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21 December 2009

Since my imaginary “city of castles” is so different from today's cities, here are some more details on the benefits of this type of city.

More artistic variety

The lounges and recreational rooms would use different styles of furniture and lighting, providing a lot of variety.

The different styles of furniture and architecture would encourage people to get out of their house and meet with other people.

Teenagers would have their own areas that have furniture that is better able to withstand abuse.

The dining areas and recreational rooms for children would be even more durable, and even easier to clean.

Protection from the weather and insects
The courtyards that are under glass or plastic roofs are protected from the weather, and most insects.

The swimming pools, picnic tables, cafes, and other areas inside the covered courtyards would be comfortable all year, and all night.

If a city is in a very cold climate, the courtyards would get cold during the winter, so the restaurants and lounges in the courtyards might want a roof and glass walls.

In some climates, the lounges and restaurants within the courtyards might want a roof and a wall or two, but not walls on all sides.

Encourages people to socialize
Sometimes we want to relax alone at home, or with a friend, child, or spouse, but many people, especially in America, are spending most of their leisure time with their television, computer, or dog, and when they get together with other people, it's often awkward and uncomfortable.
To encourage people to get out of their house and find people that they truly get along with, the castles could provide rooms that can hold perhaps a dozen people, and which have high-quality television sets.

The castle could afford to provide a lot more recreational equipment than the typical pool tables.

For example, the castle could provide pianos, guitars, computerized sewing machines, stereo microscopes, robots that play musical instruments, and all sorts of CNC machines.

The rooms could be in different styles to provide variety.

Lots of parks, gardens, and paths
The area between the castles could be parks, gardens, small lakes, creeks, bicycle paths, footpaths, and sports areas.

By putting gardens and parks around and inside the castles, we would live within a garden rather than live among asphalt roads, concrete sidewalks, parking lots, and homeless beggars.
We have the ability to make the Earth into a paradise.

The only thing that's stopping us are the savages, parasites, and freaks who cheat, manipulate, lie, steal, murder, kidnap, plagiarize, pout, and hate.

We can make artistic fantasies come true!

We can create beautiful cities that are nestled among beautiful parks and gardens.

Let’s Do It!

Let's start experimenting with new cities, governments, and other social technology!


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