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The Money Masters video

This video shows how the European and American banking systems have been taken over by the Rothschilds and other families.

1 Nov 2008 Update

Patrick Carmack sent me an e-mail message to point out that:

Money Master's Producer Patrick Carmack strongly disagrees with narrator Bill Still over the 9/11 Report. Still believes the government, Carmack does not.
"Carmack, Carmack, why have you forsaken me?"
The Zionist ship is sinking, so expect more people to separate themselves from those who continue to support the crime network.

Click here to listen to the Zionists.
As I discuss in my status report for July 2008, the criminal Jews have lost the secrecy that has protected them. Those of you who are protecting their crime network should consider turning on them and helping us put an end to this nightmare. Why die for a lost cause? Die for something useful.

9 July 2008 Update

Many people have wondered why Bill Still and Pat Carmack, who created the Money Masters video, support the official story about 9/11 and other crimes. If they're such brilliant researchers, why can't they figure out that the official story is a lie?
"Look, man, I'm a college grad, so I know that fire caused the World Trade Center buildings to collapse." (not an actual remark)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, consider these interesting points:

Andy Hitchcock wrote an exposť of the Rothschilds, and he continues to promote and support Daryl Smith.

Alex Jones interviewed Pat Carmack and Bill Still on his radio show for 9 July 2008, and Jones is selling their DVD. He has promoted them before; this is not the first time. So, if Alex Jones continues to approve of them, what does that tell you?

• If we expose crimes by Israelis or Zionists, millions of Jews accuse us of anti-Semitism, but most of those Jews allow us to complain about the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve.

Lots of mysterious people and websites are exposing the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Fox News, and the Federal Reserve. Example, the document The Rothschild Octopus.

My conclusion as of 9 July 2008

As I described in part 3 of my Masquerade Party videos, I think there is a fight going on between the Zionist Jews and the banking Jews.

Since there are millions of Zionist Jews, they can easily saturate the media and the Internet with propaganda that shifts the blame for 9/11 and other crimes onto the Rothschilds, the Neocons, the Globalists, the Illuminati, and the CIA.

The Zionist Jews allow us to complain about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Republicans, the CIA, Fox News, and the Federal Reserve, but when we expose the Israeli connection to crimes, those millions of Zionist Jews condemn us as "anti-Semites".

I suspect that the Zionists want to get rid of the Rothschilds and the others in order to allow Zionist Jews to get control of everything.

The people who fall for this Zionist trick will blame some small group for the world's problems, and that will allow the millions of disgusting, atrocious, diabolical, parasitic, perverted, murderous Zionist Jews to continue committing crimes and instigating wars.

Don't be a sucker!
Be like a smart fish.

Take the information about the Rothschilds from the Money Masters  and from Andy Hitchcock's Rothschild Timeline but don't fall for the trick of assuming that the Rothschilds are solely responsible for the worlds problems.

Are Bill Still and Pat Carmack Jews? As I wrote here in response to Andy Hitchcock's complaint that he's not Jewish, my response is, what difference does it make if these people are Jews or not?

These people are protecting Jewish crimes, such as 9/11 and the HoloHoax, so they may as well be Jews, and they may as well be collecting a salary from the Israeli Propaganda Department.

Help us expose the Israeli and Zionist Jews, and demand that all Jews be investigated, not just the banking Jews.

Update: On March 12, 2008, Jim Rogers was interviewed on television, and he advocated abolishing the Federal Reserve. He also pointed out how foolish we are too allow the Federal Reserve to bail out their wealthy friends in the investment banks.

A news article that describes that video:

Jim Rogers and other people on television are dishonest, but because Rogers is an economic "authority" to the ordinary people, you can now talk about abolishing the Federal Reserve without appearting as a "conspiracy nut".

You can ask people, "Did you see Jim Rogers advocate abolishing the Federal Reserve during a television interview?"

Most people know nothing about the Federal Reserve, so this gives you an excellent opportunity to explain to them that the Federal Reserve is a semi-private company, and that we are fools not to have a central bank so that our government can manage our money supply.

If you can get them interested in the issue, then you can introduce them to the Money Masters video.


We should have a central bank, not a private company

America does not have a central bank controlled by the government. Instead, we have the Federal Reserve, which is controlled by small number of Jews. They are using the Federal Reserve to help themselves and other Jews, not the American people.
How ridiculous does the situation have to get before the American people wise up?

What if a group of Chinese, Russians, or rap stars had control of our money supply?

"Make me chairman of the Fed, and I'll print money for everybody, not just the Jews."

The Money Masters video was produced by Bill Still and Pat Carmack. It will show you how we ended up with this corrupt banking system. It sometimes appears on the Internet:  video here

If that link fails, just search for it: search example

There are also transcripts on the Internet of the Money Masters video, which is useful if you want to search for words, such as: part 1, and part 2.

Watch out for propaganda!
If you compare the Money Masters video to Aaron Russo's film, "Freedom to Fascism", you should notice that the Money Masters is a serious, informative analysis of the banking system, whereas Russo's video provides only a small amount of information, and he tries to divert attention away from the Rothschilds and onto the Americans who work at the IRS. Russo also tries to frighten us with stories of the "New World Order" putting electronic tracking chips under our skin.

You can watch Russo's film here (new link):

The Money Masters video is not completely honest about Jews, Zionism, or Israel, but it has a lot of very important information, especially for college students who are studying history or business, whereas Russo's video is evidence that Russo works with criminals.

Note: remember, don't trust Bill Still on 9/11, the HoloHoax, Zionism, or other crimes. He supports the official story on those issues.

His information about the Rothschilds is excellent, but he protects the crimes committed by Israelis and Zionists.

We are in a battle of intelligence, so if you can't see the deception that comes from Aaron Russo and other Zionist Jews, you will be taken advantage of over and over.

Try to notice the pattern that the people who promote Aaron Russo also deceive you about the Rothschilds, 9/11, the World Wars, Zionism, and other crimes by Israelis and Zionists. For example, here is an audio excerpt of Aaron Russo and Dr. Bill Deagle. Try to notice the deception:
AaronRussoBillDeagle_RothschildsDeniers.mp3   470 kb

Russo claims that the most powerful man in the world is David Rockefeller. (This comes from hour #2 of the show on 26 Oct 2006 from the RBN radio show with Bill Deagle.)

I also created a short video of Dr. Bill Deagle that you should watch to help you understand what Dr. Deagle is really trying to do. It is #5 on this page:

Can you see the pattern of how the people who get publicity try to shift the blame away from the Rothschilds and the Zionists and onto David Rockefeller, the "Neocons", or somebody else?

Please consider that David Rockefeller is expendable to the Zionists -- and he is about to die of old age anyway. The CFR is expendable, also, as I explain here

Aaron Russo and everybody else who gets publicity by the Zionist media is either a Zionist, or one of their Useful Idiots. As children would say, Duh!

Pat Carmack has a webpage with what appears to be the text to Part 1 of the 2-part video: New link - the copy in the Internet archive