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JFK - a connection to Zionists in Toronto?
Italian Army tests Oswald's gun and proves Oswald was a patsy. What will the liars do now? Bugliosi says Oswald did it; Alex Jones and others promote this theory. They all want to "Blame the Goys", but don't overlook the Zionists in Toronto.

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Pedophilia at Hospitals?
A reader who works at Children's Hospital is wondering, why do policemen visit every day?

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Did the Zionist Jews blow it again?
Jackson's suspicious death looks like a sloppy murder that went wrong. This gives us another opportunity to learn about the techniques of these criminal Jews.

Furthermore, society should be discussing such issues as whether we want to continue allowing people, especially children, to become phenomenally wealthy and famous.

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Can you resist emotional candy?
Katie Piper provides important lessons about how we have a tendency to trust people who offer us candy.

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Learn from my experiences
Why should you care about the people who contact me? So that you can learn their tricks and avoid becoming a victim!

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Peggy Brabender (Peggy Borger) - a woman who wants to marry me
Why is her attraction to me so intense? Is she a Conspiracy-Theorist Stalker? Is she fishing for traitorous Jews?

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Peggy Borger sequel - she is at it again!
My future wife?

Or another diabolical attempt to trap and control me?

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Mark Fuhrman on JFK and OJ Simpson
Mark Fuhrman and Vincent Bugliosi say Oswald killed JFK, and that OJ Simpson is a murderer. The policemen lie, the FBI lies, the media lies, the government lies... when are we going to get better people in control of the world? Are both the police and OJ Simpson connected to organized crime?

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Hollywood Whores!
Greetings, loved ones!
Let's take a journey!

A journey through my interpretation of Katy Perry's song "California Gurls"!

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A bridge in Minneapolis crumbles
Learn from 9/11. There are some amazing similarities.

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Dr. Kenneth Salyer talks... lies... about JFK
After 45 years, CBS interviews one of the doctors who treated President Kennedy after he was shot.

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The USS Liberty
Do you know that in 1967 Israel attacked an un-armed US military communication ship with unmarked airplanes? Some interviews are here.

Is Mike Piper trying to frighten the survivors into silence?
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Did Paul McCartney die in 1966?
There were rumors that Paul McCartney of the Beatles had died in a car accident in 1966. Almost everybody dismissed this as nonsense, or a publicity stunt. The mysterious disappearance of Christopher Bollyn, Carol Valentine, and others justify a re-examination:

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Plus, two Italian researchers try to disprove the "silly" conspiracy theory, but they fail. Their work is now scientific evidence to support the theory!

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Cooking with Eric!
I decided to try something different.

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How many "accidents" really are accidents?
I think a lot of the recent disasters and strange events are attempts to instigate fights, manipulate governments, and control the opposition.

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Are Jews more logical?
The Vulcans in the television show Star Trek, and the aliens in the television show V are more logical and less emotional than humans. Why?

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Poisoning the well
A woman sent me this article, and it got me thinking about the miscarriage of William Rodriguez's wife and the accusations of Jews poisoning the well and spreading disease.
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Chem trails, Holograms, and Blue Screen
Can you trust the people who talk about "chemtrails"? How about the people who promote blue screen or holograms? Take a look at who promotes the theory and be careful

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The bizarre murder of Michael Zebuhr
Why are the "9-11 Investigators" still ignoring this?

Update: The case for murder by The Scholars for 9/11 Truth becomes stronger

Expose the UFO hoax!
The Zionists may have wasted tens of billions of US tax dollars trying to create alien spacecraft so that they can manipulate us by faking an alien landing or invasion.
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Also check out this and this



Eric Hufschmid interviews a mother of a Columbine victim
Even if some of Donna Taylor's information is inaccurate, thousands of people knew the attack was coming. It is worse than you thought!

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From Bollyn: What role did anti-depressants play?

The Hariri Bombing
Investigative reporter Christopher Bollyn exposes evidence linking Israel to the murder of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Hariri.

Does this incredible crater look like a "car bomb" to you?

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Is the Pope really Catholic?
It should be obvious that the Vatican is not providing any intelligent leadership, and that they cover up pedophilia. But is it because they are merely incompetent pedophiles? Or have they been infiltrated by Zionists?

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Car Bombs
Science Challenge # 12

Have you noticed that some car bombs are making enormous craters? Is this possible from a bomb in a car?

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Albert Einstein
Super Genius? Or Super Plagiarist?

Was Einstein a Zionist? An interview that gets into that issue, plus Henry Ford, the Rothschilds, the Protocols of Zion, and lots more:



Do you know why stevia and hemp are illegal?
Do you know what Stevia is? Did you know that hemp fiber can be used for paper, rope, and clothing? Why are such a versatile products illegal in the US and certain other nations?

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Do you need a Katrina Commission Report?
The levees mysteriously broke open in three places, even though the engineers who inspected the broken sections said they cannot understand it. Then the government mysteriously could not figure out how to rescue people for several days. Can you figure it out?

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Peter Kawaja exposes Joyce Riley
This video quality is low, but with the mysterious disappearance of the Bollyn family, it is important to understand the Zionist tricks. Riley is now married to Dave von Kleist, and together they put out propaganda about the Gulf War illness and 9/11.

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“Stop blaming Jews!” 
“Marie, the peasants don't like it 
when you refer to the Illuminati as Jews

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Israel's failed attack in Mexico
One month after 9/11, two Israelis were arrested for trying to bomb the Mexican government. A Mexican Army general released them! The Zionists are deceiving and manipulating all nations.

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The Mexican Army also serves Israel

Help the police realize that TASERs are not toys
The police and military have been fooled into testing tasers on themselves! Would they test their guns on one another? The manufacturers of TASERs want to make TASERs appear harmless so they can sell them to consumers, but the police should not risk internal damage from electricity simply for corporate profit. Help the police and military realize that they're being taken advantage of by their corrupt and incompetent leaders.

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Plus, don't fear the police or military.
Instead, help them realize that they're suckers!
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Laugh at the "New World Order"
Music and songs to keep your spirits up as you help us expose and defeat the Zionists: LaughAtTheNewWorldOrder.html

I also have amusing images: Humor.html
And more jokes: For_911_victims.html
And don't forget my Final Solution to Holocaust Denial

Why do Jews dominate the pornography industry?
Jews seem to dominate the pornography industry, but not to help us understand our bodies, sexuality, childbirth, digestion, or anything else. Rather, they enjoy it, and they're using it to break down our society.
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Linux and Microsoft Windows
Is Linux a viable replacement for Windows? Or a Marxist fantasy?

Here are a series of articles I wrote in the years 2000 and 2001 about Linux, Microsoft, and related issues. Some of the criticism about Linux is now outdated because the Linux supporters have since started behaving a bit better:

Hufschmid's Linux articles