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Poisoning the well,
spreading diseases,
and inducing miscarriages

31 August 2009
updated 1 Sept 2009 here

The woman who sent me this e-mail message made two accusations that I would have dismissed as absurd if I had heard them prior to the 9/11 attack:
1) Jews slipped drugs into her drinks three times, causing three miscarriages.
2) Jews convinced a close relative to declare her as insane, and she ended up in a mental hospital for five days.
Now that I realize that there truly is an international Jewish crime network, she got me thinking about these issues.

The Jews do indeed try to make their critics appear insane

Years ago I would have assumed that anybody who was put into a mental hospital was truly insane, but I have since seen a lot of evidence that Jews work together to destroy the reputation of everybody who stands up to them. An excellent example is how the Jews convinced almost the entire world that Bobby Fischer had gone insane.

Another example is the phone call in which Daryl Smith tries to force me into ruining the reputation of Christopher Bollyn. It's important to note that Mike Piper and other Zionist agents were also trying to destroy Bollyn's reputation at the same time. This is evidence that the Jews who kidnapped the Bollyn family had coordinated an attack on his reputation.

Have you noticed the vicious attacks on Ted Kennedy?
After Ted Kennedy died (or was murdered?), an enormous number of "truth seekers" and news reporters began attacking him as either the murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne, or being responsible for her death through negligence or selfishness. Notice the pattern that the people who tell us the "truth" about Ted Kennedy also lie about 9/11, the HoloHoax, the Apollo Moon Landing scam, the world wars, and/or other Jewish crimes. You would be foolish to trust people who lie about so many crimes.
Another pattern to notice is that the attacks on Ted Kennedy are emotional rather than intellectual, just like the attacks on Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson. The Jews behave like bullies, not like teachers or fathers. Specifically, they use lots of insults, sarcastic remarks, and angry tones of voice to stimulate our emotions. They are not encouraging intelligent discussions or investigations. Rather, they are trying to make us despise Kennedy, Jackson, and Simpson so that we lose our interest in discussing what really happened. 

I'm not defending Kennedy, Jackson, or Simpson; rather, I'm merely pointing out that the people who claim to be telling us the truth about these people are liars who are trying to manipulate our emotions rather than encourage intelligent discussions. I think they're trying to hide the Jewish involvement in these murders.

I took a brief look into Kopechne's death, and it seems to me as if we have been lied to. I wonder if the Jews arranged for Kopechne's murder as either a way to blackmail Kennedy, or as a way to show him that he either obeys the Jews, or he will be killed. Or perhaps the Jews were trying to kill Kennedy.

Do you know who William Rodriguez is?

As I mentioned on the page that inspired this article, for the past couple years I have wondered if the miscarriage suffered by William Rodriguez's wife was induced by Jews.

If you don't know who William Rodriguez is, he was in the north tower when the airplane crashed into it, and he spent the next two hours helping people to get out. After the last person was evacuated, he walked out of the building, and it began to disintegrate. He quickly jumped under a fire truck, which protected him from the falling debris, but he suffered health problems as a result of breathing the demolition dust (I have an article about the health problems here).

During the summer of 2005, Jimmy Walter paid for a group of us to travel to several European cities to talk about the 9/11 attack, and Rodriguez was one of the speakers. At the time, Rodriguez was single, but he was planning to get married soon.

Rodriguez mentioned to me and Bollyn that some of his "friends" were offering to help him get into politics, possibly even to run for the office of governor of New York. Both Bollyn and I warned Rodriguez that these were simply tricks that the Jews were using to keep control of him, but he didn't seem to understand, or he didn't care.

In February 2006, Christopher Bollyn was told by the American Free Press to travel to Venezuela in the hope that he could talk to Chavez. Bollyn considered the trip to be a waste of time (he wrote about it here), but he did what he was told. Bollyn asked if Rodriguez could come along since Rodriguez speaks Spanish, and the American Free Press agreed to send Rodriguez.

While in Venezuela,  Bollyn was able to meet some low-level Venezuelan officials, but when he tried to provide them with information about 9/11, he was appalled to discover that Rodriguez was trying to protect the Jewish involvement in 9/11 (Bollyn wrote about it here). Apparently Rodriguez decided to work with the Jews rather than expose them.

Months later Rodriguez, who was now married, was going on tours around America and Europe to speak about 9/11, but he was providing a censored, Jewish-approved version of 9/11, and he was sometimes speaking with other Zionist agents, such as David Shayler (who has since claimed to be God, and has recently become a transvestite! I have some information about him here.)

