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Note from Eric Hufschmid: An anonymous person sent me the following information about this mysterious woman. Update Nov 2009: I was sent this information about the radio shows that promote Alex Jones.

Violet Jones

The wife of Alex Jones is Jewish

by anonymous  23 April 2009

Updated here on 6 Oct 2009 and here 9 Oct 2009

Updated here 8 June 2009
Updated here 28 April 2009
Updated by another anonymous 24 April 2009

Update by Eric Hufschmid, August 18, 2009

Alex Jones again admits his wife is Jewish!

Jones and other dishonest "truth seekers" are under a lot of pressure today to admit that Jews are the primary group of criminals involved in the 9/11 attack, the world wars, and other appalling crimes. Jones is also under pressure to admit that his wife is Jewish, and he did so today on his radio show. Here are three excerpts from his radio show on 18 August 2009. Notice how he quickly mentions that his wife has Jewish relatives, and then he tries to appear as if he's actually a victim of the Israeli lobby:
Jones-wife-is-Jew-18Aug2009.mp3  only 190 kb
What difference does it make if his wife is Jewish?
For many years people have noticed that Alex Jones is trying to cover up the Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attack, the attack on the USS Liberty, and the world wars. He also insists that Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, and he supports the Jewish version of the Holocaust.

For many years people have wondered why he protects the Jews. Is it because he's afraid that they will have him removed as a radio host? Is it because they have bribed him? Is it because of blackmail?

The fact that his wife is Jewish doesn't prove that he is a criminal, but it provides a possible explanation for why he is protecting Jews. Specifically, he may not be bribed, or blackmailed, or afraid of Jews. Rather, he and his wife may be members of the Jewish crime network.

The daughter of Jewish parents?

The daughter of a US government diplomat who was convicted of cheating the government?

About her and her family:

Her full name: Kelly Rebecca Jones (nee Nichols)
Her nickname: Violet
Update 6 Oct 2009
Alex Jones said that his wife worked in PETA's media/public relations department while she was with that organization.  Alex Jones' wife was also involved in several publicity stunts while working with PETA.  It is therefore fair to assume that Alex Jones' wife has been utilizing her media and public relations skills to assist Alex in expanding his media business and gaining notoriety for himself ever since she began dating him in the late 1990's.  It is also probably safe to assume that many if not most of Alex Jones' media and publicity stunts are in fact staged by his wife.
Alex Jones admitted that:
"yeah, my wife was their attack dog, heh, heh..."
If you don't want to bother listening to the complete interview (links below), here are the two relevant audio excerpts separated by a beep:
Jones-Martosko-PETA-6May2009.mp3 , only 170 kb, 42 seconds

His wife was involved in two famous publicity stunts for PETA. In  1996 she threw a dead raccoon onto the dinner plate of Vogue editor Anna Wintour while she was dining at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City. Also in 1996, she threw a tofu cream pie into the face of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta while he was in a Dallas, Texas department store for a fashion promotion.

Alex Jones talks about his wife's involvement with PETA during his interview with David Martosko of the Center for Consumer Freedom on May 6, 2009. Of course, Jones makes his wife appear to be an honest angel among diabolical, hypocritical, and disgusting PETA members. The interview is in two parts on YouTube:
Part 1:
Part 2:


Her father: Edmund Lowe Nichols

In 1993 he was convicted of "financial conflicts of interest". (The Department of Justice document is at the bottom of this page).
Her mother: Sandra Kay Nichols (nee Heiligman)

Her sister: Jill Elizabeth Nichols, M.D.

Update 28 April 2009: This seems to be her brother:
Her brother: James Edmund Nichols

Her great uncle: Emmett M. Heiligman  

He was a wealthy Jewish doctor who died in 2007 and left a lot of money to this clinic.

"He is survived by two nieces: Sandra Heiligman Nichols, of Austin, Texas, and Ann Heiligman Saslav, of Overton, Texas, nephews Mark and Gary Heiligman of Maryland and several great nieces and nephews, including Dr. Jill Nichols of Austin."

