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These were some of the first articles I posted on my website. I did not put dates on my documents at that time, but they were written around 2003 and 2004.



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updated 8 Jan 2006

History is Warped

Our history books and encyclopedias tell us that Oswald killed Kennedy by himself, that lots of men walked on the moon, and that 19 Arabs attacked us on September 11.

After investigating such events, my conclusion is:

  • American schools do not "teach history" to their students. Rather, they "deceive" students with "government propaganda". 

  • An American with a Ph.D. in history does not have an "advanced degree in history". Rather, he has "extensive exposure to propaganda".

  • Americans with PhDs in history are often given the title of Doctor. A more appropriate title would be Victim or Fool.

  • Hundreds of people, including most of my relatives, have told me that astronauts did walk on the moon, and that I am a fool to think otherwise. Many people complain that I should stop promoting the nonsense that the Apollo is a hoax. They tell me that I am going to ruin my reputation and make the 9/11 movement look stupid.

    If those people were dictators of the earth, they would remove the Apollo material from my web site, and they would prevent me from talking about it. They would do this for my own good, and for the good of the human race.

    Should we have laws against Apollo conspiracies?

    President Bush gave a speech to the United Nations in which he advocated that we do not tolerate "outrageous conspiracy theories" in regards to the September 11 attack.

    If President Bush were to propose a law that prohibits "wackos" from promoting the "outrageous conspiracy theory" that the Apollo moon landing is a hoax, I would not be surprised if most of my relatives and millions of other people would support the law.

    Would you approve of a law that prohibits outrageous Apollo conspiracies?

    Explain, don't suppress

    How would suppressing my opinions about Apollo make life better for anybody? If I am wrong about Apollo, wouldn't the best solution be to show me where I am making my mistakes?

    Nobody benefits when somebody's opinions are suppressed if he has reasons for his opinions. It makes more sense to show him where he made mistakes in his reasoning.

    Consider how this concept applies to children. Imagine you send your child to kindergarten, and the teacher asks him what two times two equals. He responds:

    "Well, zero times zero equals zero, and one times one equals one, so I think two times times equals two!"

    Would you approve of the teacher if he told your child to shut up, and if he sent your child to the principal for punishment? Or would you prefer the teacher explain to your child why his reasoning is incorrect?

    Likewise, if people walked on the moon, why not show me where I am making a mistake? Why tell me to shut up? I have a Science Challenge about Apollo, and nobody has yet been able to explain where my mistake is. Until somebody can show me my mistake, I am not going to remove it.

    A government is justified to demand evidence

    If somebody were to accuse you of a crime, and if he had no supporting evidence, you would be upset. You would not consider his "baseless accusations" to be "free speech".

    Both citizens and our government officials should demand people provide supporting evidence for their theories. Without supporting evidence, a person does not have a "theory", rather, he has something else, such as slander, libel, insults, defamation, or insane ramblings.

    I am making a serious accusation when I say Apollo is a scam. I am accusing NASA of committing a major crime, and wasting enormous amounts of money. I am also accusing them of helping to destroy the morale of America.

    If I did not have reasoning for my accusations, the government would be justified in telling me to remove my Apollo material from my web site. If I refused, they would be justified in arresting me.

    However, since I have reasoning for my accusations, the government should show me where I am making mistakes.

    There is a subtle difference between a government demanding that people support their accusations with intelligent evidence, and a government that suppresses the questioning of historical events. Judging by what is going on in Europe, I don't think many people can understand this subtle difference.

    Why is Europe afraid to question historical events?

    Europe has not passed laws against promoting conspiracy theories about Apollo, but six nations have laws that allow arresting people who promote conspiracy theories about the Holocaust. Some nations also stop conspiracy theories about Anne Frank's diary.

    A few people have been arrested as a result of these laws, but the arrests seem more symbolic than serious. For example, some of the people have been given small fines, and some have been given jail terms of only a few months.

    Some of the people arrested are university professors. The other professors, scientists, and engineers do little or nothing as these professors are arrested. Are Europeans becoming accustomed to the idea that their friends might go to jail for questioning the government?

    If next year the European governments pass a law against questioning the September 11th attack, and if they locked a professor in jail for 15 years for questioning the official story about the September 11 attack, would the other professors complain?

    Or would they be so accustomed to watching professors locked in jail cells that they consider it just another routine arrest?

    What is going on in Europe?

    These laws to stop people from promoting conspiracy theories about the Holocaust are justified as a method to protect us from Nazis who are trying to make Hitler look better.
    Here is the Jewish version of why these laws are needed: Holocaust/denial.html

    Most Europeans seem to be thankful that their government is protecting the truth about the Holocaust. Most Europeans do not seem to understand (or maybe they just don't care) that the truth does not need laws to protect it.

    The difference between a law against libel and a law against conspiracy theories seems too subtle for most people to grasp. Here is one way to describe the difference:

  • A law against libel is intended to suppress accusations with no supporting evidence. This is justifiable. 

  • A law that stops conspiracy theories will stop people who disagree with the government. There is no justification for a government to suppress serious investigations or serious theories.

