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Murder rituals in movies

By an anonymous reader of Hufschmid's website
13 May 2012

Note from Eric Hufschmid:

The article below is from a reader who pointed out to me that Eyes Wide Shut is only one of many movies with bizarre rituals. He also mentioned to me that Hollywood is pushing doomsday propaganda, but he didn't write about that, so I added some material myself, following his article.
Contents: 1) Murder rituals in movies,  by anonymous
2) Hollywood is also obsessed with "doomsday", by Eric Hufschmid

1) Murder rituals in movies

By an anonymous reader of Hufschmid's website
13 May 2012

Hollywood has produced many movies over the years that show bizarre rituals and ceremonies. The participants often wear black or red robes, sometimes with masks. The ceremonies are often in dark areas or chambers, with fires or candles as a light source. Sometimes there are human sacrifices, and often there are naked women, implying that the participants enjoy a mixture of torture, murder, and sex. Some examples are the movies Eyes Wide Shut, Race with the Devil, and The Omega Man. We should ask ourselves, where did they get this material from?

Here is an excerpt from the movie Race With The Devil of a murder ritual around a fire. A naked woman who is about to be killed is being held by people wearing robes. Here is excerpt from the movie Eyes Wide Shut of a satanic ritual. Stanley Kubrick died before the movie was finished, and some people think they removed a murder scene from this ritual. Here is the scene from The Omega Man in which Charlton Heston's character, an Army scientist, is being held down in front of a "court" of Ghouls in dark robes for a bizarre trial.
The man who wrote the screenplay for The Omega Man, John William Corrington, was also a story consultant for a TV show in 1984 called, Rituals. Did John Carrington study Satanic cults, or was he a participant of them? We will never know since he died in 1988 at the age of 56.

Lee Frost and Wes Bishop were the writers for the movie, Race with the Devil. The two of them worked on lots of other bizarre cult films, such as the Nazisploitation film, Love Camp 7 (1969), and House on Bare Mountain (1962). Frost also worked with cult film producer Bob Cresse and added sex inserts into such foreign films as London in the Raw (1965), Night Women (1964), and Witchcraft '70 (1970). 

And the director, Stanley Kubrick, wrote the screenplay for the movie Eyes Wide Shut from the novel by Arthur Schnitzler.

So you have to ask yourself, where do the writers of these films get their ideas from? You ought to wonder if these movies depict the rituals that the Hollywood criminals put their victims through before torturing and sadistically murdering them. How much of this is "Hollywood fantasy" and how much of this is based on actual crimes?

Who are these members of the Satanic cults portrayed in these films? Are they a cross section of society, or comprised of one group of people in particular? Watch this clip of The Opray Winfrey Show in which Vickie Polin (as Rachel), a Jew in Chicago, says that her family would sometimes have babies so that they could be sacrificed in Jewish murder rituals. What are the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of the people involved with these murder rituals? How come they have not been arrested for their crimes?

Here is a video documentary about Jewish murder rituals throughout history. The important aspect of this video are the documented cases of ritual murders throughout history, not the producers of the video. Note that during the past thousand years there have been numerous books, drawings, and even poetry about Jewish ritual murders, or "blood libels". For example, to the right is a portion of a drawing created in 1493 of Simon of Trent being drained of his blood by Jews. And here is another article that explains in great detail how Christian children were tortured and murdered in previous centuries, but the article goes to great lengths to exonerate the Jews for these crimes.

Here is a video of the TV show hosted by Scott Rubin shown on the Jewish Life TV channel. In this clip Scott Rubin makes the remark, "Got a kid missing in town? Don't forget about us! We kill little Christian boys for their blood to make Matzah. Yummy! I especially like type O positive. It gives that a kind of sweet, onion flavor. Wow!" Scott Rubin tries his best to make fun of the accusations that Jews do blood sacrifices, but now that people are passing information around about their tricks, they are becoming useless. The trick he is using is to expose their crimes to conceal them by making fun of the accusations.

Have you read about the hideous crimes in France by Monique Olivier and Michel Fourniret in a castle where girls were abducted and tortured before they were murdered, also by Jews? And have you heard about the pedophilia and child murders at the Boystown orphanage in Nebraska that are documented in the book The Franklin Cover-up? In this clip Corey Feldman talks about how the number one problem in Hollywood is pedophilia.

We have to ask ourselves if these films are really based on tortures and murders that have actually taken place. Is this being anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic to report crimes by Jews in particular that they seem to always get away with or not be punished at all? Have you seen the evidence that a lot of Jews have certain Neanderthal qualities? Are some Jews really of a primitive race with predatory and parasitic behavior, and who enjoy vicious and barbaric acts against other human beings? How many Jews are faking ignorance about Jewish sacrifices and murders?

2) Hollywood is also obsessed with “doomsday”

by Eric Hufschmid
13 May 2012

As I have pointed out in other files, I think Hollywood is using some of their actual crimes and future plans as plots for their movies, books, and television shows. One of their favorite plots is of ugly aliens from another planet that take over the Earth in various ways, such as by disguising themselves as humans.

Hollywood also seems obsessed with “doomsday” plots in which nuclear war, biological weapons, extraterrestrials, or some other disaster kills most of the population, leaving behind a scattering of zombies. Of course, their movies never mention “Jews”. The evil people are usually Nazis, the US military, crazy scientists, or Russians.

If you are unfamiliar with the doomsday plots, skim through the Wikipedia description and list for “apocalypse”, or “zombie”, or skim through the extensive list of movies at IMDb for “apocalypse”. An upcoming doomsday movie in which two young children must kill zombies is “Heart Land”.

They also love promoting the nonsense that doomsday will occur on 21 December 2012. According to a recent poll, 10% of the world's population think the Mayan calendar could signify the end of the world will be on 21 December 2012. How many people would even know of the Mayan calendar if it were not for Jews pushing this 2012 doomsday nonsense?

I think that during the past few decades the Jews have been struggling to bring one of their doomsday plots to reality by instigating a nuclear war or releasing a biological weapon, thereby killing most of the population and leaving only a scattering of brain-damaged zombies that the Jews have fun killing, torturing, and raping. I also suppose that the Jews have been hoping to have control of the world by 21 December 2012, thereby bringing an end to our world and the beginning for theirs. Hopefully, now that they are failing, the reverse will happen.

We are fools to allow a group of psychotic criminals to get control of our media. When we ignore criminals, we allow their network to thrive and expand. Today they have control over virtually all news organizations, television networks, and radio stations. They use the History Channel to create documentaries that lie to us about 9/11, the world wars, and other events, and recently they expanded their operations again and created H2, which promotes extraterrestrial propaganda. In the screen image below, the H2 website is promoting "crop circle" propaganda. We should be arresting these criminals, not allowing them to become wealthy and expand their empire.