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The Manipulation of
the 9-11 "Truth Movement"

updated 16 Nov 2007
by Eric Hufschmid

Whoever came up with the expression "The 9-11 Bowel Movement" created an unpleasant but accurate way of describing the BS that comes from most of the 9-11 organizations and the 9-11 "Truth Seekers".
Who belongs to the 9-11 Bowel Movement?

As you might expect, there is a dispute over who is covering up the 9-11 crime and who is trying to expose it. An example is a woman named Jenna Orkin. She was invited to Jimmy Walter's 9-11 event in New York City on September 11, 2004. She spoke about the health problems associated with the dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.

She talked about the terrible effect the dust had on the health of the people who breathed it, but she never mentions that the dust was demolition debris created by explosives, as opposed to ordinary "dust". She concludes her talk by implying that Osama bin Laden was the mastermind of the attack. 

Is she an honest woman? Or is she trying to deceive us? I have a brief  article with my opinions here:

What is the purpose of the 9-11 Bowel Movement?

The purpose of the deception depends on who you think is deceiving us. For example, if you think Jenna Orkin is honest, you might come up with a different conclusion on the purpose of the deception.

I think their primary goals of Orkin and others are to suppress evidence that:

  • Explosives brought down the towers and Building 7.

  • Israeli and British officials were involved in the 9-11 attack.

  • The criminal network behind the 9-11 attack was also involved in other crimes, such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the assassination of President Kennedy.

  • The media executives are high ranking members of the criminal network.

  • From 120 to 200 Israelis were arrested in the USA, but rather than be investigated for their role in the 9-11 attack, they were sent back to Israel.

  • Most of the media executives and other people who are supporting the official story of 9-11 are Jewish. If this is just a coincidence, then nobody would care if we mention it since it would merely be interesting. After all, if most of these people had red hair, who would care if we mentioned such a coincidence? But if it is not a coincidence that most of these people are Jewish, then there will be a serious attempt to suppress this fact.

    Only a few of us are worth listening to

    I don't think it is a coincidence that the people I consider to have valuable information are ignored by the people I consider to be part of the 9-11 Bowel Movement. Christopher Bollyn has been exposing the explosives in the WTC towers since 2001, and he also exposes the involvement of Zionists in this and other crimes. However, most "truth seekers" ignore him or condemn him as an "anti-Semite". I have a book, video, and a web site, but most "truth seekers" ignore me, also.

    The pattern I see is that people who I consider to have valuable evidence about the Israeli connections to crimes are ignored or insulted by the people who claim to be "truth seekers". The people who are promoted are the people who blame 9-11 and other problems on the Bush family or the Vatican. What pattern do you see?

    The criminals will say and do whatever is necessary

    Take a close look at, Tom Flocco's site, Sherman Skolnick's site, or other sites that I would classify as deceptive. 

    Compare their information to mine, and to the material from Christopher Bollyn. Don't you notice a difference in the quality of the information? 

    Furthermore, if you watch their sites, you will notice they change in response to our complaints about them. This is a concept that only a few people seem to understand, so let me explain how a political candidate can use this technique.

    Imagine a candidate knocks on your door and tells you that he is running for president. You ask him how he feels about abortions, and he tells you that he believes abortions should remain legal. You respond that you want abortions to be illegal. He thinks for a while and then announces,

    "Hmmm, you know, you have a good point. If elected, I will try to change our abortion laws to make them illegal."

    You then ask him if he believes schoolchildren should say the Pledge of Allegiance, and he tells you that he thinks children should say the Pledge of Allegiance. You respond that you don't believe children should have to recite military pledges. He thinks for a while, and then announces,

    "Hmmm, you know, you have a good point. I don't think children should have to say the Pledge of Allegiance, either."

    Would that be obvious enough for you to realize that he is telling you whatever you want to hear?

    The criminals in the 9-11 Bowel Movement are determined to remain in control of the nation. They will say and do whatever is necessary.

    For example, if a lot of us complain that they don't mention a particular issue, person, or web site, they will mention it. If enough of us complain about the holograms or the crop circles, they will drop those theories.

    Consider this:

    Most people are incapable of realizing that political candidates tell us whatever we want to hear.

    Therefore, what are the chances that these nitwits are going to realize that the 9-11 Bowel Movement is telling us whatever we want to hear?