  • So why would European governments pass a law to stop conspiracy theories about the Holocaust? Are they trying to prepare people for laws that prevent conspiracy theories about September 11th, or an even bigger scam that has not yet occurred?

    Why is it illegal to question the Holocaust?

    As of today (March 2005), American University professors are legally permitted to create conspiracy theories for every historical event. Of course, only a few professors bother to use their freedom. One exception is professor Norman Finkelstein. His research can help us understand one of the reasons some people are supporting laws against questioning the Holocaust.

    Finkelstein's mother and father were prisoners in Nazi camps. After they got out of the camps they met each other and got married. They told their son Norman about life in the camps. Eventually Norman noticed that the official story did not exactly match the stories from his parents. Finkelstein was confused, so he looked more deeply into the events of World War II.

    Finkelstein eventually wrote a book in which he complains that enormous numbers of Jews are pretending to be survivors of the Nazi prison camps in order to get money from the German and/or other governments. He says his mother made the sarcastic comment:

    "If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?"

    Paul Rassinier was a prisoner at both the Buchenwald and Dora camps. During the 1950's and 1960's (he died in 1967) he wrote several books to dispute the gas chambers. His reason for writing about the camps was:

    "Then one day I realized that a false picture of the German camps had been created ...

    ...I suddenly felt that by remaining silent I was an accomplice to a dangerous influence."

    Professor Robert Faurisson in France has been complaining for decades about the distortions about the Nazi camps. These professors complain that a lot of Jews have grossly exaggerated the camps in order to extort money from European nations and America.

    A lot of Americans would respond that the Jews are justified in exaggerating the Holocaust. The problem with allowing people to distort history for revenge or financial benefit is that our history books become lies rather than an accurate description of human life.

    Unfortunately, most people don't care about history, so they don't care whether history books are accurate. Most people are interested only in football games, Star Trek fantasies, and alcohol.

    Millions of people would complain if television announcers got the football scores mixed up, but they would not care if history books are distorted in order to cover up government scams, or to allow people to extort money.

    Only a few people care that the Holocaust has been exaggerated. Some of them are professors, and some of them were prisoners of the camps. They are upset because they would like to see honest and accurate history books, not books that have been contaminated by criminals.

    The Incubator Babies

    As I describe in How do we distinguish Truth from Lies, there were stories circulating in America in 1990 about the evil Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of their incubators.

    There were eyewitnesses to this atrocity, such as this adorable girl who is holding back tears as she tells the world about those horrible Iraqis.

    Millions of Americans were enraged that the evil Iraqis would behave in such a savage manner, and this anger helped to bring support for the war in Iraq. The glorious, righteous Americans charged off to battle and slaughtered the evil Iraqis.

    Am I allowed to ask, how many babies were thrown out of the incubator? Am I an Incubator Baby Denier for asking such a question?

    Some people claim that zero babies were thrown out of incubators, and that the entire story is a hoax in order to enrage the Americans.

    Do you think history books should teach children the truth about the incubator babies? Or do you think the truth is irrelevant?

    Deniers? Or Truth Seekers?

    The people who complain that the Holocaust has been distorted are often referred to as "Holocaust Deniers". This is as deceptive as calling people "conspiracy nuts", or "anti Americans" or "unpatriotic" for questioning the official story about the September 11 attack.

    These "Holocaust deniers" are not denying that the Nazi camps existed, nor are they denying that people died in the camps. Rather, they are complaining about the distortions and lies about the camps.

    The term “Holocaust denier” was certainly created to give these people a bad image. A more accurate term for these people would be “people who are disgusted by the inaccuracies and lies in our history books.” An even better phrase would be “Holocaust Truth Seekers”.

    The Holocaust Truth Seekers want an accurate record of history. Some of these Holocaust Truth Seekers were prisoners in the camps, or children of prisoners, so they ought to be able to describe their experiences in the camp. Why should the government stop them from describing what they saw?

    The primary complaint of the Holocaust Truth Seekers is that the Nazi camps were slave labor camps, not extermination centers. The Holocaust Truth Seekers claim that most of the deaths were caused by typhus epidemics due to lice, and shortages of food during the final years of the war, not gas chambers.

    I think most people would respond,

    “What difference does it make whether the Nazi camps were intended for slave labor or for extermination? In either case, it was unimaginable abuse.”


    What happened at the Abu Ghraib prison?

    If you don't think there is any difference, or if you think that the Jews are justified in exaggerating the Nazi camps for their financial benefit, how would you feel if the Iraqi people exaggerated the crimes at the Abu Ghraib prison?

    I don't know much about what really happened at the prison, but news reports had admitted that some American and British soldiers embarrassed or frightened some Iraqi prisoners.

    There may have been a few murders and some serious torture, but to most of the prisoners, Abu Ghraib must have seemed like a country club compared to the prisons of World War II and the American Civil War. In fact, the ordinary Iraqi prisons may have been worse.

    The Iraqis outside the prison often suffered from incredible bombings, food and water shortages, and crime. If I was an Iraqi, and if I had to make a choice between being outside the Abu Ghraib prison or being a prisoner, I would ask for a tour of the prison before I made my decision.

