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Zion's Little Helpers

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Who can you trust to help you?

7 Aug 2007

The mysterious disappearance of the Bollyn family is making people wonder:
• How did the Bollyns – who should know better – make the mistake of trusting the wrong people?

• Which of his "friends" set him up?

• How many people have been quietly murdered?


Is Ahmed Rami safe?
Ahmed Rami has a couple websites that expose the Zionist crime network in America and Europe:


He started a public access radio station for the Muslims in Sweden, but after a few years he was accused of being anti-Semitic. In 1997 his website was transferred to the American Muslim Society in Chicago:

At the bottom of his website is a message:

This Site is owned by a group of freedom fighters from different countries in support of Ahmed Rami's struggle.
Who are these freedom fighters? Where is Ahmed Rami? Did he meet the same fate as the Bollyn family? What is the American Muslim Society? And why is the web site also registered to Larisa-Reinolds Dmitrievna who lives at Malaia Podiacheskaia Street, House 8 , Apt 7, St Peterburg, Russia:

Are these mystery "freedom fighters" trying to expose the Zionist crime network? Or are they trying to give his website an anti-Semitic slant in order to discredit people who criticize Zionism?

Don't underestimate Zionism

Most people have trouble accepting the possibility that the Zionist movement could have hundreds of thousands or millions of active members, and that the Americans and Europeans can bribed as easily as they appear to be.

Surely this is just an illusion! Surely the Americans and Europeans are honest, respectable, moral people, and the Zionist movement consists of only a few dozen people, and Hufschmid is being paranoid when he says virtually everybody in this truth movement, peace movement, anti-war movement, etc, is a Zionist agent. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests otherwise.

Did Joe McCarthy trust one of Zion's Little Helpers?
Joe McCarthy trusted a lawyer named Roy Cohn, but was Roy Cohn really trying to help McCarthy? Or was he one of Zion's Little Helpers who were trying to ruin him?

After McCarthy was ruined, Roy Cohn wrote a book to provide us with his version of events.

Roy Cohn also wrote his autobiography with Sidney Zion.

Was this more propaganda to fool us into thinking that Cohn was an honest person who tried his best to help McCarthy?


Did Jim Garrison trust one of Zion's Little Helpers?

A woman named Joan Mellen and her husband provided Jim Garrison was some important information about the JFK assassination, as she describes in a recent magazine article:

What if that information was bait to fool Garrison into trusting her and her husband?

The people with the best information about JFK, 9/11, and other crimes, are the criminals involved with the crime. They can provide us with a little bit of their inside information in order to fool us into thinking that they are honest investigators who uncovered some incredible details.

They can also offer to help us in many other ways, such as by offering financial assistance, legal help, drugs, sex, vacations to Thailand, Hollywood contracts, or whatever we want.
Joan Mellen wrote a book to provide her view of everything.

How do we know that we can trust her? What if she is one of Zion's Little Helpers?

Did you read the Harold Rosenthal interview?

One of his interesting remarks:

"We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eye's fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse." 
The television programs, books, and most Internet sites appear to offer us a wide variety of opinions, but as Harold Rosenthal points out, the Jews are taking all sides of every issue. Therefore, it doesn't matter which political candidate, television commentator, or Internet site you support. It's all the same group of people.

They provide you with a smorgasbord of opinions, and most people foolishly pick some of the offerings rather than turn away and refuse all of them. Some people realize that all choices are crummy, but they foolishly believe that the wisest thing to do is to "pick the lesser of evils."
Even with Roy Cohn and Joe McCarthy you can see liars on every side of the issue. For example, Nicholas von Hoffman wrote a book and directed a movie about Cohn.

Hoffman is critical of Cohn, but just because somebody criticizes Cohn, that doesn't mean we can trust him.

Hoffman recently wrote the book Hoax in which he explains how the Bush administration fooled the Americans into the Iraq war.

That should be all the evidence you need that Hoffman is not providing the complete story about 9/11 or the Iraq war. Rather, he is trying to protect the Zionist crime network.


Where is Carol Valentine?

She has been quiet for years. Furthermore, at one website she shows a PO Box in Seattle, Washington:

Her other website has a box in Burke, Virginia:

Why would she maintain two different mailing addresses on opposite sides of the nation?

Jim Condit Jr. (who has many sites, such as is the only person we are aware of who claims to still be in contact with her by telephone. But how can Condit be certain that he is talking with the real Carol Valentine? Actually, how can we be certain that Condit is telling us the truth?

Why was Michael Riconosciuto put in jail?

Ted Gunderson was supposedly his friend. With a top ex-FBI agent as a friend, why is he in jail? How has Gunderson helped him?

There is not even much information on who Riconosciuto is:

This is a very strange situation, and everybody involved is extremely suspicious, including this web site:

Critics of Zionism are not necessarily our friends

There are lots of Jews who do not support Israel or Zionism, and some would like to see Israel eliminated. This does not mean we can trust them. We are animals to all of them.

This concept is especially important right now because Zionism is being exposed, and it is possible that many of the Zionists, Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, and many others, are trying to set up one another to take the blame for 9/11, the Federal Reserve, and other crimes.

There is no way they can stop the information about these crimes from spreading to more people. So, who will be blamed for these crimes? Or will the Zionists eliminate so many of us that they end up getting control of the world before any of them are blamed? Will they outsmart or bribe you?

Henry Makow is one of many Jews who claim to be helping us. He promotes the theory that the evil banking families are responsible for all the corruption. Jeff Rense promotes his articles:
Makow's website:

According to Henry Makow, those evil bankers are responsible for the World Wars and all sorts of other problems, and they are planning to destroy the USA, Israel, and Islam. If Makow is correct, Israel is an innocent victim. Can you figure out if Makow is being honest or if he is trying to shift the blame to a group of people he and his Zionist friends are willing to sacrifice? Can you figure out why Makow promotes the video Zeitgeist?

Identify them by who they associate with

The Zionist crime network is desperately trying to promote their deceptive sites. Their attempt to deceive us can help us identify who they are. Take advantage of this. For example, here is a new site:

Take a look at which sites they promote. It should be obvious that this is yet another deceptive Zionist site. Therefore, you should be suspicious of everybody who promotes this new site, such as Nila Sagadevan and

Notice also how the Zionist sites frequently use patriotic symbols, such as eagles, flags, and drawings of George Washington. Don't be fooled by it.

If you make a mistake about who to trust, it could be the last decision you make.

“And then I told the sucker, "You're such a wonderful, courageous patriot that I would love to help you fight Zionism", and he fell for the trick without any offers of money or sex! It was too easy!”