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Nail the 9-11 ghouls
in their coffin

by Eric Hufschmid
6 Nov 2005

Jon Carlson frequently writes about the 9-11 attack. His latest article is at Rense:

Jon Carlson, Tom Flocco, Mike Ruppert, Karl Schwarz, and most other "9-11 investigators" include a little bit of truth in their articles, but their primary goal is to put all the blame for 9-11 on a small number of Americans, mainly Bush and Cheney. Some also blame Pakistan's ISI or Saudi Arabia's royal family.

These "Truth Seekers" ignore very important aspects of 9-11, such as:

  • The World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were demolished by explosives, not fire. Who did that demolition? And who is keeping the media quiet about it?

  • About 200 Israelis were arrested before and after 9/11, but they were quietly sent back to Israel rather than taken to court.

  • Here is a news report about it.
  • Five Israelis who were celebrating the attack were arrested on September 11, and they were reported to have explosive residue in their van and Arab clothing, but they were also quietly deported to Israel.

  • Here is a news article about it.

    There is a lot of evidence that shows that some Israelis were deeply involved in the attack on September 11. In fact, they appear to have been the masterminds of 9-11, especially in regards to the attack and demolition of the World Trade Center. The Zionists also have tremendous control over the media, so without their approval, the attack could never be covered up.

    However, most of the 9-11 truth tellers find a way to divert attention away from Israel. For example, in Wayne Madsen's verbose article about the Israeli art students who were arrested, he makes the remark:

    "If the Israelis were stalking the hijackers, they would have also likely known about their interest in the World Trade Center."
    Update: he has deleted this!

    Madsen implies the Israelis were following the hijackers because they suspected the evil Arabs were planning nefarious deeds. 

    Madsen ignores the fact that the Arabs were patsies, not hijackers. Why would Israelis follow patsies? And why would Madsen ignore this crucial information?

    The only sensible explanation is that the Israelis were their handlers and protectors; that the Israelis were deeply involved in the attack. And that Wayne Madsen is diverting attention away from Israel.

    Jon Carlson's newest article also diverts attention away from Israel, but Carlson starts his article with a deception technique that I had not mentioned in my other articles on deception, so I thought I should mention it. Specifically, he starts his article with what we refer to as "name dropping".

    His article begins by creating the impression that Nelson Thall (also known as Lenny Bloom) is a very important person because he has the e-mail address of Andreas von Bulow. Carlson includes a copy of Thall's email to prove this to us and further impress us.

    Most people define "name dropping" as the casual mentioning of important people to impress the listener. However, in Carlson's article, the remarks about the e-mail address of von Bulow is so irrelevant to the topic of 9-11 that I would not call it a "casual" mentioning an important person. Rather, I would say it is a "blatant" attempt to impress us. We need a new expression for this, such as "name pushing".

    When someone tries to impress you,
    watch out for deception

    If a person has an intelligent analysis of 9-11, he will start the article in an intelligent manner. When somebody starts a 9-11 article by pushing names of famous people, you should assume that he has nothing of value to say, and that he is trying to impress you so that you don't notice that the remainder of his article is disinformation.

    Getting back to Carlson's article, he tells us that Lenny Bloom and Sherman Sholnick interviewed von Bulow in 2004 for their radio show, and that von Bulow believes the 9/11 attack was an operation of the US government, not an attack by Arabs.

    A bit further along in the article we find a remark that NBC is owned by General Electric, and that General Electric benefits from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

    That sentence implies that General Electric executives were involved in 9-11 because they profit from war, and that NBC is submissive to these evil General Electric executives. This deflects attention away from the NBC executives, and the media in general, and shifts blame to the mysterious and evil entity known as the "military industrial complex".

    The article then gets ridiculous. Carlson explains that a small, white jet that probably took off from an aircraft carrier was guiding a Boeing 737 into the South Tower by remote control.

    He shows a photograph of the South Tower a few moments after it was hit, and we can see a white trail, which Carlson claims is the vapor trail of the jet.

    However, the jets that crashed into the towers did not leave vapor trails, nor do any jets leave trails at low altitudes during warm weather.

    Furthermore, every video clip and photo of that particular moment in time shows the white trail is coming from an object that is flying out of the South Tower, probably an engine or landing gear. You can see this white trail more clearly on page 39 of my book Painful Questions. If you don't have the book, you can see the object in this article by Christopher  Bollyn, and in the video at that is identified as being about Uranium for Bollyn.

    Carlson also shows a few photographs of a helicopter near the towers, and claims that the helicopter is the white jet. However, you can determine that these objects are helicopters by watching the videos of that day. If there are any white jets in the area, they are higher up, not hovering near the towers.

    A smorgasbord of disinformation

    The web site was (maybe still is) promoting the idea that the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers were holograms. John Carlson claims the airplane was a Boeing 737. So which was it? Was it a hologram or a Boeing 737?

    These people don't care if anything they say makes sense. They just dump lot of ideas into the Internet, and they let each person pick what they like.

    What is Carlson's problem?

    Carlson's article is as stupid as Tom Flocco's article about the arrest of Barbara Olson. Why is Carlson writing such nonsense? As I mentioned in my article about Flocco, there are lots of possible reasons, so we may never know why, or who he works for.

