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Organized crime

It comes in a variety of flavors.
Italian, Chinese, Russian,
and even Jewish.

16 Jan 2006

The Jewish Mafia has been caught many times committing atrocious crimes, but we have not arrested them. What is the problem?
Meyer Lansky

The FBI knew that Meyer Lansky was the leader of a crime gang, but they never arrested him. In fact, according to, after Lansky died, an FBI agent made the remark:

"He was able to go to his grave laughing that he whipped us all"

However, that remark is deceptive because it creates the impression that Meyer Lansky outsmarted the FBI. The FBI agent should have been more truthful by saying something like this:

"Meyer Lansky got away with crime because the Jewish Mafia has tremendous influence over the leadership of the FBI, government, media, and military. Our leaders take their bribes and tolerate their blackmail. We cannot do anything to stop the Jewish Mafia until we deal with the traitors within America who assist these criminals."

Meyer Lansky played an important role in the assassination of President Kennedy, so why are so many books, articles, and web sites ignoring his Zionist connections and blaming the murder on the CIA, President Johnson, or the driver of the limousine?

Undoubtedly for the same reason that almost all of the "9/11 truth seekers" are ignoring the Zionist Jewish Mafia's role in the attack on September 11th. Specifically, some of the researchers may be naive about the Jewish Mafia, or too stupid to understand this issue, but some may be trying to protect the mafia. We should consider all of those Kennedy and 9-11 researchers as possible members of this criminal network.

A few crimes the
Jewish Mafia was caught doing

  • The Lavon affair

  • Here is their attempt to downplay the significance of this crime:

    Compare that to other people's versions, such as:

  • The bombing of the King David Hotel 

  • Take a look at how they try to downplay this crime:

    Compare that this view:

  • The attack on the USS Liberty 

  • They try to downplay this crime as an accident:
    "The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was a grievous error, largely attributable to the fact that it occurred in the midst of the confusion of a full-scale war in 1967."


    How many times do 
    we have to catch them?

    The Jewish Mafia has been caught committing crimes much more atrocious than anything Al Capone or Baby Face Nelson were accused of doing. So when are we going to arrest the Jewish Mafia?

    How many more decades of their crimes do we have to put up with? When are we going to deal with all of the traitors within the FBI, US government, military, and media? When are we going to tell the American people that protecting this mafia is a crime?

    They dominate the media

    They have tremendous control over the media of America, North America, Europe, and Australia. They use the media to deflect attention away from themselves. They try to push the blame for the world's problems on Arabs, the CIA, George Bush, or somebody other than themselves.

    They are also exerting tremendous influence over America's military, government, banking system, and school system. 

    How can a mafia
    control a giant nation?

    Organized crime networks influence a nation with bribery, blackmail, threats, and deception. They also provide financing to the political candidates that are under their control, and they refuse to give publicity to the candidates they have no interest in.

    If the American and European citizens had the high moral standards they pretend to have, all of the organized crime networks would find it impossible to survive. Unfortunately, these mafias have no trouble finding people who are willing to take their money and become their puppets.

    It is not anti-Semitic to
    condemn the Jewish Mafia

    Television programs and Hollywood movies routinely criticize the Italian Mafia, and sometimes the Russian and Chinese Mafia. Nobody is accused of being anti-Italian when they complain about the Italian Mafia.

    However, when someone complains about the Jewish Mafia, they respond with accusations that he is an anti-Semite, or a neo-Nazi.

    The Jewish Mafia is 
    extorting billions of dollars

    Professor Norman Finkelstein, in his book The Holocaust Industry, explains how Jewish criminals are claiming to be Holocaust survivors in order to demand phenomenal sums of money from Europe and America.

    Finkelstein is Jewish, and that probably causes him to look more favorably upon these Jewish criminals than the Goyim would. For example, Finkelstein describes them as creating a Holocaust Industry, but it is not an "industry".

    The way he describes it, a more accurate title for his book would be "The Holocaust Extortion Racket".

     Honest Jews are victims, also

    The Jewish Mafia is extorting money for themselves, not the honest Jews. The honest Jews within America and Europe are victims of these criminals, and being deceived by them.

    Honest Jews are giving up some of their money to these criminal Jews. Furthermore, many honest Jews have been deceived by the Jewish Mafia into believing their gross exaggerations about World War II.

    Would you support a criminal network simply because they were the same race, religion, or nationality as you? Why do Jews feel it is necessary to protect criminals simply because the criminals happen to be Jewish?

    It should be legal to 
    analyze historical events

    Neither Daryl Bradford Smith nor Eric Hufschmid claim to have done much research on World War II, but we both agree that people around the world should be able to analyze every historical event in order to better understand what happened in our history.

    Why should Ernst Zundel and other people be arrested for questioning historical events? We already have laws against libel, slander, and other criminal activity. Therefore, if Zundel or the others are making false statements, they should be arrested with the laws we already have.

    We don't need vague laws that allow people to be arrested for questioning official versions of historical events. We are not "9/11 Deniers" for questioning the official story of 9/11, and we are not "Holocaust Deniers" for asking questions about the World Wars.

    Nobody is denying that 9/11 happened, and nobody is denying that World War 2 happened. Rather, many people are asking for the truth about what happened.

    Only an imbecile  -- or a criminal who wants to hide the truth -- would propose arresting people for discussing historical events.

    Why should we trust
    the Iranian government?

    The Iranian government is proposing an investigation of the Holocaust. Considering the anger between the Iranians and Israel, we would be as foolish to blindly accept the Iranian version of the Holocaust as we would be to blindly accept our own nation's version.

    The best solution is to do exactly what scientists will do. Specifically, everybody around the world should be able to independently analyze history.

    We can then check and verify everybody's analyses. Eventually we will get closer to the truth.

    Help us spread information

    Information about the Zionist Mafia is getting out. The Internet is allowing us to easily pass around audio files, video, photographs, and documents. The Zionist Mafia is not very large, and if you help us, we can destroy this group of criminals.

    Please look into these issues, and pass links to this information to your friends and relatives.

    Professor Norman Finkelstein's site:

    A very important speech by an ex-Zionist:

    Encourage people to look at all of the videos, audio files, and articles at my site, which seems to be among the very few sites that are not contaminated with disinformation: