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A Toronto connection?

18 April 2007

Is this one of the assassins?

Were the Bronfmans involved?

Two important lessons to learn from the 9/11 attack:

1) The 9/11 "truth seekers" who get publicity or promotion are protecting the Zionists; they are trying to deceive, control, and manipulate.

2) The Zionists played a major role in the 9/11 attack. The other people are only in a supporting role, and may even have been duped into joining.

The JFK assassination seems to be exactly the same. Virtually all of the JFK "researchers" who get publicity are Zionist Deniers.

Ignore the primary JFK investigators

If there are any honest researchers in the JFK assassination, they are certainly in the same situation as Bollyn and Hufschmid; namely, they are ignored by most of the JFK investigators.

Mark Lane, a Jewish lawyer who works with the American Free Press, has written books about the Kennedy assassination, and he was involved in the legal cases of other suspicious events.

However, the evidence suggests that Mark Lane is actually a Zionist who pretends to protect the Goyim:
• Bollyn-MarkLane.html
• AmericanDeceptionPress.html

“Trust me!
I love Goyim”
Who might have been shooting at JFK?

Mary Moorman took a photograph of Kennedy as he drove by. A news reporter named Featherstone was extremely concerned about this photograph, and he took it from her. (If you have my book, Painful Questions, an Analysis of the September 11 Attack, you can find a description of this on page 143 under the title America's Free Press is a Disgrace)

If you realize that the Zionists are dominating the media, you must consider that Featherstone realized that Mary Moorman was in a location to get a photo of very critical evidence that would expose the Kennedy assassination as a scam. Apparently, it did not contain any damaging evidence, so he eventually returned it to her.

The photograph does not have much detail. The center portion of her photo is below, and a higher resolution, full size version is here.

In the upper right corner of the Moorman photo, standing on the light-colored concrete wall, are Abraham Zapruder and a woman who is holding him steady as he films the assassination.

As I imply in my book, Zapruder wanted the woman to hold him steady because he was concerned that the numerous loud gunshots would cause him to tremble.

A PDF file of the 2 chapters on Kennedy are here:
(these chapters are actually my initial reaction to the Warren report, not an analysis of the JFK killing):

The Americans consider that day to be a tragedy, but to the Zionists it was just another successful event in the development of Israel and their takeover of the USA.

They wanted it documented for their historical records. Zapruder was equivalent to those five dancing Israelis who were documenting the event of September 11.
Info about the dancing Israelis:

A higher quality photograph of the same scene taken by a different photographer a few seconds earlier than the Mary Moormon photo is in a book by Robert Groden:

The important section of his photo is below: 

Zapruder and the women are in the upper right corner, but in this photograph are two figures which appear to be men wearing hats standing behind the concrete wall.

Robert Groden's book has a photo (below) of a man reenacting the scene to show how the men would stand behind the concrete wall. This also shows that they had a nice view of the street.

Zapruder was standing close to these two men, and as he moved the camera to follow Kennedy down the street, it appears that one of the men can be seen in some of the frames.

At the bottom of frame # 413 of Zapruder's film, there appears to be a man with a hat among the vegetation (green arrow):

Robert Groden's book has a photo taken from Zapruder's position to help us understand frame # 413. By comparing the light poles and the signs on the light poles, you can see that the vegetation has been trimmed. Below is a close-up, and below that is a wide shot.

The witnesses to the assassination describe lots of gunshots, which implies there was more than one shooter.

Also, in my chapters on Kennedy in my book, I point out that most of the witnesses were certain that the shots were coming from this area, and that the witnesses said police were looking for bullet shells in that area.

It would appear that one or both of the two men behind the concrete wall may have been shooters. But who were they?

I cannot verify the following speculations. I put them out in the hope so that other people will come forward with information to verify or disprove them.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico?

The official story says that Lee Harvey Oswald visited the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City.

This man is supposed to be Oswald at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico.

Either people are getting photographs mixed up, or this person was pretending to be Oswald.

Some people think he might be a Russian; some people think he was one of the shooters; and some people think his name is Jack (Forshaw?), from Toronto, Canada.

Robert Groden's book about Oswald has the photograph below of Jack Ruby's Carousel Club.
On the right side -- a close-up is below -- some people think the man #1 is Clyde Forshaw, the nephew of Jack Forshaw, and that he is worried about the photographer taking his photo.

Man #2 is Jack Ruby (yellow box shows Ruby in a similar position for comparison), and #3 is the Oswald double, not the Oswald who was arrested for the killing.

If the accusations are true that these two men are Clyde and Jack Forshaw from Toronto, that means some of the main assassins were brought in from Toronto, not France, Russia, or the CIA.

By the way, some people think Clyde was the man who shot officer Tippit.

Furthermore, since the Forshaws supposedly work for organized crime, not government agencies, then everybody who blames the assassination on the American government is either mistaken or deliberately lying.

Photos of Oswald and/or the double:

Which of the many thousands of theories on JFK are correct? We may never know, but learn from 9/11: be suspicious of the people who are getting promotion as JFK investigators.


