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Where there is Smoke, there is Fire

Non-Crimes are Not Sealed

If the case against Scott Ritter had no merit, it would not be sealed.

It was accurately reported at the time, and after the fact, it was swept under the rug. You don't seal non-crimes. End of story.

Look into yourself:
  • From the Daily News:
  • "The case was sealed, and Colonie officials declined to release the arrest records..." source

    "...state Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi has directed that sealed Ritter case files be turned over to the feds.." source

  • The Times Union has 3 articles that are very good.

  • Look at this WorldNetDaily article; the mug shot of Ritter doesn't display, but we have the mug shot at the top of this page. Also, some links don't work, but the text is still there.

  • Try this article from ROMPA

  • How about a transcript of Scott Ritter talking about the arrest on CNN?

  • Or this article, when Ritter admits "I was arrested"

  • Want the BBC version? Here it is.

  • A local television station reported it, also.

    If you think all of this is a set up, then why not ask Ritter to discuss this issue with us? 

    Were the two girls that Ritter got caught with the only children that Ritter tried to arrange sexual encounters with? Or was he doing it sucessfully for months or years before getting caught?

    Ritter claims the accusations of him of being a spy for Israel are false in this TIME magazine interview. These accusations have been going on since 1996. Ritter may have been under blackmail for years.