Please note that you can identify a lot of people in the Jewish crime network simply by noticing who promotes who. Don't assume that people who work with criminals are merely stupid or naive. It's best to be suspicious of everybody, especially if they associate with, or promote, a person you suspect is a criminal.


Rodriguez and miscarriages

Why would I wonder if the Jews induced a miscarriage in Rodriguez's wife? Consider these points:

Rodriguez worked with James Randi

Many years before William Rodriguez became a janitor at the World Trade Center, he was working with James Randi, the magician. As I wrote in this article, James Randi may be protecting pedophilia for the Jewish crime network.
Rodriguez wasn't planning to work on 9/11
Rodriguez decided to take the day off on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, but why? During 2005, when Bollyn and I were traveling with Rodriguez, it didn't occur to me to ask him why he decided not to work that day, but now I wonder if somebody (James Randi or one of his friends?) knew that the towers were going to be destroyed and had suggested to Rodriguez that he take the day off.

When Rodriguez called his supervisor to let him know that he wouldn't be showing up for work that day, his supervisor pleaded with him to come in. Rodriguez gave in and agreed to show up for work. He arrived about a half an hour late, but because he was late, he was in the basement when the airplane crashed into the north tower. Normally at that time of the morning he would be at the top of the tower, where everybody was trapped after the plane crash.

Rodriguez no longer seems happy
Rodriguez was very pleasant and happy when we were with him in the summer of 2005, but he wasn't so happy in Venezuela with Bollyn, and take a look at him today. His miserable attitude reminds me of Kevin Ryan, Jesse Jackson, David Duke, and other people who appear to be blackmailed puppets. When you sleep with dogs, you get bit by fleas. It's not a pleasant way to live.

My current speculations about Rodriguez

I suspect that one of the criminal Jews decided to save Rodriguez by convincing him to take the day off on September 11, but Rodriguez didn't understand why he was told to take the day off, and so when his supervisor begged him to come to work, he gave in. He survived the 9/11 attack, but he became one of about 20,000 victims who suffered health problems from the demolition debris.

Rodriguez got involved with helping the 9/11 victims, including pressing for an investigation of the attack. The criminal Jews probably regretted their decision to save his life, but they kept him under control by offering him jobs in the government, and even hinted that he might become governor of New York if he doesn't upset the Jews.

By 2006 Rodriguez apparently decided that he would rather work with the Jews and take their offers of money and fame rather than fight the Jews. (I mentioned this possibility in the article that mentions David Shayler here.) The Jews began sending Rodriguez around America and Europe to speak about 9/11. While on one of those tours, his wife had a miscarriage. At the time I was wondering, was it a "natural" miscarriage? Or did the Jews secretly give his wife one of those drugs that induce abortions in order to keep Rodriguez under control and show him who his boss is?

Did any Jew ever poison a well?

The accusations that Jews have been poisoning wells has been going on for so many centuries that the phrase "poisoning the well" has become an expression in the English language.

The Jews claim that this expression was created by "anti-Semites", but take a look at the variety of crimes that Jews have been involved with during the past century. For example, a Jewish woman, Vicki Polin (video at this page), claims that some of her family members were giving birth to babies specifically for killing babies in bizarre, Jewish rituals. I also have lots of evidence on my website that Jews are involved with the sex slave trade, the Nazi party, the Holocaust, the 9/11 attack, and all sorts of murders, kidnappings, and tortures. 

The image below (from Hartmann Schedel in 1493) shows Jews draining the blood of a Goy for one of their idiotic blood rituals.

According to the Jews, there are anti-Semites all over the world, and all throughout history the anti-Semites have been creating absurd accusations about Jews simply because they hate Jews. However, it makes more sense to explain these endless accusations as being the result of people who became victims of Jewish criminals, or who personally witnessed the disgusting behavior of Jews.

Since the Jews have been killing and torturing us for centuries with guns, knives, and other devices, why wouldn't they also be willing to use drugs on us that kill us, or induce miscarriages, or cause cancer?

Furthermore, people today are slipping drugs into people's drinks or meals, sometimes to put them to sleep so they can be robbed, and sometimes women are drugged for sexual reasons. In my article about that strange phone call from Mishko of the Voice of Reason network, I have this link to some information about some druggings in Chicago, such as by the bartender Mickey Finn, which is where the expression "slipping a Mickey" comes from.

Since people are secretly giving drugs to one another today, and this is occurring all over the world, we would be fools if we didn't consider the possibility that people were doing this centuries ago, also. The only difference is that technology was crude during the Middle Ages, so there were very few drugs available.