    Carlson's article ends with confusing remarks, and links to dozens of more articles, most of which are his articles, and most of which are packed with nonsense.

    Why am I complaining about Carlson?

    Carlson is trying to use Andreas von Bulow's remark to support the theory that the 9/11 attack was conducted by the CIA, US military, and a few other Americans. This might seem to be a valid conclusion, but one way to fool people is to give them some truthful remarks but not the entire story.

    It is true that some US government officials had to be involved in the 9-11 attack, but the evidence shows that Zionists and British government officials were also involved.

    Furthermore, Zionists have tremendous control of the American, Canadian, European, and Australian media, and without control over the media, none of these scams could be occurring.

    Carlson appears to be a "Truth Teller" who is struggling to expose the 9/11 attack. In reality, he is diverting attention away from the extremely important role that the Zionists play in these phenomenal crimes, and the role they play in controlling our media, our public libraries, and our school system.

    Perhaps they act stupid on purpose

    Carlson, Flocco, and some other "9-11 Investigators" are giving 9-11 conspiracy theories a bad image because anybody who tries to verify their information will come to the conclusion that the 9-11 conspiracy theories are coming from morons who do not even have a high school-level understanding of geography, airplanes, or science.

    Their deceptive articles get a lot of attention on the Internet, and a lot of people are passing them around by e-mail. When somebody looks on the Internet for 9-11 information, they are very likely to run across to one of these deceptive articles. These people are flooding the Internet with deception.

    Chaim Kupferberg is another example. As it is true of many disinformation articles, Kupferberg's articles are somewhat confusing or annoying to read, but if you can get through them, notice that the primary emphasis is that Israel is innocent. For example, try finding the value in this goofy article:

    There's Something About Omar: Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11

    Some of these disinformation agents make Israel appear a victim of the evil Bush regime, or the evil neocon cabal, or the evil Illuminati organization. 

    Paul Thompson is another example. He created the 9-11 timeline, which is truthful, but at the same time it implies the evil Al-Qaeda was responsible for 9-11.

    When you find a rat,
    follow him to his nest

    Whenever you find one disinformation agent, take a close look at his friends, supporters, and associates, and you are likely to find even more rats.

    For example, Carlson's article gives some support to Karl Schwarz, the Guerrilla News Network (GNN), Ariana Huffington, and Wayne Madsen. Do we really get a serious analysis of world affairs from any of those people?

    In case you never noticed, the Guerrilla News Network is one of many groups who try to convince us that Pakistan's ISI was a significant participant in 9-11.

    Don't worship a golden calf

    The people I personally know remind me of a scene from the movie The Ten Commandments. There is a scene where Charlton Heston goes up the mountain to pick up the tablets with the Ten Commandments, and when he comes back he finds everybody worshiping a golden calf.

    I find people around me worshipping Tom Flocco, and when I finally convince them that Flocco is a liar, I find that a week later they are worshiping Jon Carlson. After spending time explaining to them that Carlson is a liar, I discover a week later that they are worshiping Chaim Kupferberg. A week after that they are telling me that Pakistan's ISI funded the September 11 attack because Paul Thompson told them so.

    America and Europe are perpetual victims because most people are terrible at selecting leaders. They select leaders who make them feel good, not leaders who provide the truth. The truth is too painful for most people to deal with. 

    People such as Tom Flocco, Jon Carlson, Sherman Sholnick, Chaim Kupferberg, and Mike Ruppert make everything seem simple. They tell us that all of our problems are due to George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the CIA. They tell us Patrick Fitzgerald will soon arrest Bush and Cheney, or that the lawsuit filed by Phil Berg will soon expose 9-11 and bring about the arrest of Bush and Cheney.

    They imply that as soon as Bush and Cheney are arrested, we will run out into the streets, hold hands, sing songs, and live happily ever after, just like in a Hollywood movie.

    These disinformation agents are similar to politicians who promise us that they will end crime, improve our schools, and reduce our taxes. The majority of people fall for these promises during every election.

    Unfortunately, reality is not so simple. America's problems are not going to be solved by arresting Dick Cheney or George Bush. Even with a different president, America would continue to be dominated by Zionists, pedophiles, corrupt unions, selfish businessman, and incompetent university officials.

    Have you seen the accusations from John DeCamp? If what DeCamp and the children are saying is true, the raping of boys at Boystown has been going on year after year, president after president. It makes no difference who the president is, nor what party he belongs to. The rapings also go on year after year regardless of whether Democrats control the Senate, or whether Republicans are in control.

    However, do you ever hear remarks like this from Carlson, Flocco, Ruppert, Schwarz, Kupferberg, or any of the others Truth Seekers? Of course not. Instead, they promise that if you follow them, they will soon arrest Dick Cheney and George Bush, and everything will be wonderful.
    Most of the Truth Seekers are Pied Pipers who are leading the naive people in the wrong direction.


    We need better leaders
    in the "truth movement"

    The only way this world is going to improve is if we start bringing better people into leadership of government, schools, businesses, and all other organizations.

    All of the liars and incompetent nitwits must be driven out of the 9-11 movement. Once in a while you should send an email to the web sites, radio stations, and newspapers to stop promoting the nonsense.

    We also must drive the mainstream media out of business. People should stop buying their newspapers, magazines, and television channels.