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22 Sep 2007
updated 23 Sep 2007 with another of Schwarz's messages

Early Saturday morning, 22 September 2007, somebody once again sent hundreds of e-mail messages using my e-mail address:

Karl Schwarz received one of those messages, and he sent me an angry e-mail.

It's important that you realize that people can send e-mail messages using other people's addresses. A person can start fights or create suspicions in this manner.  We cannot trust e-mail messages. You should verify suspicious e-mail messages before you react to them.

It looks as if Karl Schwarz was fooled by these phony e-mail messages. The image below is a portion of a screen image that shows a message I received from Karl Schwarz on 22 September 2007:

Was Karl Schwarz fooled by fraudulent e-mail?

Schwarz, a distinguished author, world renowned 9/11 investigator, and president and CEO of Patmos Nanotechnologies, should have suspected the e-mail message was a fake because it implies that I was responding to a blank subject. Take a look at the e-mail message that he sent me this morning:
Note: he writes "Hello Jeff, John" because he's actually addressing Jeff Rense and John Stadtmiller.

In a message dated 09/22/07 12:53:38 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Hello Jeff, John,

Surprises me not that this “computer expert” has not a clue how the Internet works.  ranked 24,364 of 1,844,043

Google Karl Schwarz = 2 340 000 hits for 5 persons named Karl Schwarz.  Over 80% are on my name and has been as high as 9.3 million.

Google Eric Hufschmid = 100 000

Google Daryl Bradford Smith = 905 000 = not ranked  Rank 78,664 of 1,844,043 sites

Eric, do not email me again, you will hear from my attorneys very soon.



From: []
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 3:27 AM
Subject: Re:


You have made a fool out of yourself so many times that it has gotten to the point of invoking sympathy. Sadly, the Jews take advantage of mentally deranged individuals like yourself, which caused me to post your email on my website as an example of the insanity that comes out of the swollen-but-empty-headed Schwarz, not to forget the substantial source of amusement you offer to my readers. returns 14,000 hits on google, 27,000; your crappy website barely passes the 1,000 mark despite the endless amounts of promotion you've got from liars such as Rense and Alex Jones. If that doesn't tell you something about how much of my time you’re worth, I don't know what will.

Never contact me or Daryl Bradford Smith again or you will be scoffed at just like this time.  Besides, I am looking for a way to make you regret having wasted my time.

I hope you really got your rocks off getting =letter from me. You probably squirted in your dirty drawers about fifteen times and wasted at least two possible heirs.

Eric Hufschmid


Look at the message I supposedly sent to Schwarz. The subject is blank:

Subject: Re:
This implies that I was responding to a message that Schwarz had sent to me that had an empty subject. This is an indication that whoever faked my e-mail address was not sure which subject to respond to, so they left it blank.

It appears that somebody is trying to start fights between Karl Schwarz and myself, and Schwarz fell for the trick. Of course, I cannot be certain that Karl Schwarz is the person who sent me this latest e-mail message! Maybe somebody is sending e-mail from his address, also.

Be suspicious of e-mail

Many people assume that Christopher Bollyn is having a wonderful life because they have received e-mail messages from him. However, none of us can be certain if the e-mail messages that we receive from Bollyn are actually from Bollyn, and nobody can be certain that the e-mail messages they receive from me or Karl Schwarz are actually from either of us!

Furthermore, even if Bollyn did send the messages, that doesn't prove he is safe; he could be a prisoner.

When will the law enforcement agencies stand up to crime?

It is possible for law enforcement agencies to identify the criminals who send fraudulent e-mail messages, computer viruses, and spam messages. It is also possible for law enforcement agencies to identify many of the people involved in the September 11 attack. Unfortunately, the FBI and other agencies have been protecting organized crime for decades.

A lot of policemen are certainly honest, respectable people who want to help, but they don't seem smart enough to realize that they have been fooled into fighting anti-Semitism, killing Arab terrorists, and supporting President Bush.