    If you think my remark seems absurd, consider how it applies to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.. He was an American soldier during World War 2, captured by the Germans, and put in a prison camp in Dresden. He almost died when the Americans and British bombed the city for no apparent reason, other than to kill German civilians.

    It is possible that some of the Jews that survived the prison camps came from cities that were bombed simply for the purpose of killing Germans. If those Jews had been living in Dresden, they might have died. When those Jews were released from the prison camps, they should have thanked the Germans for getting them out of Dresden.

    The more I looked into World War I and World War II, the more I realized that our history books are full of lies. If it is OK with you that the Jews lied about the Germans, how would you feel if people lie about the Americans and British?

    How would you feel if the new Iraqi government decides to exaggerate the Abu Ghraib prison in order to extort money and sympathy from the American and British people?

    Imagine Iraq exaggerating Abu Ghraib

    Imagine an announcement from the Iraqi government that the Iraqi universities have investigated the Abu Ghraib prison and discovered thousands of bodies in mass graves.

    Weeks later the Iraqi government releases another report that states that further excavations at the prison have discovered dozens of additional mass graves. The total for the dead Iraqis is now up to 2 million.

    They also claim that many of these Iraqis were raped before being killed, and many of them were children. To further increase anger towards the American and British soldiers, they claim that many of the Iraqi children were raped after they were killed, and some were eaten.

    How would those news reports affect the world? I think that most of the British and American soldiers who worked at the prison would be shocked, and make remarks similar to:

    "I knew that a few Iraqis died, but millions? And I never knew about the raping or eating of dead bodies. I am ashamed of my nation. I am ashamed to be a soldier."
    Then imagine a few weeks later the Iraqi government releases another report to announce the discoveries of more mass graves. They also discover mass graves of Iranians and Turks. The total for the Abu Ghraib Holocaust is now up to 6 million dead Iraqis, 3 million dead Iranians, and 1 1/2 million dead Turks.

    Then imagine that the Iraqi government starts demanding enormous amounts of money from Britain and America as compensation for the Abu Ghraib Holocaust.

    And imagine that millions of Iranians, Turks, and Iraqi citizens claim to be families of the victims or survivors of the camp, and they want compensation for the abuse, the rape, and the beatings.

    If such a scam were to occur, a few of the British and American soldiers who worked at the prison would wonder:

    "How could so many people have been killed at that prison without me knowing about it? I was in every area of that prison, and I never saw any mass killings. Which of my friends soldiers were doing the killings and the raping of dead bodies? And how did they they kill and bury so many people so secretly?"

    Some of the Iraqi prisoners would also wonder how so many Iraqis could have been killed when they never saw any of the deaths.

    Eventually these inquisitive soldiers and prisoners would look through photographs and other evidence and notice that there is no support for the claims that millions of people were killed. They would wonder:

    "Did the the American and British military dispose of all the evidence so perfectly that not one trace of it remains? Or is the Abu Ghraib Holocaust a gross exaggeration?"

    The Iraqi government would want to stop these people, and what better way than to pass a law against denying the Abu Ghraib Holocaust? The law would be justified as protecting the truth of the Holocaust.

    If somebody complained that the Iraqi government was exaggerating the Abu Ghraib Holocaust, many American and British citizens would respond with such remarks as, 

    "The actual number of dead Iraqis is not important. Whether a million Iraqis were tortured to death, or 6 million, it was a terrible crime."


    If it is OK for Jews, why not Iraqis?

    If you would refuse to support the Iraqi people if they lied about the Abu Ghraib prison, why would you support the Jews who lie about the Nazi prisons?

    If you believe it is OK for Jews to exaggerate the Nazi prisons, why not allow every other group of people to exaggerate?

    If you allow one group of people to lie, it makes it difficult for you to reprimand other people for lying. If you are going to demand honesty from one group of people, you should demand it from all other groups.

    One of the reasons this world has so many problems is that the majority of people are hypocrites. Most people demand honesty of other people; not for themselves. Most people want strict law enforcement for other people, but not for themselves.

    The Holocaust Truth Seekers are not claiming that the Nazis were nice to the prisoners, rather, they are complaining that most of the prisoners died from disease and starvation, not gas chambers. Some of the Holocaust Truth Seekers are professors, and they want to teach their students history, not fiction.

    Life is however you want to look at it

    If you do not like my example of the Abu Ghraib Holocaust, here is another one for you.

    Imagine that the Native Americans get control of America in the future. What do you think they would write in their history books about the creation of America?

    I think they might describe the immigrants from Europe as criminals, alcoholics, and misfits. They might describe these immigrants as brutal savages who slaughtered the Native Americans, lied constantly, and used smallpox as a biological weapon of mass destruction.

    They might refer to the slaughter of their ancestors as The Holocaust. They might describe North America as a Death Continent. They might describe the "Indian Reservations" as Death Camps. And they might describe the United States of America as a nation of corruption, slavery, crime, drug abuse, and immoral behavior.

    They might describe the USA a cancerous nation that infested North America for centuries, and which caused worldwide chaos when they acquired nuclear weapons. They might describe the immigrants as "Europe's vile, human garbage".