    I would say, the chances are slim to none. If some intelligent, moral Americans don't come forward to help us, we are doomed.

    The 9-11 Bowel Movement always selects the lesser of the truths

    The people in the 9-11 Bowel Movement are often forced to promote an honest person, web site, or book in order to fool us into thinking they are trying to expose crime. However, when forced to promote truth, they selected the lesser of the truths.

    For example, some of the sites in the 9-11 Bowel Movement, such as Tom Flocco's site, promote the video "Loose Change". This creates the impression that Flocco is trying to expose 9-11.

    However, if Flocco is trying to expose 9-11, why doesn't he let people know that my video exists? Or that Jimmy Walter is offering a free DVD? Why did Flocco select only the Loose Change video to promote?

    I think the reason is because Loose Change was never intended to expose the crime. Therefore, when the 9-11 Bowel Movement  promotes Loose Change, they are promoting the video with the least amount of useful material, and they are promoting youngest man who knows the least about what is going on in the world. Is this deception really too complex to understand?

    How obvious does the deception have to be before people can see it? And how extreme does the deception have to be before people stop supporting this 9-11 Bowel Movement? 

    Tom Flocco, Sherman Skolnick,, and all of the other turds in the Bowel Movement should be put on the list of suspects, not promoted as truth seekers.

    Learn from the sabotage of Jimmy Walter

    In the summer of 2005 Jimmy Walter funded a 9-11 tour of Europe. There were some minor technical problems at some of the meetings, and attendance was low at every city except Vienna.

    I also spoke at Jimmy Walter's 9-11 events in Tampa and Miami, Florida, which were on December 7, 8, and 9, 2005. Unfortunately, some of the same people who "helped" with his European events were still working for him on his Florida event. However, the technical problems were much worse, especially for the first event in Tampa. Were these mistakes really innocent accidents?

    Accidents certainly do happen to all of us, but the people who help Jimmy Walter make so many mistakes, and the mistakes are so serious, that we have to conclude that either these people are amazingly incompetent, or they deliberately sabotaged his events.

    In either case, Walter should find a new crew. Unfortunately, as with most people, Walter wants to be nice and give people a second chance, and sometimes a third chance.

    There are very few -- if any -- successful businessmen who show pity for incompetent or corrupt employees. Nice guys like Jimmy Walter get screwed out of their money.

    If you want another example of their rather obvious sabotage, on Walter's tour of Europe, and in Florida, I was allocated 12 minutes to speak. Almost every other speaker was given 15 minutes, some 20. So why was I only given 12?

    Walter organized the event to provide information on 9-11 to the public, and he spent a lot of money promoting my book and DVD. So why do I get the shortest amount of time to speak?

    When I mention these issues to other people, they cannot see any sabotage. They instead think I am paranoid. Is it any wonder that America is deteriorating?

    The American people are so easily deceived that I have a feeling that the criminals put their best con artists in Europe, and they send their amateur and incompetent con artists to America.

    I am routinely shocked at the ease at which the American people can be deceived. A small handful of people have gotten control of this gigantic nation.

    The criminals are identifying themselves

    Although some of the people Walter hired may simply be incompetent, I would bet that most of them are involved with the criminal network, and that they are sabotaging Walter's events on purpose, not by accident.

    If the FBI was interested in solving these crimes, they would investigate all of the people who were "helping" Walter. And if you are interested in protecting yourself, I suggest you avoid all of the people who helped Walter.

    Unfortunately, almost nobody listens to what I say. Not surprisingly, some people have already hired or worked with some of the same people that Jimmy Walter worked with, and they also got screwed. I feel like I'm watching children get raped.

    Most adults are as helpless as children

    Most adults are like children who love anybody whoever offers them candy. Specifically, most adults love whoever gives them praise, entertainment, and promises of wonderful things to come. This is why successful politicians never bother speaking in an intelligent manner. Rather, they praise the American people; entertain them with jokes; and make vague promises to solve the nation's problems.

    The majority of adults cannot think well enough to realize that they are being taken advantage of, and that nothing the political candidate says makes any sense.

    Example: Tom Flocco

    I don't know if Flocco is an honest man who is being fooled by his sources, or if he is deliberately lying, or if his sources have inaccurate information, but his articles are so ridiculous that he should be considered a suspect in the 9-11 crime.

