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Jul 3: My message to Andy Hitchcock
Jul 3: Andy Hitchcock's response
Jul 11: A response to this dispute from one of you


My message to Andy Hitchcock

Thu, Jul 3, 2008:

Why don't you send me a brief description, or a lengthy one if you prefer, of your side of the story and I'll put it up so that people can see what you have to say?

That will give you an opportunity to explain that Smith is incorrect when he tells people that you're Jewish, and you can explain why it is that you consider him to be a trustworthy friend and researcher.


Andy Hitchcock's response

Subject: Re: Show
Date: 7/3/2008

Hi Eric,

Thank you for the opportunity to respond and for letting your visitors know you have done this by putting an update note up on your site.

As I mentioned in the previous email, in a conversation with Daryl some months ago, he made the comment, "You're Jewish aren't you." 

I emailed him about your audio file yesterday and he subsequently phoned me up.

He told me that he'd previously come to that conclusion as he'd done some research and the name Hitchcock was Jewish and Alfred Hitchcock was Jewish, I presume he passed that information onto you.

I subsequently investigated this online myself and discovered he is never noted as such but always described as a catholic.

There's a bit about him here:

So from what I've been told, the assumption that I am Jewish has been made upon my surname alone and all I can say to you and your supporters is that is not true.

With regard to Daryl, I do regard him as good for this movement as the audio files he puts up seem to be accurate of the times we are in and the historical books he puts up on his site are very useful and can be quite costly to get hold of (as I found when I was buying expensive secondhand copies to research my book), so I believe in putting the Nesta Webster, Archibald Ramsey etc stuff out, he is providing people with the opportunity to educate themselves.

Daryl invited me to France and I was happy to go, having spoken to him for many hours with no concerns, albeit largely in an interview setting.  I stayed for four days and had quite a pleasant time.

I understand that you both have fallen out, and when I emailed you to stop attacking Daryl, I also emailed Daryl to stop attacking you, I just got annoyed that two people who had supported my work from the beginning were continually at each others throats, but in hindsight, it was none of my business and I should not have got involved.

I hope this answers your email, but if you or your supporters require anything further, please contact me.



A response to this dispute from one of you

A person who has been following this dispute listened to the audio file that Smith and Hitchcock produced for Tuesday 8 July, and he sent me this analysis and partial transcript of their remarks:

Friday, Jul 11, 2008:

Below is a transcript of a section of part one of the lastest Hitchcock interview with Daryl Smith. 

You will notice below that they skirt around the fact that Smith claimed it was Hithcock who was Jewish and they try to make it seem like you are throwing out accusations with no basis.

Remember how you reproduced the emails where you told him that you heard he was Jewish because of Daryl Smith?

Well in the email exchange Andrew never denied that Daryl said the thing about him being Jewish FIRST. So why wouldn't he say on the radio broadcast that it was DARYL WHO SAID IT FIRST and not you and that you are merely repeating Daryl's words? Why is he making it out like YOU started this when it was in fact Daryl? 
Now Andrew says he doesn't talk about the holocaust for certain reasons. Apparently because Smith is in France and they have hate laws. If that is so, then why does Daryl Smith put up David Cole's stuff?

I remember a long time ago when you worked with Smith and you guys have David Cole stuff on there. And then it suddenly went missing and was no longer there. Why? Did Smith take it down because he was afraid of French hate laws? If so, then why would he be willing to put up David Cole videos now? Is it beacuse his website used to be hosted in France but it isn't anymore and so that's the loophole that allows him to put up David Cole videos now when he couldn't in the past? But how can that be if you were his webmaster and you are based in America?
Note from Eric Hufschmid: Smith's website is with godaddy in America, and I know this because I foolishly was trusting Smith and ended up using my credit card to pay for his site. I wrote about it here when I discovered that godaddy wouldn't remove my credit card from his billing information.

In the back of his book, I checked Andrew Carrington's index. He has this:

Holocaust, 261
holocaust denial 212

On 212, he talks about what European countries have passed holocaust denial laws. On 261 he quotes Stephen Steinlight, former director of national affairs at the american jewish committee talking about Christian guilt over the holocaust

Here's a partial transcript. Please note that I stopped listening to this nonsense at the sixteen minute mark. Andrew goes on for a bit more and then actually gets into the timeline stuff.
4:00 minutes

There are forces out there working overtime to destroy the messenger again. As they have from time to time for both of us. But I have caught more of that than you have.

They are out in full force against me in the internet. I have been banned on a couple more servers in Europe? Are you getting the same kind of attacks?


Your former partner Eric Hufschmid claimed I was Jewish which is incorrect. He never asked me or came to me about it, he just decided to say it. So I politely emailed him back and said he was misinformed.

