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Chiesa responds to question about Bollyn

13 Dec 2008

Giulietto Chiesa responded to an e-mail question about this photo.

The photo is described on this page:



Update December 16, 2008

Chiesa replied (at the bottom of this page) that even a "modest hound dog" would be able to figure out where he met Bollyn. So somebody searched for his tour schedule and discovered that on 26 November, when the photograph above was apparently taken, he was at this bookstore in Estonia:

Chiesa's schedule

Nov 26, 2008: Tallinn, Estonia

The bookstore:
Two photos of store:

Are the Bollyns living in Estonia or Russia? Why are they afraid to let people know this? Why are they afraid to have telephone conversations with us? Why do they maintain a mailing address in Chicago, and who picks up the mail that is sent there?

The Bollyns are still behaving like prisoners!

And Chiesa's 9/11 film, Zero, is Zionist propaganda, so we can be certain that Zionists arranged his travel schedule and for Bollyn to meet him.


Giulietto Chiesa's response:

Note: This is a translation from Italian, and it may not be perfect. 
The original Italian e-mail and Chiesa's response is here (snapshot here), and both of those two e-mails have been published at this page of Giulietto Chiesa's website.

Dear Sir,

you ask me to publicly reply and I do so. Even if I find odd that you ask me a public reply. If that photo appeared on Bollyn's website, something I was not aware of, it should mean that Bollyn agrees with it. Or else it would be easy for him to deny. It would also be easy for him to deny that he is not the author of his own website and of the articles published there.

I want to point out that that picture has been actually taken.

I do not remember who took it. In that moment there were many journalists and photographers.

I had never met Bollyn before and so I am not able to confirm the identity of that man that appears in that picture. It was him who approached me at the end of the conference where I presented my book Zero, and footages of the movie of the same name.

In that short chat, he told me that he has been "forced" to emigrate in order to escape from "threats". For this reason I reckon it is better for me not to reveal in which nation I was in that moment when that photo was taken. If that man is Bollyn, and if he is forced to defend himself against threats, I do not think it is fair to reveal the place of his volountary exile (even though I believe that even a modest hound dog, analyzing my travel schedule and that photo, including the titles of the book in the background, could trace the nation in question).

I hope I have satisfied the curiosity of the sceptics on the Internet.

Your sincerely
Giulietto Chiesa

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