    What would you think if the native Americans passed laws that allowed them to arrest anybody who disagreed with those particular descriptions of history? Would you be happy to see professors arrested for "Holocaust Denial" when they complained that the "Indian Reservations" were not really "death camps"?

    Should history books refer to the immigrants from Europe as pioneers who defended themselves from savages? Or were they Europe's Wretched Refuse who slaughtered the native Americans? Did those immigrants create the greatest nation in the world where people are free? Or did they create a nation of incredible corruption, immorality, and slavery? Should we refer to the camps as "Indian Reservations" or as "death camps"?

    Life is however you want to look at it. We must be free to discuss all issues.

    Will the hypocrisy ever stop?

    Most Americans treat the killing of Native Americans as family entertainment. For example, when I was a child, a common game was called “Cowboys And Indians”, in which the kids pretended to Cowboys or Indians, and then they had fun killing the Indians. Toy companies provided props for these games, such as uniforms, guns, and bows and arrows.

    If a German toy company provided props for a game called Nazis and Jews, in which the German children pretend to be Nazis who put Jews into prision camps, people around the world would probably condemn the Germans. So why is it acceptable for Americans to treat the killing of Indians as family entertainment?

    Americans also look favorably at the slavery of this nation. Many Americans justify our slavery on the grounds that the Southern plantations needed the African slaves because only Africans could handle the heat. While it certainly seems true that Africans can handle heat better than Europeans, that does not explain why the Africans had to be slaves. It seems to me that an African citizen can tolerate heat just as well as an African slave.

    I suppose if the people in Minnesota were using Alaskan Eskimos as slaves, they would justify it on the grounds that Eskimos are better at handling the cold weather.

    Since Americans are permitted to create idiotic excuses to justify our slavery and our slaughter of the native Americans, why can't other nations devise idiotic excuses for their slavery and their killings?

    Every nation behaves exactly like the nations they condemn. Every government and the majority of citizens appear incapable of intelligent reasoning. Selfishness is extreme all over the world.

    If Americans truly were the greatest people in the world, we would set a good example for other nations, rather than behave in the same disgusting manner as the people we condemn.

    We should encourage Europeans to get rid of their laws against questioning historical events. We should tell them that it is OK to discuss the Nazi camps, the September 11th attack, the Madrid Train bombings, and all other historical events.

    I will start by showing some interesting aspects of the Nazi camps.

    What really happened in the Nazi camps?

    The official story is that 6 million Jews, 3 million Poles, and millions of gypsies, criminals, and other people were executed at those extermination camps.

    However, it does not take much of an understanding of statistics to realize that the actual number could not possibly be exactly 6 million Jews or exactly 3 million Poles. Even when I was a young child I considered those figures to be just approximations to the nearest million.

    But some people are complaining that those figures are not even rounded to the nearest million. Rather, they complain that only 3 million Jews were killed. Other people say it was less than one million Jews. I've seen one estimate of less than 40,000.

    How can there be such wild differences of opinion over what happened at those camps?

    We can start by looking through the photographs. The US Military had photographers and news reporters with the troops, so there are lots of photos and reports of the war and the prison camps. A quick look through those photos will show you why there is such a dispute over what happened in those camps.

    The Gas Chambers

    There is a photo of an American soldier standing in front of a door to a gas chamber. On the front of the door is the skull and crossbones, and there are warnings in German about poison gas. Above the door is a sign in several different languages that warn about the danger of the poison gas.
    Would you be fooled into thinking this was the door to a shower room?


    This gas chamber was not disguised as a shower. In fact, I would expect the skull and crossbones to frighten people.

    This particular photo has been used as evidence that Nazis had gas chambers for killing people, but the Holocaust Truth Seekers complain that those particular chambers were designed to kill lice in bedding and clothing.

    Typhus and lice were serious problem in parts of Europe during World War II. The U.S. Army discovered that DDT will kill the lice. The Germans discovered that cyanide would kill them.

    If the goal of the Nazis was to kill the prisoners, there were thousands of much easier, much less expensive methods than to build camps with gas chambers. For example, they could have put prisoners on trains that have the windows sealed shut. As the trains are rolling down the track, the Nazis could release poison gas. The trains would then stop at a burial ground. The trains would dump the bodies for burial, and then go back to pick up another load of prisoners.

    There was no sensible reason to transport prisoners to a camp where they would have to be fed, especially when you consider that food was in short supply during the final years of the war. Even in America there were shortages of food. Why would the Nazis waste their time, money, and resources keeping these prisoners alive if their goal was to kill them?

    And why did the Nazis bother to protect the prisoners from typhus and lice? Why not put the prisoners in the camp, shut the gates, and let the lice and typhus kill them?

    We may never know the true details of what happened at the Nazi prison camps, but just looking at a few of the photos and just thinking about the issue for a few minutes should make you realize that something is seriously wrong with the official story.

    "Do your homework or you won't get dinner!"

    Many parents threaten their children with punishment, so I would not be surprised if some Nazi guards threatened the troublesome prisoners with death in the gas chamber. Some guards may have gone further and told the prisoners,
    "We have already killed millions of troublemakers in these gas chambers. Do you want to be next?"

