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Has Barbara Olson been arrested?

25 Sept 2005
by Eric Hufschmid

Several people have asked me what I think about Tom Flocco's latest article, (you can find it here in the Internet archive) and several people enthusiastically told me that the 9/11 case has been solved because Barbara Olson has been arrested.

Unfortunately, his story about Barbara Olson is like his story about the grand jury indicting Bush and Cheney, and the story about the gunfight in the Chicago subway (Update: he seems to have deleted that article). Specifically, there is no way to verify anything he says.

Christopher Bollyn was living in Chicago at the time Flocco's story came out about the indictment and the gunfight. Bollyn called various people trying to figure out if there is any truth to either story. He found nothing.

Is it possible that what Flocco says is true? Sure, it is possible that Tom has received secret information far in advance of everybody else. But the only way he could have access to such secret, important information many weeks before the rest of us is if:

  • Flocco is part of the gang of criminals that gave us 9/11 and other crimes.

  • His source is part of that gang of criminals.

  • His source is an honest government employee who is leaking the information in order to keep his own identity a secret.

  • No normal person could possibly have access to such secret, information without inside contacts.

    One problem with Flocco's stories is that they are never verified, even after months. If Flocco was getting information before anybody else, then eventually other people would have access to the information, thereby verifying Flocco's claims. But nothing he has ever said has been verified. He announced that Bush and Cheney were being indicted at the beginning of August 2005. How much longer do we have to wait before this information becomes public?

    One of Flocco's sources of information is Tom Heneghan. On 19 July 2005, Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb posted a news report that four British secret agents were shot and killed as they were trying to put a bomb on the Chicago subway. Sure, it is possible that this event occurred, but that requires that somebody pick up the dead bodies, mop up the blood, and convince the families of the victims that their missing relatives must have run off to another nation to start a new life.

    Examples of this story:

    However, if four British secret agents were really shot to death, that means the murders were covered up extremely well. This in turn means we have to ask how Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb were provided with this information. Only somebody with inside information could possibly have access to such secret information.

    Let's assume that Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb, and Tom Flocco are being provided with information by some honest government employees who are trying to expose the corruption in our government. In such a case, those government employees are wasting their time because there is no evidence to believe what they are saying. They may as well tell us that the crop circles in England are being created by Martians. Unless secret, insider information can be verified, it has no value.

    Actually, unverifiable information does have value. Specifically, it has value for people who are trying to confuse, mislead, and deceive. For some examples, unverifiable information can be useful to:

  • Give a bad image to the "Barbara Olson is alive" reports
  • What if Barbara Olson really is alive and living in Europe? Tom Flocco has just created a story that is being ridiculed by thousands of people. If an honest person announces on the Internet that Barbara Olson is living next to him, most people will just laugh, "Oh no, another of those idiotic, Barbara Olson is alive stories!" In other words, Flocco's absurd story will cause people to disregard the truth.

  • Give a bad image to all conspiracy theories
  • Another possible reason for Flocco's story about Barbara Olson is to give all conspiracy theories a bad image. 

    Some people will notice that none of Flocco's stories can be verified, and they might come to the conclusion that the conspiracy theories are coming from sloppy investigators who are at the intellectual level of a teenager. They will be more likely to disregard other conspiracy theories, such as September 11, the USS Liberty, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

    For an example of how this concept works, the enormous number of UFO and crop circle articles on the Internet seem to be an attempt to give the field of conspiracy theories a bad image.

    For those of you who believe in UFOs, you've got to face the fact that if there are aliens on the earth, nobody has any serious evidence of them. All they have are photos that show mysterious blobs. And crop circles are real, but there is no evidence that Martians created them. The evidence suggest they come from humans, such as

  • Send investigators down the wrong path
  • Another possible reason for Tom Flocco to produce false stories is to send us looking in the wrong direction. For example, in his article about JFK Jr., he blames the Bush family, the Clintons, and the CIA. But what if the Mossad and Army intelligence was involved in the killing? In such a case, the people who trust Tom Flocco will wander down the wrong path and never find anything.

    The same may be true with Flocco's story about Barbara Olson. She may really be alive, but she may be in Australia. The people who trust Flocco might look for her in Poland, or in Europe, but that might be the wrong side of the planet. 

