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Zion's Provocateurs

Why are the police allowing themselves be exploited?

19 Sep 2007

The Zionists
are treating
the police
as retards,
and the police
are allowing it!

Hey, police!

Get a clue!

If it's wrong to trick retarded girls into sex...

Alex Jones, Andrew Meyer, Mark Dice, Luke Rudkowski, and others set up publicity stunts in which they wait for video cameras to be properly positioned, and then they behave in an obnoxious manner, sometimes causing themselves to be arrested. Some examples:

Alex Jones arrested in 1998 while George Bush gives a speech:

Luke Rudkowski harrasses New York City Mayor Bloomberg in 2007:

Andrew Meyer gets arrested in 2007:

These provocateurs are using the police to get free publicity, promote propaganda, manipulate the public, and create fear of the police.

We consider it wrong for men to trick retarded girls into letting them have sex, so why isn't it wrong for these provocateurs to abuse the police? Andrew Meyer (in the photo below), should be arrested.

You might enjoy this music video that makes fun of him:
"Can't Tase This"

On 19 September 2007, two days after Andrew Meyer's staged incident, Alex Jones interviewed one of Andrew Meyer's friends, and Jones did his usual of encouraging hatred and fear of the police. Many other people in the Zionist media also promoted this incident to make the police look like stupid thugs.

Why don't the police defend themselves?

The police should investigate people who cause trouble to determine if they are provocateurs. When the police find evidence that these people are staging events, the provocateurs and their cameramen should be arrested. Instead, the police behave like a retarded girl; specifically, they allow themselves be raped over and over and over.

Why are these provocateurs getting free publicity time after time? Why do the police allow these provocateurs to make the police look like violent idiots? Why don't the police complain about the abuse they receive from the media?

One reason our police don't complain about the provocateurs or the media is the same reason they don't do anything about the criminals responsible for the 9/11 attack, the bombing of the building in Oklahoma City, the demolition of the levees in New Orleans, and hundreds of other crimes. Specifically, many of our top law enforcement officials are working for the Zionist crime network, and they block all attempts to investigate the crime network.

Instead of arresting the criminals involved in the 9/11 attack, the mayor of New York City, the fire chief, and the police chief were presented with awards by Queen Elizabeth for their assistance in the September 11 attack!
Rudy Giuliani was made "Knight Commander of the British Empire".

The BBC has some more photos of the exciting ceremonies with Queen Elizabeth and Tony Blair here

Every nation has allowed their media, police departments, military, and government to be infiltrated and dominated by organized crime networks. This is why none of our top government officials, media executives, or law enforcement officials have any interest in stopping organized crime. They also have no desire to stop the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are suckers for allowing these corrupt officials to dominate our lives.

The police are also provocateurs!

Another reason the police cannot stop the Zionist provocateurs is because the police also engage in this behavior. Here is a video from Canada in which three policemen, wearing masks, try to start violence:

The police admitted that they had sent the men to the protest, but they claim that the men were there to prevent violence, not instigate violence:

Police can't stop crime by committing crimes

The police are often frustrated that they can't stop crime, and they are often tempted to commit crimes in order to stop crime. Unfortunately, that method doesn't work. When the police commit crimes, they ruin their reputation, create disgust and fear of the police, and make it difficult to attract honest people to the police force.

The theory that the police must commit crimes in order to stop crimes is similar to the theory that we need a secret agency, such as the CIA, to conduct secret murders in order to counteract the secret agencies of other nations. However, history shows that these policies have failed continuously, so why do we continue to believe they will work?

We need to take a serious look at our attitudes towards crime, our court system, and our treatment of criminals. Our legal system is so worthless and corrupt that businesses use it to suppress their competition. One of the examples I've written about is the suppression of Stevia and hemp fiber:

We are fools to expect such a crummy legal system to reduce crime. We need to provide ourselves with better government leaders and a more useful legal system, as I discuss in such articles as the "Dumbing Down" series:

The police need to be educated

The police need to learn about Zionism, but the police departments are foolishly (or deliberately) sending policemen to propaganda programs conducted by the ADL to trick the police into becoming Zionist warriors who fight "anti-Semitism":

Policemen who don't understand Zionist tactics can easily be fooled into becoming Zionist attack dogs.

A policeman should be able to correctly answer this quiz:

Find the Pattern!

Alex Jones, Andrew Meyer, Luke Rudkowski, and other citizens are often hassled or arrested by the police for exercising their freedom of speech. These citizens support Ron Paul, Greg Palast, the Zeitgeist video, and the theory that Israel is an innocent victim of the Bush family and the Illuminati. What is the pattern:

a) The police are violent pigs; America is a police state.
b) The Bush family is suppressing freedom of speech.
c) Those citizens are Zionist provocateurs, and we are suckers to let them abuse us.

"Bad Jews! Whatcha gonna do when we come for you?"

Andrew Meyer describes himself as a "Good Jew", as seen in this portion of a screen image from his sales page: (Update: As of October 31, 2007, he took all of the text off this page, and the page is not in the Google cache or the Internet archive. The small image below shows a portion of a screen image of his sales page, and here is a larger image of the top part of the sales page. The first item he has for sale is the Chameleon Light, although I didn't bother with a screen image of that or other items for sale.)

In reality, Meyer and the other provocateurs and Zionist criminals are Bad Jews. Maybe the police would be inspired to go after the Zionist criminals if Bob Marley changed his song to "Bad Jews; Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

If Queen Elizabeth continues to give knighthoods to America's corrupt government officials, we could use a song "Bad Liz; Whatcha gonna do when we come for you?"

Take a serious look at your life

The world is wasting an enormous amount of resources and engineering talent on wars, weapons, false flag attacks, and crime related activities. Most of this is the result of the Zionist crime network. If we could get rid of this network, we could put all those resources into doing something useful for ourselves. This crime network is the most significant problem for the entire planet.

We live for such a short period of time. What do you want to do with what's remaining of your life? Are you going to waste it in front of a television and allow Zionist criminals to pump propaganda and bad attitudes into your mind?
  "Yes, my little darlings, George Bush cheated John Kerry in the 2004 election, and the evil police TASER innocent citizens who ask questions about it."

Or will you help us put an end to this insanity? We can get rid of organized crime. All we need is more people to stop being fearful and resist their offers of money, kidnapped children, gambling, and fame. All we need is more people to spread this information. Is this really so difficult?

The people who work for these crime networks should consider rebelling. Help us get rid of them. Don't be so afraid. Do something useful with your miserable life. The people inside the crime network can do more damage to them than any of us on the outside, so do something!

“Moshe's battery failed, so I told the cop,

'Don't TAZE me yet, bro, the cameraman has to change batteries' 

But even after that remark nobody realized that I was setting myself up to be arrested.”