The police and military are being used by the Zionists as attack dogs. The police and military are hurting their reputation, and allowing their nation to be destroyed.

As the citizens become increasingly angry at the police, we will see more incidents like the following, in which people pity a criminal who kills a policeman:

Is this what the police want for themselves and their future?

The police must understand that they are responsible for their reputation. When they behave like criminals, they create disgust and fear of the police.

The police and military personnel have a choice; they are not helpless. They can continue to take bribes, protect organized crime, believe the Zionist propaganda that they watch on the television, and allow themselves to be used as a Zionist attack dogs, or they can make us proud of them by choosing to help us make the world better.
The police and military are allowing the Zionists to treat them as animals, as this cartoon from the Iranian cartoon contest shows.

For those of you who want even more details, Karl Schwarz sent me the following message on 23 Sep 2007.

I asked Schwarz to tell me where my mistakes were, but he responded by repeating some of his complaints. In this new message he tells me that the only fact I got correct was that Deborah Simon worked in a kennel, but where did I made a remark about her working in a kennel? He may be getting me mixed up with somebody else, or it was something I said during a live interview. I remember Christopher Bollyn talked with Deborah Simon on the phone and told him that she worked at a kennel.

In a message dated 09/23/07 1:22:00 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Subject: Demand in Legal Sense of the term 

Hello Eric,

There are many bcc again including three law firms in the US.

The headers were indeed different but that does not necessarily mean the email was not from you and forwarded by someone else.  I have a person who handles such matters for me that used to work for the CIA in their internet and communications systems.  He will find out where it came from, and no, he is not a Zionist or even on the side of the CIA any more.

I find it interesting that whoever sent the email yesterday made a direct reference to what you posted on your website.  The full content is below my signature of what I received yesterday.  Schwarz-Shelton-complaints.html

Another knee jerk by you without doing your homework or research.

That email that you claim you did not send had a malicious embedded code link that is a direct violation of the Cyber Crimes Act.  That will be addressed too.

Here is the problem with you Eric.  You pick a topic and then lash at people for no reason other than either your own insecurities, no factual research whatsoever, or just because you feel like pissing on someone you do not like.

I did not start this dispute, you did.  Avery-Rowe-Bermas-Hufschmid-phonecall.html

You seem to think you won the debate with Stadtmiller on July 14, 2006.  What you did was make an ass of yourself to all of the listeners then and all who have listened to it since. I have had your shit thrown in my face over and over again in Europe.  I send them two links – my presentation in NYC at 9-11 Confronting the Evidence and I send the link to the Stadtmiller show and let them make up their own mind.  I win that argument 99% of the time for you made a complete fool of yourself on the air.  That is why I declined to be on the air with you.  I wanted you to set yourself on fire without any help from me.

I have read what you posted and listened several times to what you said on the air.  The only fact you got right was Deborah Simon did used to work at a kennel, sort of a high end kennel for Connecticut brat dogs. She was thanked in Loose Change for content, not the millions or billions you seem to have a problem with and does not exist.

Otherwise, you did not get a single fact right about anything, especially in your flow chart showing the Criminal Cabal as you envision it.  The fact is you are dead wrong and that is where I draw the line on liars.

  • I am not financed by the billionaire Simon Family
  • Loose Change was not financed or influenced by the billionaire Simon Family
  • None of us have any links to the billionaire Simon Family or Lee Hamilton.  Had you read any of my email updates I have exposed the conflicts and shredded the credibility of the 9-11 Commission many times including Lee Hamilton.  One of his former staffers was in that back office with Zelikow.
  • I do not finance or influence RBN in any manner and never have.
  • RBN did not finance the publishing of my book
  • There are no ties between anyone on your criminal cabal chart and the Simon Family or Lee Hamilton whatsoever.
  • Jon Carlson lives in Chicago.  I live in Alpharetta, GA when I am in the United States, so Daryl Bradford Smith was wrong again.