    Or, perhaps Barbara Olson has always wanted to be a man, and in return for her role in 9-11, she was provided with  hormone treatment and surgery, in which case anybody looking for a woman would be looking forever.

  • Sacrifice Flocco for some other agent
  • Another possible reason for Flocco to create a false story is so that some other agent can expose Flocco. This will give credibility to that other agent.

  • To discredit Tom Flocco
  • Some of Flocco's supporters suggest that perhaps Tom is being fed false information in order to discredit him because his other stories are accurate. But which of his other stories are accurate?

    It is true that when an investigator is providing information that the criminals don't want exposed, they might try to feed him false information in order to make them look like a fool. But this only happens to the investigators that actually provide dangerous information. 

    Christopher Bollyn is in this category. Bollyn often exposes important and verifiable information. Not surprisingly, he is frequently contacted by people who try to persuade him to report something stupid. 


    Tom Flocco's friends are suspicious

    Everybody who Tom Flocco considers a source of information, and all the people associated with Flocco (e.g., Sherman Skolnick, Lenny Bloom, Mary Schneider, Tom Heneghan, Mae Brussell, Stew Webb, Stefan Grossmann) must be put into the same category as Flocco. In other words, all of them may be government agents, or members of the criminal gang, or useful idiots who are being fed false information.

    Some people have accused Stew Webb of being a COINTELPRO agent. For example, there is a person named Ken Adachi who has a site full of articles where various people accuse one another of being government agents.

    Take a look at Adachi's site, and see if you can figure out which people are the COINTELPRO agents. There are so many articles, and so many accusations, that no individual who must work for a living has time to research all of these people and all of their connections. For all we know, Ken Adachi is an COINTELPRO agent, also!

    A tangled web of accusations

    This brings up an issue that many people that I personally talked to have trouble understanding. Specifically, one way for the government to protect their agents is to create a lot of fights and accusations between them. If a hundred agents accuse one or two of the others of being a government agent, they will create so many conflicting accusations that most people will be overwhelmed with the complexity. None of us ordinary citizens have the time to figure out that all of them are agents.

    To further confuse the issue, some of the agents could accuse some honest, ordinary citizens of being agents. This causes people to be suspicious of those honest citizens. The honest citizens will likely react by accusing those particular agents of being agents. How will any ordinary citizen be able to figure out who is telling the truth?

    To confuse the issue even further, some government agents could provide slightly inaccurate information to an honest citizen. The honest citizen will announce silly news items, such as the arrest of Barbara Olson. Other people will assume he is an agent, when he is actually what we would call a "useful idiot". In this particular situation, the real agent is invisible to us; he is feeding false information to the honest citizen. 

    Is Flocco a useful idiot? Or is he an honest agent who is trying to expose the truth? Or is he part of the criminal network?

    My guess is that he knows he is lying to us, but I do not know who he is working for. 

    Could Flocco be America's hero?

    This brings up another interesting issue. Specifically, some of the people that we expose as liars may actually be trying to help America. They may have been fascinated by the James Bond movies and the Mission Impossible television shows, and they may believe that by running some secret, counter scam they will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. In other words, Tom Flocco and his friends may be honest government employees, and they may believe that by posting silly articles they are going to stop the evil doers.

    If that is the case, we are in real trouble. If our government thinks they are going to defeat this criminal network with stories of Barbara Olson being arrested, we have no hope.

    Or does Flocco work for the Zionists?

    It is possible that Flocco and his friends are actually working for some group of Zionists. The reason I say this is that all of them avoid the issue of Zionism. Most of these "truth tellers" put the blame for the world's problems on the CIA, the Bush family, the Italian Mafia, Great Britain, and/or the Vatican.

    For example, in this Skolnick article he avoids Israel, Zionists, and the Jewish Mafia and explains that five U.S. presidents were assassinated for the benefit of Great Britain and the Vatican / Jesuits.

    Everything Skolnick writes seems to be accurate. However, he avoids certain issues, thereby giving us a distorted view. For example, in that particular article, he mentions the "French Mafia". However, there are more than just French involved in organized crime. There are also Russians, Canadians, and probably every other race, religion, and nationality. 

    There are also Israelis involved in organized crime. Meyer Lansky is one of them. There is evidence that Meyer Lansky and many Israelis and Zionists were the masterminds in the assassination of President Kennedy.

