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Dave Rabbit

The Curious Case of
Vietnam War DJ Dave Rabbit

by anonymous   25 June 2009

Dave Rabbit is an alias for a U.S. Air Force Sgt. who served three consecutive tours of duty in Vietnam from 1968 to 1971. During the 1960s many young, draft-aged men enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard to avoid being drafted in the Army and Marine Corps and sent to Vietnam. In his biography, Dave Rabbit admitted to enlisting in the Air Force in May 1967 for four years. He said,
"I made the intelligent decision that I was bored with school and did not want to go to college. So to avoid being drafted and going to Vietnam, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force for four years."
Dave Rabbit left for basic training to Amarilo, Texas when he just turned 19 on August 15, 1967. After basic, he went to technical school for Ground Radio at Keessler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. 
"After six weeks, I found out that I was colorblind and the Air Force gave me a choice of reassignment. I had the choice of  Security Police or Supply. I chose Supply and went to Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado. This Air Force choice, unknown to me at the time would be instrumental in my story."
His first duty assignment was Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, Louisiana. Barksdale AFB was command headquaters for the 2nd Air Force for SAC (Strategic Air Command). The B-52 Stratofortress bomber was the primary aircraft at these bases. Dave Rabbit commented on this new duty assignment that the inspections were ridiculous and:
"Even with my con artist ability to get night shift duty where I was virtually self-employed, the barracks inspections and the bullshit associated with it was not my choice of life."
He wanted out so he and some friends volunteered to go to Vietnam thinking it would be months before they were sent, but he had his orders 30 days later. 

From 1968-1969 Dave Rabbit served at Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam. From 1969-1970 he was stationed at Phan Rang Air Force Base, which is where he first got involved in broadcasting a radio show for the troops over the area of Phan Rang. (You can read his biography here.)

As his tour of duty came to a close at Phan Rang Air Force Base, Dave Rabbit decides yet again to extend for a third consecutive tour of duty in the U.S. Air Force and is sent to Saigon from 1970-1971, which was his last combat tour in the Republic of South Vietnam. 

During his last days at Phan Rang Air Force Base, Dave Rabbit talks about his roommate and friend Jim Brookshire who was also involved in the radio show for the troops. They were both going to be stationed at Saigon together but Dave Rabbit left his barracks an hour early and they were attacked by rockets and mortars by the Vietcong, killing his friend Jim Brookshire. He talks about his friend's death in this video:

Dave Rabbit decides then and there to do a radio show for the troops and for his friend Jim Brookshire and servicemen just like him who have been killed in action and who are fighting to stay alive. Two colleagues, American servicemen "Pete Sadler" and an American female who went by the name of "Nguyen", and who may or may not have been in the military at the time, also helped in the production of 21 shows from 1 Jan 1971 to 21 Jan. 1971. They were each three hours long . 

They set up a pirate radio station in a Saigon whorehouse and broadcast from there. Finally, some officers and NCO's that were protecting Dave Rabbit and his radio show told him that it was getting too dangerous. Senior Airman Dave Rabbit decides it is time to close up shop because he was worried that he along with this two colleagues and his servicemen protecting him would be sent to Long Binh which was a prison in Vietnam for American GI's who committed crimes. It was similar to what Mannheim in Germany was for the U.S. Army for troops stationed there. Of the 21 shows, only one was recorded, you can listen to it here at his website,

There are a lot of links to choose from, his shows from Vietnam are all the way on the right hand side underneath a picture of his medals and ribbons. 

So what is wrong with this picture?

1) Dave Rabbit ridicules "lifers" but volunteers for duty in Vietnam

It sounds ok, doesn't it to you? A renegade Air Force enlisted man doing his best to bring quality radio programming to the troops serving on the frontlines all over Vietnam, right? Well, not so fast. I was never in Vietnam, but I read a lot about that conflict, and I have two relatives who served there. 

