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David Irving sent to
Jail for Holocaust Denial

updated 8 Jan 2007

Was he beaten by Zionists for exposing the HoloHoax?

Or just another Useful Idiot for the Zionists?

Before you worry about being arrested, consider that his arrest is yet another deception to frighten the Goyim.

The Holocaust is the primary tool the Zionists have to manipulate Goyim emotions, so expect them to protect it at all costs!

The Zionists don't want us to discuss the Holocaust, and one method to stop discussions is to frighten the Gullible Goyim into thinking that they will go to jail if they talk about it.

Irving's arrest may also be intended to distract the Goyim from the arrest or harassment of real Holocaust investigators. In other words, while you are busy watching Irving, you may not notice what they are doing with the true Holocaust investigators.

It is also important to note that recently Ernst Zundel's 3rd wife, Ingrid Rimland, along with Mike Rivero (of are making excuses for Israel. Please watch this short video about them:

Also, notice that Mike Piper, who works for the American Free Press and The Barnes Review, defends David Irving. Have you seen the evidence that Mike Piper is part of Zionist rat nest:

Don't make excuses for David Irving, Mike Piper, Mark Lane, Mark Glenn, and other people, such as "Well, maybe they are naive."

These Zionist rats need to be drowned, not provided with excuses for their disgusting behavior!

Once you identify a Zionist rat, just follow it and you can find lots more.

For example, once you realize the American Free Press is a Zionist organization, then you should realize that The Barnes Review (often referred to as TBR) is also a Zionist organization.

The Barnes Review recommends only 3 sites on their page of links:

Notice that one of them is to Adelaide Institute, which is the site of the "holocaust denier" Fredrick Toben, who voluntarily traveled from Australia to Germany to be arrested for Holocaust denial.

This is evidence that Toben is another Zionist who allowed himself to be arrested in order to frighten people around the world to remain silent about the Holocaust.

A website related to The Barnes Review -- which is often mistaken for The Barnes Review -- is TBR News:

Consider them another Zionist group. On their page of links they have only two recommendations:

One of them is the website of the magazine TWOT, created by Barry Parsons, but fortunately for us, his deceptive magazine failed. Barry Parsons approved of the book written by the Zionist infiltrators at WingTV:

Background on David Irving

David Irving has been standing up to the Zionists for decades. He was investigating the Holocaust when doing so was considered as disgusting as wearing a Nazi uniform in public. Not surprisingly, a warrant for David Irving's arrest had been issued in Austria in 1989. As you would expect, Irving avoided Austria.

During the past year, however, millions of people around the world have decided to investigate the Holocaust. David Irving and the other Holocaust investigators were finally getting the support they had been struggling so hard to develop.

For reasons only Irving knows, he decided to travel to Austria. He was arrested on 11 November 2005 on that 1989 warrant.

Irving's arrest attracted attention around the world. Millions of people were soon asking each other how someone could be arrested for investigating an historical event. People who never doubted the Holocaust were wondering what was going on. Irving was getting a lot of publicity.

In case you don't know it, the Zionists are in control of the media, so it is very difficult for somebody with anti-Zionist information to get publicity. Therefore, David Irving's trial was a dream come true for a Holocaust investigator.

David Irving was given a tremendous opportunity to explain himself to the world. He could explain to the world that it is absurd for governments to pass laws to restrict investigation of historical events. He could also show us what his investigation of World War II has uncovered.

However, within two weeks of his arrest, he began reversing his opinions about the Holocaust, and on 20 February, he pleaded guilty to denying the Holocaust.

Irving was quickly put into solitary confinement for 23 hours each day. However, he was allowed an interview with the BBC. 
The news report and audio:

Here is an excerpt of the interview: Click for audio, 500 K bytes

Can you see the deception? How about his remark that millions of Jews were gassed "because it comes from British decoded documents"? Perhaps he is referrring to the secret documents written for Heinrich Himmler about the "Final Solution of the European Jewish Question." If so, those documents are available in this book:

Since most people will never bother to read the description of the book, let alone the reports themselves, most people will never notice that Irving is lying.

Also in the BBC interview, Irving tries to frighten people who investigate the Holocaust with remarks such as "they're going to end up here in jail with eight guns pointed at them the way I was!"

What is going on?

For David Irving to throw away such a tremendous opportunity for publicity is equivalent to John Kerry dropping out of the presidential race the day before the election. John Kerry at least had the sense to wait a few hours after the election before he gave up.

There are a lot of possible explanations for David Irving's behavior, but we should consider the possibility that David Irving is a Zionist tool, and the trial was a sham from the beginning.

Have you heard the accusations that Irving is Jewish, a homosexual pedophile, and mentally unstable? Perhaps Irving was offered the choice of going to jail as a pedophile or as a Holocaust Denier.

Which of the "Holocaust Deniers" are real, and which are Zionist agents? Which have been caught in blackmail traps? Which have been bribed?

It is not easy to figure this out.
Have you read this yet: Separating Truth From Lies?

For a person who spent years researching the Holocaust, Irving does not provide us much information. You can learn more about the Holocaust by reading my brief articles:

David Irving has been on several speaking tours in America. Morris Dees and other employees of The Southern Poverty Law Center were in close contact with Irving, according to this person's account.

Listen to Irving's interview on BBC 

Judicial-inc has an audio excerpt of Irving in which he behaves like a politician:

Notice that Irving concludes the interview by telling us that he believes the Nazis killed millions of Jews. So, where is the evidence for such a slaughter? And how did they kill so many Jews? Did they use gas chambers?

We are in a war of deception, and you have to be smart enough to figure out who to trust.