    For another example, Skolnick doesn't mention that some of Britain's policies are due to Zionists within the British government, so they are more accurately described as Zionist policies, not British policies.

    In Flocco's article about the murder of JFK Jr., he also avoids implicating Israelis or Zionists. Instead he blames Clinton and Bush. If Tom was truly an unbiased investigative reporter, wouldn't he at least mention that there are some people who believe that Zionists were also involved in that killing?

    The evidence that Bush and Clinton killed JFK Jr. is no better than the evidence that Zionists were involved, so why doesn't Flocco provide us with all of the information? Why is he restricting us to only the Zionist's side of this issue?

    I think Flocco is trying to manipulate us. The people who trust Flocco will be fooled into looking at Clinton and Bush for the answers to JFK Jr's death, and they will get nowhere with their investigation because they will be on the wrong path. I would bet that Skolnick is also deliberately misleading us. 

    I also find it interesting that Skolnick sometimes put the following remarks in his articles:

    The Middle-Finger News
    Sticking It To The Poobahs

    Example: click here

    What is a Poobah? Perhaps he is referring to you and me.

    While that may seem like an outrageous statement, consider the remark at the end of the television show "Dark Side Of The Moon":

    No goy was mistreated during the filming

    Or watch the Penn and Teller television episode about conspiracies in which they show a person drilling a hole in a Bible. Info here:Axis_of_Perverts2.html

    All of these people may be Zionists, and all of them may be making fun of us goys.

    Zionists are not identical

    Before I go on, I should point out that Zionism is not a group of people with identical goals and attitudes. Zionism is just like all other organizations. Specifically, what Zionism is depends on who is in control of the organization. Consider the Republican Party to understand this. There are Republicans who support abortions while other Republicans oppose abortions. Whether the Republican Party supports abortion depends on who gets control of it. 

    There are also Republicans who cover up the raping of boys at Boystown, and there are other Republicans who want to stop all forms of rape and pedophilia.

    Zionism is the same. What Zionism becomes depends on who gets control of the movement. In the case of Zionism, it might depend on who is in control of Israel, or the Mossad. Ariel Sharon, Sherman Skolnick, George Soros, and Senator Lieberman may all be Zionists, but each of them may have slightly different attitudes on what Zionism should be, and what the Zionists should do with us goys. 

    Just as Republicans fight among themselves for control of the Republican Party, the Zionists fight among themselves for control of Israel, America, Europe, and the horde of goys.

    In fact, there are some Jews who do not support Israel. Take a look:

    Did Al Gore win the presidency in the 2000 election?

    An example of the fighting is the 2000 election between Al Gore and George Bush. Both Democrats and Republicans routinely cheat in elections, but in the 2000 elections, the Gore supporters wanted us to believe that the innocent, honest Democrats were being cheated in Palm Beach by the dishonest Republicans. 

    I think what was really happening was a fight between the Bush Zionists and the Lieberman Zionists. I think the 9/11 attack had already been planned at that point in time. The Lieberman Zionists desperately wanted Al Gore to be elected so that they could set up Al Gore to die in the 9-11 attack. Lieberman would then become president, and the Lieberman Zionists would have control of America, and then Israel.

    Israel may not survive much longer

    The Zionists and Israelis may not be laughing at the goys much longer. The American economy is deteriorating, and the result will be that the US Military will soon discover that its weapons systems are less advanced than those of other nations, and their equipment is not properly maintained. The US Military will also find it increasingly difficult to find American companies to produce their weapons and supplies.

    Furthermore, each year Americans bring in millions of Mexicans, Chinese, and other people to become a low-cost source of labor. Already some parts of the Southwest are more than 50% Mexican. A nation cannot survive when it has the attitude that it is acceptable to use other races for labor.

    Once America is gone, Israel will be on its own. The Israelis will find themselves surrounded by angry Arabs, Persians, and other nations.

    To summarize this, the Zionists may destroy America before they become established. This is as stupid as a horde of ticks sucking so much blood out of their host that the host dies.

    Will the Zionists try to save the day for themselves with another fake terrorist attack? Will they make one final attempt to get control of America and destroy the Arabs?