So far as I can tell, almost all draftees that were sent to Vietnam wanted to get out of Vietnam as soon as possible, but Dave Rabbit enlisted and decides to extend not one but two tours, making it three in all. Unlike the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan today, there was a draft during the Vietnam War which provided enough men so that the draftees only had to serve one tour of duty, and the career servicemen could have a rotation between tours in Vietnam.

It's also very strange that Dave Rabbit was promoted to the rank of sargeant but makes fun of "lifers" who are career soldiers, and he volunteers for two extra tours without any break or rotation between them. If any of you have family members that served in Vietnam, you can ask them if it was normal for someone with his critical attitude towards the military to volunteer for extended combat tours in Vietnam without a rotation.

Could it be that Sgt. Dave Rabbit was watching servicemen and sending reports about them to traitorous civilians in Vietnam who were working for the U.S. Government, or traitors in the U.S. military? To this day, no one knows what Dave Rabbit's real name is. No one knows what he does or how he earns a living, but he is in youtube videos and his photographs are on the internet. His Air Force commanding officers, NCO's and fellow Airmen know who he is so what is the big problem with revealing his true identity?

Mr. Rabbit says that he does not want to become a celebrity. He mentions there are over 23 million hits on these websites where his show is being played and he does not want any attention. But there could be another reason why he has not revealed to us his true identity; he may be hiding from the American people! He may have done these shows in Vietnam on his own, but it is also possible he was working with criminal Jews who caught him doing something and used him for these shows, or he may have been working with the Jews voluntarily. 

2) Ridicules President Kennedy

We will never know until we talk to him about this. In one of his broadcasts he uses a character called "Captain Ivan Pansy's weather report" who he does in the voice of President John F. Kennedy. This was only seven or eight years after his assassination, and Dave Rabbit is making a joke of President Kennedy.

You can listen to this particular file at this page.
It's the twelfth one down under "Outtakes"; it is called:
The Weather Report with Capt. Ivan Pansy 

The reason that this is significant is that after the criminal Jews kill somebody, such as President Kennedy, they often try to ruin their image to discourage people from investigating their death. You can see this pattern of how they try to ruin a person's image after they murdered Jim Morrison and kidnapped Christopher Bollyn and his family.

3) Ridicules war and lifers but works with the military in Iraq now
Something else that is puzzling is in this NPR interview here:

He talks about going to Iraq in 2006 with the military's assistance to do some more Dave Rabbit shows with two new colleagues. What? How can you get assistance from the military if they were trying to arrest him 35 years ago for broadcasting a pirate radio station in a Saigon whorehouse? If you know anything about NPR, they only interview people who are under Jewish control or are one of their blackmailed or threatened victims.

4) Jane Fonda approves of him!  

It is also very strange that he boasts that he was one of only three people to be granted an interview by Jane Fonda, who was and still is a notorious anti-military and pro-communist instigator. In fact, the interview is on his website.
5) He uses soft porn to attract attention and promotes Zionist propaganda
Take a look along the right side of this webpage. It's full of pictures and links to partially naked women to attract our attention, and scattered among the pictures are links to Zionist agents who protect Israel, such as, Jim Morris, Jesse Ventura, and William Rodriguez.

Left to right: John Rhodes, Dave Rabbit, Johnny Anonymous
Rhodes has this propaganda website:

Who is Dave rabbit? And who is he working for?

No one knows who Dave Rabbit really is but he has a lot of questions to answer. He could start by doing an interview with Eric Hufschmid, for example. He could clear up all of these allegations and questions I raise here in this article. The Zionists have an army of people working for them, and many of them have been blackmailed and forced to work for the criminal Jews for decades.

If Dave Rabbit is one of their puppets and is forced to work for them, he should find the personal courage to come forward and reveal the truth about his radio show in Vietnam, and what he has learned since then.

No one knows if Dave Rabbit was working for the Jews in Vietnam or is working for them now. But he sure does have a lot of explaining to do.