And then he asked for a further explanation which I've gone into, then he has written an article about the other sites, he says if I'm not Jewish, I don't have to be Jewish to be bad. But that's a fair comment, I have no problem with that. 


ha ha
He goes into the fact that Alfred Hitchcock was probably Jewish. There's pictures of him and he looks Jewish. He goes on and on and it's absolutely pathetic. Ravings of a madman.

Incidentally, for the benefit of the audience, I shouldn't have to go into this level of people to look at my work, he says at the end of his article, he says I don't attack Israel. And I DO talk about another topic we don't discuss on this show for reasons the listeners are aware of. 




Now if they think that, they've clearly not read the book. And he hasn't. He has only read the Rothschild timeline. Now the book has three times more information. I put it into a book because I was getting all this other information and it was just too big to put up on a site. Which is why we have given the ability to get it in bite size chunks which split the book up into ten segments.

People can read an easily digestable segment instead of being faced with the whole thing on the screen which people don't tend to look at. It's just too much.


This same guy, I have come to understand that his goal has been to destroy cohesion in my support base and others and he was using me as a jumping vehicle to destroy other people's reputations.

When I got done with this criminal, I felt a lighter load around my world, but at the same time, it got me invovled in doing more historical work and bringing together historic past with present.

It was thanks to Hufschmid for moving me in the right direction with me beating people over the head with history. And if people are upset with me, they can just go to him.

Oh, now they're claiming I'm Jewish too. Apparently, I look Jewish in a photograph or something. They say I look like Joe Pesci who is apparently Jewish.

The fact is, these people think that you and I are Jewish. And if they believe it, they'll believe anything. The stuff we put out attacks the criminality of this group. But we also talk about things people have never heard of.

I have had emails from supporters a lot. They view this kind of thing all the time. I have never actually been attacked directly by Eric Hufschmid. In private conversations, I said I believe it was a falling out you and him had. I sent him an email some months ago after I heard him attacking you again. I sent it to both of you saying you should just move on and not worry about attacking each other. I was wrong.

It is clear to me, that there is no reason to try and do what he has done to me. He just has. I can only say to the listeners to make your judgements based on the facts. Compare what he's putting out with what we're doing.


There are some agents out on the blogs and forums and even some of the other websites stating that the facts I put out and can prove and have proven are being ignored and they're bringing up old chesnuts for me to destroy my reputation.

In the end, what I have discovered is when people do their due dillgence, they look behind the veil and find that what these people are putting out are lies and it gives me more credibility.

If you just read the books and documents we have put out over the past three and a half years, you can't deny the bad guys are from a certain community. If I'm Jewish, I don't care.

Someone said, "Why do I put jewish researchers on my site?" I said that I'm not against Jews. I'm against criminals. I have no problem with Jewish people who aren't part of this crime gang. If you found out the Italian mafia was robbing you everyday, you wouldn't blame the Italians, you would say these people are robbing me but not all Italians are.

Many Jews don't even know what their leaders are doing. The best way for these people to be destroyed in their base, is to have their own community reject them.

Freedman, Fagan, Bernstein, David Cole. Someone asked me why I put Cole up there. I don't know if he's honest or not. All I'm trying to show is that he is a Jewish gentlemen who made certain discoveries. I don't speak for him of verify his assertions.

I am just saying there are some Jews who seem to be fighting againt the crime gang. As a group, they have the most effect on harming the criminals because they are very close to home.


Yeah. Without Freedman's speech, it's things like this that have pushed it more and more forward. These attacks have increased more and more since you split with Eric.

It goes to show that at that time you weren't putting all these historical books up which are hard to get a hold of some of them, but when you find them, they are quite expensive and so most people can't afford to get this information.

The Henry Ford book, when I was trying to get it was and it was on order for months. It offered it, but it didn't seem so when I was trying to get it. These are out of print for a reason, but we have put them back into print. Since you have been doing that, you have been hammered.

And I came and put my book up for free and now I'm getting attacked. I'm at the stage where I don't care anymore. We have a couple more installments to do and I have my own life to lead. If all you're going to get is attacked for stuff you try to do, and people can't make up their minds about the information you put together, that's kind of it for me.

I'm a normal guy. I was always fascinated with this New World Order and stuff like that. And I'd look into Bohemain Grove and the Council on Forgien Relations, and I was shocked when it was all linked back to this one group. That's why it turned into what it did.

The Rothschild timeline was the first subject I decided to tackle and at the same time I was doing Bilderberg lists. As I did know you keep lifting up another rock and say, "Oh not you again." The whole thing linked together, which is how the book wrote itself by accident in a way. 

16:00 minutes