    If any of the prisoners believed those threats, they would be a source of false information about Nazis killing millions of people in gas chambers.

    The Nazi ovens

    If you watched Steven Spielberg's movie Schindler's List, you saw a gigantic oven that the Nazis used for burning bodies.

    The problem with Spielberg's oven is that none of the photos taken by the US military show ovens anywhere near that size. For example, the Buchenwald camp appears to have four ovens. However, they were ordinary incinerator ovens, just like the type found at funeral homes. They burn only one body at a time. The bodies had to be lifted up and pushed into the oven, and then burned for a few hours.

    The ovens at the Buchenwald camp. The chambers on the bottom are for coal or wood. The body was put into the upper, larger chamber. The bricks are an indication of how small these ovens are.


    The Bergen-Belsen camp -- where Anne Frank died of typhus -- had only one oven. How many people could the Nazis burn with only one little oven? Incidently, according to the Anne Frank stories, she was first sent to Auschwitz, and then sent to Bergen-Belsen. If Auschwitz was a death camp, how did Anne Frank survive it?

    The camp at Auschwitz was the largest. In 1943 a row of what appears to be 14 ovens was built for it. However, not even these ovens can support the claim that millions of people were exterminated and burned.

    In 1943, this row of ovens were completed at Auschwitz, which gave this camp the most ovens of all camps.

    Notice that even at Auschwitz, these were ordinary funeral home ovens, not "Spielberg Fantasy Ovens".


    Furthermore, by the time these ovens were completed, the war was almost over, and there were shortages of fuel and other supplies, so it became increasingly difficult to burn the bodies. This could explain why many bodies were piled outside.

    Were the Nazis idiots or geniuses?

    Some people claim that the Nazis were so intelligent that they destroyed all of the Spielberg-style ovens and gas chambers before the Americans arrived, and they disposed of the evidence so perfectly that nobody has found any of it yet.

    At the same time, they say the Nazis were so stupid that they left piles of bodies at the camps even though just one Spielberg Fantasy Oven could have burned them within a day or two.

    The Nazis also allowed a lot of prisoners to survive. How many prisoners survived the camps? If we can believe the Jews who claim to be survivors, possibly millions. What kind of a death camp has so many survivors? Were the Nazis really so incompetent that most of the prisoners could survive their death camps?

    Does the remark by Professor Finkelstein's mother make more sense to you now?
    Some of the children at the Buchenwald camp who were released by American soldiers. The children of the prison camps are well fed, which is a sign that many of the adults were sacrificing their food for the children.

    Some people might respond that perhaps the Nazis were killing prisoners as fast as possible, but they ran out of time. However, some of the survivors were living at the camp for years. Why didn't they just stop feeding the prisoners?

    You prove that the Holocaust is true

    The American government has a collection of thousands of photos going back to the 1800's. I looked through every photo of the Nazi camps that I could find, but I could not find a single photo of a gas chamber for killing people. And the only ovens I could find were tiny.

    Is there another archive that has photos of the Spielberg-style ovens and gas chambers? Or is it possible that the government never bothered to put those photos on the Internet?

    If you believe the official Holocaust story, then you prove that it really happened as the government claims. Show us the photos, and explain the contradictory aspects of the prison camps, such as why the Nazis went to so much trouble to protect the prisoners from lice and typhus.

    I looked through the evidence, and it looks like a big hoax. Show me where I'm making mistakes.

    Also, notice that the Jews are keeping a lot of information about the Nazis a secret:

    What do you know about the Nazis?

    Most Americans believe they are experts on the subject of Nazis, but only a few people have bothered to look at the photos from World War 2.

    Most Americans also believe they are experts on the September 11th attack, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden. Most Americans are also experts on which presidential candidate should be elected, which religion is correct, and what our policy for abortion should be. Most Americans believe they are super geniuses, and that they know everything about every subject.

    In reality, most people know almost nothing about the world they live in. Most people are arrogant fools, or -- as the people who commit these scams would describe them -- useful idiots.

    Before you say anything about Nazis, look through the photos and do some research. Do you even know where the archives of photos are? How many American professors of history have looked at these archives?

    How can anybody be given a degree in history and referred to as an expert in history if he has not even looked at the photos of the Nazi camps? How can Ameircan universities be considered "educational" institutions when students are graduating with almost no understanding of what happened just a few decades ago?

    The photos shows that some Nazi prisons were real prisons, and some were slave labor camps, but none of them were extermination centers. Germany was losing the war during the final years, and they were desperate for military supplies. The Nazis began rounding up the unwanted people for the labor camps.

    The prisoners were given beds and food because they were making supplies for the German military. The Nazis wanted to keep the prisoners free of lice and typhus because sickly, miserable prisoners do not make good workers.

    Prisoners making rifles at the Dachau prison camp.


    One of few aspects of the movie Schindler's List that is accurate is that the prisoners worked in a factory. Some prisoners have even admitted that they were paid for working in the factories.

    Another aspect of the movie that is accurate is that some Jews were profiting from the suffering of the prisoners, just as Spielberg and many "Nazi Death Camp Survivors" are profiting from them today.

