israel demolished the World Trade Center tower buildings with explosives. It was another Israeli false flag operation to trick us into starting a war.

The 9/11 attack destroyed millions of dollars worth of property, created health problems for tens of thousands of people, and killed thousands of people. The resulting war that Israel instigated is still going on, and that war has drained America of billions of dollars, and caused the death, suffering, and mutilation of thousands of people in America and the Middle East.

Have you seen the "Dancing Israelis video" in which three Israelis admit that they knew the 9/11 attack was occurring on that particular morning, and that they set up their video cameras so that they could document the attack for Israel?

And here is an audio interview with Sergeant Scott DeCarlo, one of the police officers in the East Rutherford, New Jersey Police Department who arrested those "dancing Israelis" later that afternoon. The webpage with that interview is here.

Note that the American Free Press conducted that interview with Sergeant DeCarlo, and they boast that they are the only group to have interviewed him. The AFP is trying to convince us that they are truly interested in exposing the Israeli crimes, but they have turned out to be just another front for the Zionist Jews.

Christopher Bollyn worked for AFP at one time before he knew it was a front for the Zionists. Bollyn was kidnapped along with his wife and two children in June 2007 because of his excellent research and articles linking 9/11 to Israel and American Zionist Jews. Here is an interview he did in Dec. 2006 about 9/11 a few months before he was kidnapped.

The Jews use the AFP website and newspaper to do "damage control", and to identify the Americans who are aware of what Israel is doing.

This list of Jewish American government officials who are dual US / Israeli citizens may not be accurate, but it brings this issue to the attention of the public and encourages people to investigate it.

How many American Jews are dual U.S./Israeli citizens? And who do they give their allegiance to, the United States of America or Israel? How many American Jews are working with Israel and engaged in treason against the U.S. Government? And how many American Jews are trying to lead a normal life and raise their children and trying to make society a better place? We will never know until we investigate them.