    If a scientist were to repeatedly write articles that had no supporting evidence, he would be told to find another job. But when Tom Flocco writes articles that lack supporting evidence, people continue to read them, talk about them, and hope they come true. What is wrong with the American people?

    At Walter's event in Tampa I criticized Tom Flocco. Before the start of the event on the following day, Ellen Mariani, who came to watch the show, scolded me for criticizing Tom Flocco. Mariani's husband died during 9-11; he was on the plane that hit the South Tower. She told me that Flocco was a wonderful, honest person. What was she basing this theory on?

    Well, Flocco recently wrote an article that defended her, and now she respects him because of this article:

    Flocco gives candy to Mariani, whereas I give Mariani my opinion. Mariani likes what Flocco says, but doesn't like what I say, so she scolds me and praises Flocco.

    I would not be surprised if Mariani voted for John Kerry or George Bush in the 2004 election. If the American people had some sense, they would have refused to vote for either of those jerks; they would have demanded better candidates and a new election.

    Unfortunately, the American people don't demand new elections when their choices for president are a moron and a freak. Likewise, the American people don't demand that the criminals and morons get out of the 9-11 movement. How can this nation possibly improve when the common American will tolerate morons in their government, and the "enlightened" Americans will tolerate liars and morons in their 9-11 movement?

    If we don't raise our standards for leaders, nothing is going to improve.

    Getting back to Mariani, a few years ago -- when I first heard about Mariani and the lawsuit she was filing with Phil Berg -- my assumption was that both of them were Mossad agents who were trying to fool us into thinking that we can relax; that they were going to sue the government and expose the 9-11 scam. 

    When Mariani dumped Berg and complained that he was a terrible person, I changed my opinion of her; I assumed that she was just a trusting and/or dumb woman who was fooled by Phil Berg.

    Now that she is praising Tom Flocco, I once again find myself wondering, is she really as gullible or as stupid as she appears? Is she really a 9-11 victim?

    Maybe her husband took some money, changed his identity, and moved out of the country. Maybe she is just pretending to be a victim in order to make the 9-11 attack appear realistic. Or maybe she arranged for her husband to die in the 9-11 attack.

    I just looked on the Internet to look at what her husband's job was, and I discovered that her husband, Louis Neil Mariani, is described as an Air Force veteran. Maybe he decided that instead of divorcing Ellen, he would fake his death during 9/11. Of course, unless he was Jewish and planned to move to Israel, he would not be allowed to live. The Zionists would have told him, "Sure, you can fake your death, and we'll pay you for helping us with 9/11, and then you can move to to Australia with a new identity", but the Zionists would have quietly killed him after 9/11 was over.

    Ellen Mariani claims that she was a victim of 9-11, and later she complained about being a victim of Phil Berg, and soon she might complain she is was a victim of Tom Flocco. At what point can we stop feeling sorry for her? I say the time is now.

    People who follow Flocco and other turds in the the 9-11 Bowel Movement deserve whatever they get.

    Feeling sorry for people who are perpetual victims does not help them, and it does not help us. The most we can do is provide people with information, and if they get hurt as a result of their own stupid decisions, let them suffer the consequences. Don't feel sorry for losers. Don't let them drag you into their cesspool of a life.

    Don't support deceptive sites

    I don't want to complain about the same sites over and over, so this time I will complain about This site mixes deceptive articles with a few intelligent articles.

    For example, in John Denson's history of warfare of the 20th century, there is no mention in Zionism. Instead, he talks about "classical liberalism" being murdered, and other unintelligible gobbledygook:

    To spare you from reading Denson's nonsense, take a look at this sentence from his article:

    Finally, the greatest tragedy of Western civilization erupted with World War I in 1914. It may be the most senseless, unnecessary and avoidable disaster in human history. Classical liberalism was thereby murdered, and virtually disappeared, and was replaced by collectivism which reigned both intellectually and in practice throughout the remainder of the twentieth century.

    It doesn't make any more sense even if you read the entire article. Why not? Because most of the articles on the Internet, including those at Lew Rockwell, are coming from authors who are either incompetent, stupid, or part of the criminal network that is trying to deceive us.

    Regardless of why they do it, people that write such idiocy should be driven out of business. And the sites that promote this junk should be ignored.

    Start raising your standards for people in leadership positions.

    Stop supporting people who produce deception or nonsense.