    I would expect each camp to have some type of internal law enforcement, and the troublesome prisoners were punished or killed. However, there is no evidence that millions were killed, nor was there an assembly line to make lamp shades from human skin, or soap from their fat.

    Only a few photos show a few prisoners being used in experiments. There may have been more people being used in experiments in Russia, Japan, and America.

    Most of the deaths were from typhus

    The photos of dead bodies are used as evidence that the camps were extermination centers. However, the bodies are very skinny, which is evidence that they died from lack of food or disease, not poison gas. The records that the Germans kept also show that typhus was killing a lot of people during the last few years of the war, mainly in Poland.

    Since the camps had only a few tiny incinerator ovens, only a few bodies could be burned each day, so when a typhus epidemic killed hundreds of prisoners in one week, the Nazis had to put the bodies into piles, or bury them in big pits.

    In the photo above, the war is over, and editors and publishers have been invited to the Nazi camps to see the dead bodies. These gullible editors went back home with stories that millions of people were killed in gas chambers.

    Most news reporters are "reporters", not "investigators". This makes it easy to fool the reporters into publishing nonsense. None of the editors ever asked, "Why are the prisoners so skinny?"

    You might think that the Germans who worked at these camps would complain about the exaggerations. However, photos taken by the American military show American soldiers killing the employees of the camp purely for entertainment.

    This photo shows American soldiers executing about 60 guards at Dachau.

    The Americans believe that they were fighting World War 2 to save the world from the evil Nazis, and they believe that the Nazis were angry with Jews simply because Germans are an evil species.

    In reality, the Americans and Europeans were Useful Idiots who were destroying their own nations and each other's nations.

    Jews are inadvertently exposing the hoax

    By trying to stop people from questioning the Holocaust, the Jews are inadvertently bringing attention to this issue.

    For example, Fredrick Toben was born in Germany and eventually moved to Australia. He created a web site to expose the Holocaust as a hoax. The German government demanded he come to Germany for trial for being a Holocaust Denier. Toben agreed to travel to Germany. He was then convicted and put in jail for seven months. He would have been in jail for a couple of years, but he got out early by arguing that nobody is forced to look at his web site.

    The arrest of Toben probably brought more attention to the Holocaust issue than Toben was bringing to it.

    Today the Jews are chasing after a Holocaust Truth Seeker named Ernst Zundel. Zundel was arrested in America and is being deported to Canada, so his arrest is making news in both America and Canada.

    I learned of both Toben and Zundel after they were arrested. If they had not been arrested, perhaps thousands of people would not know who they were.

    The Jewish Defense League and the Anti Defamation League believe that arresting the Holocaust Truth Seekers will stop people from discovering the Holocaust is actually a HoloHoax. It is ironic that both of those Jewish groups are inadvertently doing more to expose the HoloHoax than Zundel or Toben could ever hope to do.

    Update: Toben, Zundel, and almost everybody who is arrested for Holocaust denial is turning out to be a Zionist agent.

    They allow themselves to be arrested in order to frighten the Gullible Goyim into remaining silent about the HoloHoax.

    A clever trick, isn't it? Take a look:

    The real holocaust investigator seems to be Professor Robert Faurisson:

    The truth does not need a government to protect it, nor does the truth need the assistance of the Jewish Defense League. Only lies need assistance. The truth can be exposed to the world. In fact, the only way we will know what is true and what is false is to expose all the information. Secrecy protects lies, not the truth.

    If the Holocaust really happened, and if a little girl really did write Anne Frank's diary, we do not need laws to stop people from asking questions about those issues. Instead, the Jews could announce to the world,

    “Here is the evidence! Here are the photographs! Take a look for yourself.”

    The laws that prevent Europeans from discussing the Holocaust and Anne Frank's diary are evidence that both are scams.

    Look through the Holocaust museums yourself and try to find evidence of a gas chamber or a Spielberg Fantasy Oven.

    Here is Dachau:

    And this is the big one, Auschwitz:

    Searching for a gas chamber at the Nazi camps is like looking through the photos of the Pentagon for Flight 77. The photos show something, but not Flight 77.

    Likewise, the photos of Auschwitz show buildings and rooms, but are they really gas chambers for killing people? And where are the Spielberg Fantasy Ovens? Why is everything so vague and mysterious?

    9-11 was not their first scam

    When I first discovered the September 11th attack was a scam, I wondered why the people who conducted that scam would allow the collapse of Building 7 to be filmed by television crews. At least five video cameras recorded the collapse of Building 7.

    Building 7 could have been demolished at night, when nobody was watching. How could they know that they could get away with the demolition of that building?

    Eventually I discovered the answer to my question:

  • These people have already gotten away with other, very obvious scams. They have a lot of experience with deception and manipulation. These are professional con artists with years of experience.

  • Most people refuse to deal with corruption, so they ignore the September 11th attack, the Apollo moon landing, the HoloHoax, and other scams.


    The HoloHoax is not a secret

    I suppose some Jews are panicking as they read this; they are probably worried that I am letting out the secret about the HoloHoax.