Her mother's sister: Ann  Frances Saslav (nee Heiligman)  

Ann is married to Isidor Saslavski, who was born in Palestine in 1938. About a year after he was born, his father decided to go back to Russia, and his mother took him to Detroit and changed the family name from Saslavski to Saslav.

He became a violinist, and she became a pianist. They sometimes play together. They are described as "Israeli concert performers" in this PDF document, and it also says they are cousins of Joanne Heiligman, who arranged for their concert in Maryland. Joanne Heiligman is the wife of Gary Heiligman, who is one of Emmett Heiligman's two nephews living in Maryland.
Update 24 April 2009

Another person, inspired by this article, did some research and found that there is a Joanne Heiligman who is a rabbi for this congregation.

And this seems to be her public gallery of photos.

If Ann Heiligman Saslav is Jewish, then that necessarily means that her sister Sandra Heiligman Nichols is Jewish.  And if Sandra Heiligman Nichols is Jewish, then that necessarily means that her daughter Kelly Rebecca Nichols is Jewish. 

Isidor Saslav recently wrote The Jewish Role In History Re-evaluated.

More evidence that Ann Saslav is Jewish is that she is listed here:


Update 8 June 2009
Some information from
Click the image for full size.
Proof that Alexander E. Jones (Alex Jones) is married to Kelly R. Nichols.
Proof that Kelly Rebecca Nichols is the daughter of Edmund Lowe Nichols and Sandra Kay Heiligman.
Proof that Sandra Kay Heiligman is the daughter of H. Heiligman (Haskell Heiligman) and Velma Ruth Lattimer.
Proof that Haskell Heiligman is Jewish.
Proof that Velma Ruth Heiligman (Velma Ruth Lattimer) is Jewish.

Update 9 Oct 2009
The two images below are from the genealogy websites and proving that the Heiligman family are Jewish immigrants from Russia:
Proof that the Heiligman family is Jewish.
Proof that the Heiligman family are immigrants from Russia.


What does Alex say about his wife?

At about the 8 minute mark in this broadcast, Alex says that his wife is not Jewish, and then a few seconds later he says that his wife has some Polish Jewish ancestry: 
Statement #1:  "My wife's not Jewish."

Statement #2:  "In my wife' on one side of her family they did have some Jewish relatives from Poland..."

So which is it?

Note that the second statement is disjointed and ungrammatical.  Alex Jones frequently speaks in this manner when he is lying or telling a half-truth, and indeed, Alex Jones is telling a half-truth when he implies that his wife is only partially Jewish.

Alex Jones' wife's father's name is Edmund Lowe Nichols, and her mother's name is Sandra Heiligman.  "Lowe" is sometimes a Jewish name, and "Heiligman" is almost exclusively a Jewish name.  This further implies that both of Alex Jones' wife's parents are Jewish, which would mean that Alex Jones' wife herself is fully Jewish.


The conviction of her father
The following paragraphs about Edmund Nichols are from page 23 of this Department of Justice file:

United States v. Nichols, District of Columbia

On October 6, 1993, Edmund L. Nichols, the former Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs to United States Missions to the European Communities (USEC) and Spain pled guilty to having violated federal financial conflicts of interest law when he authorized payments to his wife, through a fictitious catering firm, for providing official entertainment services. Nichols, as a career Senior Foreign Service Officer employed by the United States Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), was assigned to the USEC in Brussels, Belgium, during 1990-9 1 and to the United States Embassy in Madrid, Spain, from 1991 until September 1993.

Nichols admitted approving payment of 12 invoices, totalling $4,393, from a purported catering firm called The Party Planner, knowing that there was no such firm and that the catering services had been provided by his wife for official parties which he had hosted. Regulations prohibit spouses from being compensated for personal entertainment services. As part of his plea agreement, Nichols submitted to involuntary retirement from the FAS, and repaid $1,849 in FAS funds which he had obtained through other false claims unrelated to the fraudulent catering invoices.

On December 13, 1993, Nichols was sentenced to one year of probation. a $2,500 fine and 200 hours of community service.