Did the Jews spread the black plague?
When the plague was spreading through Europe in the 1300s, some Europeans accused the Jews of spreading the plague. As the picture below shows, also from Hartmann Schedel, some Jews were burned because of their role in spreading the disease.

Consider how ridiculous it was to accuse the Jews of spreading the plague. First of all, neither the Jews nor anybody else in the 1300's had a sensible theory about what a disease was, or how a disease spreads from one person to another. Therefore, even if the Jews wanted to spread the plague, they wouldn't have known how to do it.

Since nobody knew anything about diseases, it didn't make sense for one person to accuse another person of spreading a disease. So why would so many people accuse the Jews of spreading the plague?

Perhaps the Jews spread the black plague inadvertently
Perhaps the Europeans came to the conclusion that the plague was coming from the Jews because they noticed that the Jewish areas were the most infected, and wherever the Jews went, the plague went with them. In such a case, the ignorant Europeans might have assumed that the Jews were deliberately spreading the plague in some manner, such as by poisoning the wells. However, it's possible that no Jew ever put poison into any well, and that no Jew made any attempt to spread the plague.

The Nazi prison camps might explain the plague 

There were Nazi prison camps in several European nations, but the camps in Poland had an enormous number of deaths during the final months of the war. The Jews claim that the Nazis were murdering the prisoners, but the photos show that almost all of the bodies were incredibly skinny, and none of them show signs of gunshots, beatings, or hangings. There is no evidence that poison gas was used, either.

The evidence suggests that most of the deaths were due to typhus and the severe shortage of food throughout Germany during the final months of the war. The Nazis didn't have enough fuel or incinerators to burn all of the bodies, so they piled them in stacks, or buried them in large pits.

Typhus was most serious in the Polish camps, not the camps in Germany, Belgium, or France, but this was not because the Polish people or the Jews were poisoning the wells. Rather, it was because Eastern European nations were filthy compared to Western European nations.
Central Asia is primitive 
Western Europe was - and still is! - more desirable and sanitary than Eastern Europe. As I mentioned in my audio file for 3_Sept 2008, the most advanced areas of Asia are at the edges. Coincidence? I don't think so!

When the plague was spreading through Europe in the 1300's, it may have been spreading primarily because of the filthy, Central Asian people, mainly the Khazarian Jews. However, the ignorant Europeans would not have understood what was going on. Instead, they would have noticed that the disease was traveling with the Jews. This observation could lead them to the assumption that the Jews were deliberately spreading the disease.

In other words, the Jews may have inadvertently spread the plague (and other diseases!) simply because they were a filthy group of people. Now consider the situation from the point of view of the Jews. If they were inadvertently spreading the disease simply because they were filthy, they would have considered the people who blame them for the plague as "anti-Semites" who simply hate Jews.
Update 1 Sept 2009:
Somebody who read this article of mine informed me of a book, Holland and its People, published in 1880. It was written by an Italian who visited Holland. In Chapter_8 he describes his visit to Amsterdam, and he has an interesting description of "the Jewish quarter, one of the wonders of Amsterdam." Search for the word "ghetto" to jump to that section (after loading the page, press CONTROL F for the search function and search for "ghetto"). Two of his remarks:
"There are no words to describe these people."
"...old men who retain scarcely a semblance of humanity."
You might also find it interesting to notice how sloppy some of people are today. Here is an article about six, sloppy Chicago professors. They don't spread diseases, but people who were that sloppy during the Middle Ages would have provided homes for rats and other creatures.
Incidentally, the Obama administration wants one of those sloppy professors, Cass Sunstein, to become a regulatory czar. I updated page 3 of my Neanderthal articles and included his photo here

Why are American government officials being referred to as Czars? I suppose it's because our nation has been infiltrated with Zionist Jews from Russia.

Are Jews overrepresented in disgusting businesses?

Some Jews boast that they dominate the pornography industry. There are also a lot of Jews involved with strip clubs,  prostitution, sex slavery, homosexual organizations, bestiality, pedophilia, drug dealing, gambling, and other disgusting activities.

I grew up on the propaganda that the Jews got involved with these businesses because for many centuries they were discriminated against, and they had no other way to make a living. However, the American Jews can't use that excuse. A better explanation is that the Jews are attracted to these businesses because of their personalities. I've mentioned this concept in some of my audio files, such as May_19, 2008 in May/June 2009.

If I am correct that Jews are more attracted to these activities, then the Jews 1000 years ago would have also been more attracted to these activities. Therefore, a lot of the Jews 1000 years ago may have been involved with prostitution, blood libels, beastiality, kidnappings, gambling, pedophilia, and other activities, some of which would help to spread disease!