The mysterious plane crash of JFK Jr.

If the Toronto connection is correct, then we may have an explanation of what happened to JFK Jr.'s airplane.

On July 12, JFK Jr. flew his private plane to the small Buttonville Airport outside of Toronto to meet with officials of Magna International Inc., including vice-president Keith Stein and Belinda Stronach, daughter of the company's founder, Frank Stronach.

Frank Stronach supposedly arrived in America with no money. Today he is a billionaire in auto parts and horseracing.
Some newspapers were wondering about the relationship between Bill Clinton and Frank Stronach's daughter Belinda, such as this. She also denied other relationships, such as this with hockey player Tie Domi.

Why would an American president associate with billionaire families who have such suspicious friends and behavior?

The gambling businesses have always attracted organized crime, so we should consider the possibility that Stronach is involved in a crime network.

If Stronach's company is involved in organized crime, why would Kennedy fly to Toronto to meet with them? The official story is that Stronach was considering investing in Kennedy's magazine, which was not profitable.

Four days later, as he was flying his little airplane from the Essex County Airport in Fairfield, New Jersey back to his home city, the airplane crashed into the ocean. There are accusations that the tail of the plane broke off, although the official story is that Kennedy was a lousy pilot, at least compared to the pros, such as Hani Hanjour, who crashed into the Pentagon.

Here is the speculation I need help verifying:

• Frank Stronach and Keith Stein are involved in organized crime, and at a very high level.

• Stronach tricked Kennedy into visiting by pretending that he might invest in Kennedy's newspaper. He may have also have offered information about the JFK assassination. He insisted that Kennedy come up for a meeting because he didn't want to discuss it over the telephone.

• Stronach wanted Kennedy to fly into the small Buttonville airport outside of Toronto because there is very little security at small airports.

• Somebody put an explosive device in the airplane that would be activated by radio control. They waited until Kennedy was over the ocean, and then they set off the explosives and blew the tail off the airplane.

• If the photo of the man at the Mexican Embassy is Jack Forshaw from Toronto, and if the man in the other photo is his nephew, Clyde, then we should consider the possibility that the same Zionist gang that killed JFK also killed JFK Jr., and the Forshaw family are their hired assassins.

If this scenario is true, who would have hired the Forshaws? We many never know, but we should consider that the Bronfmans are one of the key decision makers.

The Bronfman family is from Canada, and they initially became rich from their Seagram Company, which sells liquor. 

The Bronfmans worked with Meyer Lansky and lots of other Jewish criminals, such as Arnold Rothstein, who owned gambling casinos in New York.

By the way, some people believe Rothstein has a relative, Murray, who changed his name to "Sumner Redstone" to hide the connection. We are foolishly allowing a member of this criminal gang to influence our view of the world.

Joe Kennedy was also involved in the sale of alcohol, but he was a rival with the Bronfman and Lansky gang.

Now consider that the rumors are true that John and Robert Kennedy:

• did not want to be part of organized crime; actually, they wanted to arrest the criminals.

• wanted to get the Rothschilds and other families out of the American monetary system.

• wanted to stop Israel from developing nuclear weapons

• were standing up to Henry Kissinger and Walt Whitman Rostow, who wanted the Vietnam War

• were forcing J. Edgar Hoover -- of the Federal Bureau of Israel -- to clamp down on organized crime rather than continue to pretend that there is no such thing as organized crime

• did not want to fake the Apollo moon landing

Even if only some of these rumors are true, you can see that there would be thousands of Zionists and other criminals who would want to kill the Kennedys.

The Bronfman family rules over a large Zionist criminal enterprise. Toronto seems to be a center for organized crime, and not just Jewish gangs, but Italian, Vietnamese, and who knows how many others.

The Bronfmans have had decades of experience with crime, so they are easily capable of arranging complex murders. They also control a lot of politicians, such as the McCain family, and their Zionist friends in the media will help cover up their crimes.
John McCain and other officials should dress in the appropriate manner so that we don't mistake them for independent humans.


They always “Blame the Gooooys!”

Most of the 9/11 truth seekers and Kennedy investigators blame the Goyim.... the Goy in the CIA, the Goy in the Pentagon, the Goy in the New World Order. 

Over and over and over, it's always the same story. “The Goy did it!”

But the evidence shows that it's the Zionists in the Pentagon, the Zionists in the FBI, the Zionists in the media, the Zionists in the government.

We are suckers, fools, jerks, and losers if we continue to allow these Zionists to instigate wars, blow up levees in New Orleans, and fabricate Holocaust stories. Are the police or citizens ever going to get fed up with organized crime?

If the citizens would stop going to horse races, strip clubs, and movie theaters, and if they would stop buying newspapers, magazines, and drugs, they could drive these criminal gangs into financial difficulty, and then maybe the hired assassins would turn on their masters.

Investigate Toronto's crime network

Toronto has a lot of wealthy Zionists who should be investigated. Anybody want to help expose their crime network?