    Or are the Zionists planning to set Bush and Cheney up to take the blame for 9/11? Are the Zionists truly holding Barbara Olson in a jail somewhere? Will the Zionists soon provide their Flocco puppet with the actual location of Barbara Olson, thereby bringing down the Bush administration and the top US Military leaders? Will the Zionists then install other puppets in America?

    Or will the situation become even worse for us? For example, George Soros might be a member of the gang that is running the sex slaves, or he might be a member of the Russian mafia, or the Jewish Mafia. What if the Soros Zionists gets control of America? How do we know that group of criminals will be better than what we have now?

    For the past few years Soros has been trying to get control of the tens of millions of people who call themselves "liberals" or "Democrats". Do you think that Soros is doing this for the benefit of you or I? Do you think that Soros is truly interested in making America, or the world, a better place?

    What if George Soros sets up Bush and Cheney to take the blame for 9/11, and then a Soros puppet, such as John Kerry, gets control of America?

    Many of the supporters of Kerry and Soros that I have personally met are the failures of America; they are failures in their jobs, marriage, businesses, and other activities. They have a strong "feel sorry for me" attitude. Some of them are so hopeless that they depend on their girlfriends or wives for financial support.

    Lots, probably most, of the supporters of Soros are mental nitwits, and they want handouts and pity, not skills, jobs, or responsibility. They remind me of the supporters of communism in Russia during the early 20th century. If Soros were to get control of America, he would have tens of millions of these nitwits supporting him. How is that an improvement over what we have now?

    Most of the Kerry supporters are so incapable of thinking that they did not even notice that John Kerry was not the person they wanted as president. They had originally wanted Howard Dean. Obviously, these people are  easily taken advantage of. How could such mindless people possibly make America a better nation?

    Even when I point out to the Kerry supporters that Dean was their candidate, they ignore me and continue to support Kerry with such expressions as, "Anything is better than Bush!"

    We must face the fact that most Kerry supporters are incapable of intelligent reasoning. I am not saying that Howard Dean is a good leader; rather, I am pointing out that the Kerry supporters are such nitwits that they cannot understand that they are being taken advantage of. Don't make excuses for them; don't feel sorry for them. People who are this easily manipulated are dangerous. And you should not be surprised when such people fail repeatedly in life. They are the losers, but feeling sorry for them will not help them, and it will not help you or me. 

    The anti-war and peace movements are frauds

    The Zionists also seem to be getting control of the anti-war movement, the peace movement, and all other anti-Bush movements. I mentioned earlier in this document that Christopher Bollyn is often contacted by people who try to persuade him to believe something stupid. He is also frequently contacted by people who try to become his friends, or who try to recommend that he considers somebody else a friend. 

    For example, as of September 2005 (when I wrote this) he has been frequently contacted by a woman named Ilene Proctor. Her site:

    She has been promoting a man named Brad Friedman. Friedman has such web sites as:

    Why would Proctor want Bollyn to become friendly with Friedman? Is Friedman really interested in helping make America a better place? Or does Friedman want to manipulate Bollyn? Or does Friedman want to claim Bollyn as a friend in order to increase his credibility? Is Friedman just another Zionist in anti-war clothing? is registered in care of Network Solutions in Herndon, Virginia, which also hosts a lot of Nazi, anti-semite sites, and extreme pornography sites. Does this mean anything? Is this just a coincidence? Or is actually operated by a secret agency, such as CIA or Mossad?

    One of the techniques the Zionists use to manipulate people is to become their friends, and after gaining a person's trust, they quietly stab them in the back. In fact, David Wolper makes a brief remark about this in his autobiography. I mention it here.

    In the long run, the nitwits suffer

    Life is a competitive struggle for all animals, plants, and humans. A nation needs intelligent, responsible leaders. Unfortunately, the American voters routinely select between one worthless puppet or another.

    America is like a child in a boxing ring, and the Zionists are pounding this child so hard that he is about to fall unconscious. Blood is running down his face, his nose is smashed, and his legs are wobbling, but he thinks he is winning the contest because his coach, a Zionist, is telling him that he is the greatest boxer in the world, and that he is doing a great job.

    For more on the issues of deception, consider how Jenna Orkin and other "truth tellers" hide the dangers of the dust at the World Trade Center.