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Note from Eric Hufschmid:
I was contacted by a woman who complained that criminal Jews dominate the Ohio government and have been pestering her for decades. If she had contacted me prior to the 9/11 attack, I would have dismissed her as insane. For one reason,  she claims some Jews slipped drugs into her drinks three different times, thereby causing three miscarriages. I would have responded, 
"Sure, lady! And I suppose your hair is turning gray because the Jews put something in your food!"
However, for the past couple of years I have wondered if the Jews induced a miscarriage in William Rodriguez's wife, although I don't think I mentioned this to anybody because I didn't want people claiming I'm losing my mind. So, when this woman complained to me that Jews had induced two miscarriages in her, it made me wonder if perhaps my speculations were valid!
Have Jews been poisoning us?
Her accusations got me thinking about how our ancestors have been complaining for centuries about the Jews poisoning wells and spreading disease. I ended up writing this brief article on the issue:
This woman wanted to warn people about some of the tricks the Jews are using, and since her accusations are interesting, I told her that I would post her message. So she wrote the following article. Keep in mind that I am not guaranteeing her facts are accurate. It is her message, not mine.

To: Eric Hufschmid
Date: August 30, 2009

I am being harassed by a criminal network of Jews and others who think as the Criminal Jews do, since about 1983. In that year I was in law school at the University of Cincinnati. I bought a cordless phone, not knowing others could hear what I was saying. Right away strange things started to happen as whoever was listening reported on what I was saying to the people I said it about. The Zionist Jews run a worldwide spy network, which they always use to their advantage and for which they are unapologetic. Nonjews do also, namely the Masons and others of the Secret Society mindset. Carleton Coon mentions the Jewish spy network in his autobiography.

I was so naive that I did not even realize at the time that most of the students there were Jews. That was my downfall. They presumed that I knew they were listening to my phone calls. I realize now that these people are so different from someone like me that they might as well be from a different planet. They decided that I would not get a job as an attorney in Cincinnati, which is what happened. The Russian Mafia, which is the Jewish Mafia, runs Ohio. People from all over the world are moving there because the substratum population is poor and ignorant, which means they can be exploited, with a superstructure of good and obedient, intelligent, Christian Indo-European types--namely, Germanic-- who keep their high status in the government because they do as they are told. Many of my relatives are professors, physicians, psychologists, and other professionals who work for the state. They share the attitudes of the Criminal jews as to their own superiority. It has become a Soviet-Union-style patronage society.

I was different. I was a throwback, an atavism: I have an "Irish" personality. Corruption makes me want to puke, and I will never go along with it. So does lying, and taking advantage of others. The Criminal Jews run things there way, and that is that. They continued to call on different people whom I mentioned on the phone. In 1991 they began to harass my husband and me more intensely. We were harassed on a trip to Europe.

I had found a job but only as a title searcher, like a paralegal.

In 1993 I took a bus trip for fun and was followed all the way. That year the City of Cincinnati in concert with Hamilton County began to file a series of false criminal charges against me for petty misdemeanors. They would set up situations in and around the courthouse. I was making comments on my private phone that they did not like. That year I was a judge at a Moot Court competition at the law school and they sat me on purpose right next to Chief Justice Moyer of the Ohio Supreme Court. This trick has happened to me frequently. One who is in on the joke will rub up against the victim or sit by him or stay close to him; the purpose is a thrill that the perpetrator can get so close to the victim and the victim has no idea. The Mafia had been in charge of Ohio long enough so that every position is filled with one of their people. If you don't join their Mafia, you don't reap any benefits. They had tried to get me into the group in 1989 when they arranged things so that I was able to buy a house at half price and have it tax valued at half price too. When I found out about it, when I sold it, I sold it for about $13,000 less than I could have gotten for it. I don't want any part of their sickening dirty corruption.

In July 1995 they put a GPS and an audio transmitter in our car. In 1996 they had a county employee named Harry Budke continually assault me in the Recorder's Office until I quit my job in July 1996 as the courts would not do anything to stop him. Only one lawyer, Tom Shear, stood up to these monster bullies and told them to stop the witch hunt, but they did not, and there was nothing he could do.

In 1997, they put a listening device in our door lock, as I had removed the phone and phone line. They used this until 1999: I suspected a device and so intended to change the lock--but in July 1999 when my husband and I were gone for four days, they acted. Our screen door's hinges had ben removed and not reinserted all the way, and the front door lock was broken, but nothing was missing from the house. No neighbors gave any information.

In 1997 they charged me with having my stereo too loud but the actual charge was giving the finger to a cop, which I did not find out about for a long time. They put me in jail for three days. The lawyer I paid was in on it. That particular gesture, by the way, is guaranteed as legal in Ohio by the Ohio Supreme Court. I am putting my life in danger by telling the truth about that state. Kill me then, you dirty dogs.

In 1998 I tried to find a fertility doctor but had to go out of state. Oops! Wrong move. She injected me with DepoProvera instead of helping me with fertility. Many of the physicians are on the side of the New World Order (death-loving Criminal Jews), as are all of those who run abortion clinics I got pregnant naturally in 1999 from my husband.. They picked me up with the help of a relative who signed a warrant that I was insane, the same person who sold me the house at half price. The put me in a mental hospital for five days but no matter how hard I have tried they won't let me have the records, even though in Ohio one has an absolute right to his hospital records. This was at University of Cincinnati. Finding, not insane. As soon as I got out I took a trip to Europe. I was stalked there. At Stonehenge some Americans in uniform came up to me, which in reticent England is unusual behavior, and told me to go to see Avebury. I was approached at the Red Lion Inn in Avebury: during lunch a nice friendly lady (she was a Jew) who said she was up for the day from London gave me a cup of coffee and soon after I started bleeding. I went to a physician in Dublin and then had a miscarriage. One murder.

In 2000 I was pregnant again after traveling to an honest physician 100 miles away. I was working at a Norwood, Ohio grocery store as a cashier and they tried the old trick again. They slipped something into a bottle of orange pop I bought from that store. Another murder.

Pregnant again from a physician's help and my son was born. They let him live because the physician I went to was in their network but was more benevolent, so they let me alone that time. My son was born May 2001. I was pregnant again that fall and on a trip to Canada to look for a place to live (we had decided to leave the country), they pulled the old trick in a Chinese restaurant. I started bleeding soon after on the way home. That was Christmas Eve 2001. Murder three.

We decided to move away as I feared for my life. We moved to Illinois. I had just received some more trouble from that same relative. The government had asked her to file ethics and insanity charges against me, which she did, but not in open court where I could fight it. It was in a tribunal of the Ohio Supreme Court, which is totally and hopelessly corrupt. They are run by the Russian/Jewish Mafia. I have submitted FIVE psychiatric evaluations from five different psychiatrists, and all say there is nothing wrong with me. The court won't overturn it. Why was it filed? One, so that I could not practice law outside the state--they did not like me running away. Two, the network can tell the local cops that I am insane and have threatened Jews, a lie of course. We have move three times in since 2002 and cannot get away. Alex Jones won't talk to me. He knows ABOUT THE HARASSMENT FROM HIS PARTICIPATION IN THE SPY NETWORK; HE WON'T HELP AT ALL. The regular Jews are scared of the Jewish Mafia So I turned to Eric. From the beginning he offered me a place on his website.

I saw my extended family change from Christian people with noble values, into selfish, arrogant elitists. The Criminal Jews encourage cruelty to others. To them, life is a contest to see who is the strongest, and they know it is them. But strength is not the superior way--Christian charity is.

I prefer to remain anonymous.