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Interview with Christopher Bollyn

28 Dec 2006

The USA is a "Ziocracy" in which Zionist criminals rule the nation
Bollyn explains that Shimon Perez, Ehud Olmert, and other top Israelis are criminals who were involved in 9/11. The FBI is deeply involved in protecting these Israeli criminals.

So, with all the information we have, why can't we beat these people?

Have you seen how large and organized the Zionists are? Here is just one group, The Jewish Agency Partners:

We are not going to beat such a large, wealthy group unless we can find a lot more people who can see through the Zionist deception, so continue to help us spread our website, videos, and articles.

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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews


Can you understand why Bollyn was fired recently by the American Free Press?

If you want to help support Bollyn, don't buy magazines or newspapers. Instead, Bollyn has a book for children, and donation buttons:

For more info:
Cleveland, Ohio seems to be one of many Zionist bases in the USA. For one example, see Bollyn's article about Cleveland:

Have you seen Bollyn's article that shows Ehud Olmert's involvement in 9/11?

Sharon Stone speaks at a meeting in Israel with Shimon Perez.

This should help you understand why CNN invites Sharon Stone to talk about 9/11 on television, as we explained here.

All famous entertainers seem to be selected for their value to the Zionist movement, either because they are Zionists, or they are Goyim with so many problems that they are easy to control.

Even Sylvester Stallone is quiet about Zionist crimes, and he fits the pattern of a troubled child: