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The criminal Jews are
still failing to create racial fights

27 May 2009
Updated 7 June 2009 here

Remember when the Jewish media tried to provoke anger with cartoons about Mohammed? Christopher Bollyn wrote about this trick.

Other people, such as Dutch politician Geert Wilders, also constantly try to provoke fights with Muslims.

Ever since Obama became a candidate, the Jewish media has been struggling to stir up racial fights by giving publicity to products that they can describe as "racist", such as, Obama waffles leave a racist taste in mouth.

Fortunately, most people ignored these attempts. Below are some of their failures.

In Turkey, a man puts black paint on his face, and the image of him as he reports about Obama is promoted by the Jews as mocking Obama:

The Jews were probably hoping that we would assume this was mainstream Turkish television. Fortunately, most black people either didn't notice this, or they ignored it because they are aware that Jews are trying to instigate racial fights.
“We Jews feel the pain you blacks feel.

Jews have suffered discrimination for 6000 years. That's why we have a special bond with you nigg... uh, black folks. You can trust us. We love you. We will help you.”

The German company offering this product said they were unaware of the possible racist overtones.

Fortunately, black people were also unaware of - or ignored - those overtones.

In Russia, a company offered a chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and the Jewish media promoted it as stirring anger.

Fortunately, it only stirred anger among the frustrated Jews who were furious that the black people remained calm.

This restaurant in New York City was described as ruffling feathers.

Fortunately it ruffled only the feathers of Jews who were angry that black people were ignoring this, also.

The Jewish media said that the Obama Chia was removed from retail stores because it was racist and creating a hairy uproar.

However, most blacks yawned rather than roared.

Wolf Blitzer tried to provoke anger over the racist Obama Chia by giving it television coverage.

Fortunately, they are provoking people to switch channels.

A lot of people referred to President George Bush as a chimp, but when people use the monkey image with Obama, the Jewish media promotes it as racist.
When somebody used the children's storybook character Curious George to represent Obama on T-shirts, it got extra publicity when the publisher of the Curious George books considered filing a lawsuit.
The white supremacists at aryanwear produced a lewd Obama shirt, which would make sense if you've seen my evidence that the white supremacists are actually Zionist Jews in Nazi clothing.

We must expose and destroy this disgusting crime network.

Help people realize that criminal Jews are trying to provoke fights between nations, men and women, political parties, religions, races, and every other group.

Be suspicious of Jews!

In 2007 Paula Zahn and Allan Chernoff of CNN reported about some Caucasian students having a "racist" party over the Martin Luther King holiday. A transcript is here.

When Jews promote or ignore something, ask "Why?"

Why would CNN select this particular party for worldwide publicity when there are millions of news items to choose from?

Why do they ignore more important news?

How would CNN even be aware of a party of a few unknown college students?

The answer is that an international network of criminal Jews has purchased and taken control of our media, and they use the media to deceive us, provoke fights, and encourage destructive behavior.

We ought to wonder, were the criminal Jews also secretly involved in setting up this party?

Update  7 June 2009:
During his Sunday radio show on 7 June 2009, Alex Jones did another common Zionist trick:

1) The Jews try to create anger or a problem.
The Todd and Don Show is a radio show in Texas. One of their advertisements has excerpts of a woman who thinks it's a good idea to abort Mexican babies. Alex Jones plays that advertisement in order to show his audience that there are mysterious racists who hate Mexicans and blacks. Here is an excerpt from the Alex Jones radio show:
Jones-abort-brownies-7June2009.mp3 70 kb

2) The Jews pretend to be our savior.
After Jones assumes the audience has become angry at the racists, he starts yelling about how he hates the arrogant, elitist, racists. Jones is trying to fool his audience into thinking that he loves all races. Here are a few seconds:
Jones-savior-7June2009.mp3 60 kb

The image comes from a video made by a man named Troy who does an excellent imitation of Alex Jones. 

He removed his video, but I have some excerpts on my Alex Jones page here.

By the way, when I signed in to PayPal the other day, this picture was in one of their advertisements. It looks like Bill Cosby and his son, but it's not.

Did you know that Bill Cosby's son was murdered?

Is it just a coincidence that somebody selected those two particular men for this advertisement? Or did Jews do this to send a message to Bill Cosby or other black people that they better be careful what they say?

Are some black people starting to get rebellious? Are some black people starting to realize that their good friends, the Jews, who claim to understand the pain of discrimination, are really just liars and criminals?


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