    I would like to point out that the HoloHoax is not a secret! People -- including Jews! -- have been complaining about this hoax since before I was born. The entire hoax has been in front of everybody's face for decades, but only a few people will look at the evidence.

    It seems that every scam is exposed by somebody. The people who get away with the HoloHoax, the 9-11 attack, and other scams are not getting away with them because they are so clever that nobody can see the scam. Rather, they get away with them because the majority of people have no desire to face problems, think, learn, or be responsible.

    Two chapters in my book about the September 11th attack discuss the Warren Report, and I am often asked why I included two chapters about the Kennedy assassination when the book is about September 11th. One reason I included that material is to show you that you can determine that the Kennedy assassination was a scam simply by reading a small portion of the Warren Report.

    I am not exposing a secret when I say that the Kennedy assassination was a scam. In fact, people were complaining about that scam long before I realized it was a scam.

    The same is true of the HoloHoax. The evidence of the hoax is in front of our faces; all we have to do is open our eyes. Unfortunately, most people refuse to open their eyes. They run and hide, and call people a conspiracy nut, or a Holocaust denier.

    Are the Zionists "Criminals" or "Pioneers"?

    The 20th century seems to have been one scam after the next as the Zionists take advantage of other people to help them develop Israel.

    For example, World War 1 seems to be a scam to fool the British into driving the Turks out of Palestine, and then allow Jews to move to Palestine. 
    Here is one of my early articles on the: history of Israel

    A lot of people are angry that the Zionists are causing so much suffering, but how are the Zionists any worse than the American pioneers?

    The American pioneers deceived the Native Americans, lied to them, and slaughtered them. The Zionists are doing the same thing, except that they are doing it to the Europeans, the Americans, and the Russians.

    If the American pioneers are great people for creating a new nation, why not describe the Zionists as great people who are building a great nation for themselves?

    Life has always been a competitive struggle for animals, plants, and humans. The people with the most mental problems will always suffer in the long run.

    America, Europe, and Russia are dominated by people who are mentally incompetent. Crime and corruption is widespread in these nations. The goals of most of the people in these nations is money or fame, not making a better nation for themselves. These people have trouble working together, and they have trouble forming stable marriages and friendships.

    Most Americans turn to entertainers for guidance in life, and most consider George Bush and John Kerry to be qualified as president. How can such nitwits possibly survive a competition with Zionists? The Zionists have leaders who actually care about their people, and the Zionists are dedicated to creating a nation, not just stockpiling money for themselves.

    The Zionists have problems, also, such as crime and alcoholism, but they can work together for the good of the group. A small group of organized, intelligent people will be able to dominate a large horde of selfish, corrupt, and stupid people.

    Did any of the American pioneers feel sorry for the Native Americans? Of course not.

    So why should the Zionists feel sorry for Americans, Europeans, or Russians? Should the Zionists give themselves lobotomies to make themselves more equal to other people? Should the Zionists tell their children to drop out of school, and spend their time drinking, gambling, and watching TV so that they become more like the Americans?

    It is not the fault of the Zionists that Europe and America is so full of immoral, selfish, and mentally ill nitwits. It is not the fault of the Zionists that the American people spend enormous amounts of time feeling sorry for Underdogs and almost no time making a nice nation for themselves.

    The Underdogs will always suffer

    Have you ever watched a lion grab an antelope with its claws, pull it to the ground, and then bite into it? Do you feel sorry for that antelope? Do you feel its pain?

    Or are you happy to think that some baby lions will have some fresh food to eat?

    Have you ever noticed that there are no sickly animals in nature? Have you ever seen a bird lay down from exhaustion? Have you ever seen wolves that are so lazy that they hire coyotes to raise their babies? Have you ever seen a giraffe that complains he has to stand on his feet all day? Have you ever seen a spider complain that he wants to retire because he's tired of spinning webs?

    America, Europe, and Russia are full of people who spend enormous amounts of time hating the world, feeling sorry for themselves, commiting crimes, and drinking excessively. These are nations of sickly people.

    If everybody in the world was happy and healthy, and if we were all willing to contribute to society, we could make the world a beautiful place. With the technology we have today, we don't have to spend each day struggling for food or shelter. Instead, we could have plenty of time to enjoy beautiful cities, our wonderful variety of foods, and the beautiful sunsets, mountains, rivers, and flowers.

    So why is the world so full of fighting, crime, and misery? Why are so many people trying to avoid work rather than helping to make a better world? Because of the defective, unhappy, miserable people, that's why.

    Who is native to Mexico?

    Zionists are not the only people who are trying to take other people's land. For example, there are some Mexicans in the southwest of America demanding "their" land be returned to them.

    However, the Mexicans are not native to any land. The true natives of North and South America did not speak Spanish or Portuguese, nor did the true natives practice the Catholic religion. The Spanish speaking, Catholic Mexicans are descendants of Spaniards, Portuguese, and other Europeans.

    It is ridiculous for Mexicans to say that Mexico or Texas belongs to them. It makes more sense to argue that North and South America belong to the Incas, the Iroquois, the Aztecs, and other people who were living here hundreds of years ago.