  • If you want to find out about the real Daryl Bradford Smith you should do the research, find his arrest and conviction record and talk to his brother.  I was not going to hire such a person for my campaign and as soon as I said NO WAY out comes Daryl lashing and lying about me.

    When you call people liars and criminals wrongfully, that can be corrected in a court of law and in this instance it will be.

    This is a window of an A3 Skywarrior, on the Pentagon lawn.  That came to me from an employee of the Pentagon who was there that day.

    If you can prove it was not an A3 Skywarrior, get off your ass and do it.  That is the canopy window over where a co-pilot would sit but there were no one in the plane.

    Maybe it is because you are just flat out stupid but when you lump together people in something that does not even exist and call them liars and criminals you are in fact wrong.  And it is a cause of action when people do such things.  Freedom of speech does not include freedom to lie, slander, defame and libel people with impunity as you do.  When you make false allegations they are in fact false and they are cause for action and punitive damages and corrective measures.

    So, first demand is remove the link and content from your website regarding your non-existent criminal cabal and information you posted about people that is wrong.  That is not a request, that is a demand in the legal sense of the term.  That is the only warning you will receive from us.

    Did you ever bother to read why I fired Gina di Miranda and Melinda Pillsbury Foster (collectively Madame Karnak)?  It is on my website and most people never believed a word of what they wrote because of the obvious misstatement of facts and urgent use of adjectives to paint a false picture.  There are over 55 lies and misstatements of fact in that one piece alone.

    Just look on the left side of the front page.  The matter was addressed and refused to post it.  She will be hearing from my attorneys too.  We have a division in Canada and that means she is not on the other side of the border from me.  People have been financially harmed in US, Canada, Europe due to intentional lies and malice with intent.

    They were supposed to be drafting my platform and ghost writing a second book.  They were not; they were working on their slam piece on me.  Melinda Pillsbury Foster was living in my home with her two worthless sons while I was traveling and was thrown out of my home when we had hard proof they were working on their hit piece on me.

    Yet you use it [the piece] as an excuse to deflect attention that you were wrong in the Loose Change article, wrong in your Criminal Cabal chart, wrong while you were on the air with Stadtmiller and you continue to be wrong and not delete things you posted that are flat out wrong.

    Whoever did send that email made the mistake again that I am somehow under the control of the Zionist Criminal Cabal.  Have you ever bothered to read my platform?

    I am no friend to Israel or their policies.  Unlike you, I prefer a rifle and crosshairs to a shotgun approach and no facts.

    Have you ever bothered to read my book One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas?  It is full of exposes of the criminal cabal and no Eric, they are not all Zionists. Some of them are just greedy pigs that care nothing about anyone but themselves.  Many of them are Texans and close friends of the Bush Family and are not Jewish at all.  Many of them are friends of the Clintons and again, not Jewish at all.

    Chapter 17 of my book is a tongue and cheek platform of what I would do to clean up the mess they have made of America.  That included Israel, ADL, and AIPAC, and certain criminals in banking, media, corporations, etc.

    You just flat out do not do your research Eric.

    Where did “Madame Karnak” get her research from?  From me Eric as biographical background for a sequel book they were to ghost write while I was traveling so much on business, 9-11 Truth and political organizing.

    That book was to be titled “Revoking the License to Steal (from you)” and would have exposed huge amounts of government and corporate fraud in America and elsewhere.  Some Zionists and a whole train load of Americans who are not Jewish at all.  My first book exposed both sides of the aisle and the sequel would have exposed even more of the true criminal cabal that is ruining America.

    There is a cabal and no, they are not all Zionists.

    Why am I in Europe?  Frankly, that is none of your business to ask or to know.

    So, the second demand is remove the stupid crap you just posted.  That is a demand in the legal sense of the term and the only warning you will get.

    You can retract, delete or suffer the consequences.

    Karl Schwarz