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Will history repeat itself? 
The book "Germany Must Perish!" is one of many Zionist documents that explained their plans, but most Goyim didn't notice, care, and/or understand this book.

If they write a new book - "America Must Perish!" - that calls for the sterilization of Americans, will many Americans will figure out that the Zionists are trying to  exterminate and get control of us? It was not the Nazis who were trying to exterminate other races, it was the Zionists, but how many Goyim can see through the deception?

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The 1919 Holocaust that Failed 
In 1919 some Jews tried to create the impression that 6 million Jews were on the verge of death in Europe. Not many people responded.

We are not always successful on our first Holocaust attempt

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Most Zionists are not “real” Jews
The Jewish historian Arthur Koestler exposes
this blunder in his book The Thirteenth Tribe

Zionists are claiming Palestine on the grounds that their ancestors lived there 2000 years ago, but the Ashkenazi Jews came from Asia and are only Jewish by religion.

Becoming a Hindu does not give you the right to a homeland in India, so why should Zionists have a right to Palestine? “My brothers and I converted to Hinduism, so we deserve a homeland in India. You are anti-Hindu if you disagree.”

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Jews in Russia
Andrey Diky, a Russian, wrote this book to explain his observations of how the Jews changed from an insignificant minority to the dominant group in Russia. These are PDF files of good quality images of the pages from the translated book.

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US Marine Corp General Butler
Smedley Butler was a Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps. He wrote War Is A Racket in 1933. Obviously, his message has yet to have an effect.

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The Deguello Report
This mysterious report from 1976 claims that the "Patriot" movement is infiltrated by Zionist Jews and blackmailed homosexuals. Many of us noticed this is happening today with the 9/11 "truth movement". How many more decades do people have to discover the same thing? (Is Willis Carto (in photo), of the American Free Press a crypto Jew? Is he blackmailed over homosexuality or pedophilia?)

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History of White Nationalism
The shocking accusations continue to come forward. Similar to the Deguello Report. Perhaps the Zionists are recruiting these people from NAMBLA, gay bathhouses, and the mail-order dealers of strange sexual toys. (Some people accuse David Duke of being bisexual. Are those just crazy accusations, or is he being blackmailed?)

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Who Brought the Slaves to America? 
Here is an article by Walter White in 1968 about the Jewish involvement in the slave trade to America.

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"On the Jews and their Lies", by Martin Luther
This is an English translation of Martin Luther's document On the Jews and their Lies written in 1543. The first few paragraphs are similar to what people are saying today about Zionist Jews. After that it gets into religion. It shows that the conflict between Jews and non-Jews has been going on for centuries.

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Iraqi Jews are "Israeli Niggers"
Naeim Giladi was an Iraqi Jew in the Zionist underground helping Jews get to Palestine during the 1940's.

The Iraqi government arrested him, but he escaped to Isreal after 2 years of brutal imprisonment. He then discovered that he had been helping Iraqi Jews become "Israeli Niggers".

Naeim Giladi
Since the Ashkenazi abuse other Jews (did you hear about their ringworm treatment?) the Goyim are fools to expect decent treatment from them.

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Try to learn from the mistakes of previous suckers!
The Zionists don't regard any of us as human!

Protocols of the Elders of Zion
This seems to be the plan the Zionists are following. However, they never anticipated computers, DVDs, or the Internet, and this technology allows us to expose them. Their outdated plan no longer works; they are going to lose.

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