    However, if we go back further in time we would find that the Incas had conquered some of their neighbors, and so did the Iroquois, and so did the Aztecs. So we might say that Incas and Aztecs should give the land back to the people they conquered.

    Or why not behave like Zionists and say that North and South America belongs to whoever might have wandered through this area 2000 years ago?

    The offspring of rape victims

    The situation becomes even more absurd when you consider that some of the Mexicans, Brazilians, and others are likely to be descendants of rape victims. There are numerous reports of Spanish and Portuguese sailors raping the Native Americans. Some of those rape victims probably had children. And those children eventually had children, and so on, giving rise to who knows how many thousands of people.

    Should we allow the descendants of rape victims to lay claim to North and South America?

    The spanish-speaking, Catholic Mexicans are laying claim to Mexico, and some of them are laying claim to California and Texas. However, if the descendants of those Spanish intruders to this continent can claim to be the rightful owners of this land, then why can't I also make such a claim? My ancestors are also intruders from Europe.

    Therefore, I am officially making an announcement that I own all of Mexico. I am also claiming all of North and South America, and the Falkland islands.

    The Wretched Refuse of Spain and Portugal

    It gets worse. Just as most of the immigrants to North America were Europe's Wretched Refuse, so were many of the sailors and other Europeans who took over South America.

    As I tried to explain in other documents, your life is a reflection of your mind, and a nation is whatever the people make it. 
    For example:

    Don't blame other people for your problems, and don't blame other people for the problems we find in North and South America.

    North and South America have a lot of crime, stupid people, corruption, dishonesty, selfishness, and wild behavior simply because so many of Europe's crummy people contaminated this land.

    Other nations are also full of corruption, fighting, and misery because there are lots of neurotic, unhappy, and miserable people and other nations, also.

    Slaves were the Wretched Refuse of Africa.

    It gets even worse. The slave traders were purchasing slaves from the African people, but where did the African people get them? Were the Africans selling their best friends or the best children? I don't think so. I think they were selling their criminals, retards, and idiots.

    Many historians claim that most of the African slaves were "prisoners of war". That expresion probably gives you images of a prison camp of the Vietnam War, or perhaps World War 2. This in turn might give you the impression that the African prisoners were random samples of the African population.

    However, the prisoners of war were not necessarily typical. Warfare in Africa during the slave period was very primitive. There were no cars, bombs, or radios. The people had to run after each other, and most were barefoot. How could anybody become a prisoner in that type of warfare?

    People became prisoners in that era only if they gave up. If an African refused to become a prisoner, several members of the conquering tribe would have to work together to grab him by his arms and legs, tie him up with primitive rope that was in short supply, and drag him back to the slave trading port.

    Futhermore, if a prisoner was badly hurt in the struggle to be captured, he might arrive at the slave trading port crippled or bleeding. Would anybody want to purchase him? If not, what would be the point of capturing a troublesome prisoner?

    Lions do not chase after the fastest antelope. Rather, they pick the antelope that is the easiest to catch.

    Humans also select the simple path in life. Why bother with troublesome prisoners when there are plenty of submissive and stupid people who are easier to catch, and less likely to be damaged during the capture process?

    If we could go back in time and watch the slaves get captured, I think we would find that the Africans who put up a struggle were abandoned, and that most of the Africans who were captured were dumber and/or more submissive than average.

    African-Americans like to imagine that their ancestors were Africa's finest people who just happened to get captured in a fight, and European-Americans like to imagine that their ancestors were Europe's finest people who just decided one day to get away from all the stupid people, corruption, and monarchies.

    However, I would bet that most of the Africans that were sold as slaves were the Wretched Refuse of Africa, or we might call them Africa's Black Trash.

    Human trash is everywhere in the Americas

    To summarize this, the White Trash from Europe settled in North America. They purchased the Black Trash of Africa to use as slaves. The Brown Trash from Portugal and Spain settled in Central and South America. And today the White Trash in America is using the Brown Trash as replacements to the Black Trash.

    Are you suprised that North and South America have high levels of corruption, crime, wild behavior, dishonesty, selfishness, and mental illness? 

    Maybe the Zionists are doing us a favor

    The world is a mess because of the people in it. Our problems have nothing to do with a lack of technology, or a lack of money. The world is whatever the people make it, but instead of making a better world, most people cheat, fight, hate, pout, withdraw from reality, and try to find slaves or servants.

    Life is however you want to look at. We could describe the Zionists as exploiting the innocent Americans, Russians, and Europeans, or we could say that life is a competitive struggle for all creatures, and the majority of Americans, Russians, and Europeans are losers in the competitive struggle with Zionists.

    If the Zionists destroy Europe, America, and Russia, why not consider it nature's way of getting rid of the crummy societies?

    Take a serious look at America, Russia, and Europe. Do you really want these nations to remain exactly as they are today? Do you really want this crime, corruption, and misery to continue?

    Most people will not change unless they are forced to change. For example, most alcoholics will not do anything to improve their life until they are facing some serious problem, such as losing their job, spouse, or life.

    Nations do nothing to improve themselves, either. Perhaps these sickly nations need to face death before the people will bother to change their disgusting attitudes and make their nations better.