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Ed and Elaine Brown
More "Useful Idiots" to fool the people

March 2, 2008

Ed Brown:

The Jesuits control the world!

Do you remember Ed and Elaine Brown? They were the couple that was refusing to pay income taxes.

Alex Jones, Aaron Russo, Jeff Rense, and many other "truth seekers" gave them tremendous publicity during 2007, such as this article from Alex Jones.

Then in October 2007 the Browns were put into jail. His so-called "friends" complained that Ed Brown had been tortured, but after a while, most of his friends stopped talking about him.

On February 28, 2008, one of his "friends" called him in jail. In this interview he insists that the Jesuits are in control of the world. Listen to this excerpt:
Ed-Brown-28Feb2008.mp3   200 k bytes

His "friend" called his wife, also, and she talks about Yahweh
I mentioned Ed Brown and his strange friends in my audio file for October 11 2007: Hufschmid-11Oct2007.html

Ed and Elaine Brown are like David Irving

They go to jail willingly.
They associate with other liars.
They get favorable publicity by Jews.
They lie about 9/11, the Holocaust, Apollo, etc.
They shift the blame away from Israel and Jews.

These people are just Useful Idiots to the Jews. Perhaps they were given an offer to go to jail for a minor crime rather than for pedophilia, or whatever they were caught (or tricked into) doing.

Why do the Useful Idiots get so much publicity?
David Irving seems to get publicity in order to frighten us into believing that if we dare talk about the Holocaust, we will be put into jail. I have an article about David Irving here if you are unfamiliar with him:

Why did Ed and Elaine Brown gets so much publicity? The Jews may have been trying to frighten us into believing that if we don't pay our taxes, we will be attacked by squads of IRS agents and eventually put into jail and tortured.
The Browns started getting publicity in January 2007, when Christopher Bollyn's trial was coming up, so perhaps part of the reason for promoting the Browns was to distract people from the Bollyn trial.
The Browns may also have been used to give publicity to Aaron Russo's video, Freedom to Fascism, which distracted people from the Money Masters video, which is much better. Have you seen that video yet?

People who trusted the Browns were suckers

The people who trusted Ron Paul were suckers, and the people who trusted the Browns were suckers, and the people who trust almost everybody else in this "truth movement" is a sucker.

How many more times can Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, David Ray Griffin, Professor Steven Jones, G. Edward Griffin, Bob Chapman, Webster Tarpley, and the other "truth seekers" get away with deceiving people?

The voters never wise up. The voters are cheated in every election, but they continue to vote for dishonest Jewish puppets anyway. Will the people in the truth movement ever wise up?

You should assume that everybody who gets favorable publicity is a Jew, or is working for the Jews. Be more suspicious. Learn these tricks so that you don't become a victim.

As I pointed out many times, you can determine that these people are liars simply by looking at who they associate with. The Jews are trying to dominate and control the truth movement, not help it. That's why they pretend that I don't exist, and that's why they kidnapped the Bollyn family. And who knows how many other people are being killed and kidnapped by them.

Example: a 9/11 "Truth Tour" in Australia

Take a look at this 9/11 truth tour:
If you click for more details you will go to this page:

You should be able to figure out that this tour is just Jewish propaganda simply by looking at the speakers, and by looking at the websites they recommend. If you cannot see this, you should look through more of my articles, audio files, and videos.

The complete interviews of the Browns are at these pages:

A timeline of the Ed and Elaine Brown episode is at the Jewish propaganda encyclopedia: