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20 Sep 2007

Dr. Linda Shelton and Karl Schwarz complain about me!
Friendly people try to be manipulate or monitor me, and I receive insults, accusations, and threats. Here are two of the most recent complaints.

I'm cannot understand what Schwarz and Shelton are complaining about, so I thought some of you might like to look at their complaints to get an idea of what I go through, and see if you can understand why they are upset with me.

Karl Schwarz's complaints

Schwarz is a presidential candidate for 2008, an author, a 9/11 investigator, and more! His website:

He is president and CEO of Patmos Nanotechnologies:

Schwarz sent me an e-mail message on 19 Sep 2007 to complain about an article that I wrote in 2006:

His complaint:

In a message dated 09/19/07 11:59:37 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Hello Eric,

There are cc and bcc to this email to a very large group of people.  As you know I have a very large voice in the issues and many who read what I have to say in spite of the likes of you.

I refer to you as Eric “Painfully Stupid Painful Questions to the point of Ad Nausea” Hufschmid.

You are beyond a pathetic idiot.  I note that you have still not removed the lies from your website.  Avery-Rowe-Bermas-Hufschmid-phonecall.html  That is fine, our attorneys have copies of your website for legal action against you and others.  By the time you finish reading this you have two options, suicide or total financial ruin.  We are beyond the point of withdrawal or your apology time.

You demand answers?  Well, so does the rest of the world regarding you and your idiot agenda.

Yes or no.  Is your half-sister married to Ruppert Murdoch’s son?  Yes or no, Eric.  Simple question; simple answer.

You do not have the right to ask any question your idiot head can dream up.  There is such a thing as privacy from idiots like you.

Freedom of speech does not include freedom to slander, libel, and defame with intent of malice and stupidity is not a defense in a court of law.  You will be hearing from my attorneys very soon.

Fact – the Simon Family are not stakeholders in my company in any form or fashion nor have they ever been.  Your research is beyond pathetic and why you are useless in the 9-11 Truth movement.  Wild accusations are not facts except in a feeble mind like yours.

Fact – I have never tried to influence RBN in any manner whatsoever.  That the sales of my book went to them (not me or you) is none of your damned business.

Fact – RBN did not finance the publishing of my book.  It sold out, yours did not.

Fact – the Simon Family is not from OHIO, they are from Indianapolis, IN.  Maybe you need to learn to read a damned map or better yet, learn to do research.  You are pathetic and why 9-11 Truth thinks you are an idiot.  You are.  Indiana is not Ohio.

Fact – Lee Hamilton is from Indiana you ignorant bastard and so is the Simon Family you ignorant bastard. They are not from Ohio and never have been, ignorant bastard.

Fact – the Simon Family did not have anything to do with Loose Change.

Fact – Deborah Simon did not have anything to do with Loose Change.

Fact – I did not finance Loose Change.  Get it, stupid?

Fact – Deborah Simon was married to the only child of the Simon family that had nothing to do with the Simon family.  He was a public defender in Los Angeles, CA.  He was not part of the Simon Properties that you based all of your wild, stupid, ill informed, paranoid accusations on and refuse to remove it from the internet.  The public opinion of the radio show July 14, 2006, was correct.  You have not a damned clue where you screwed up or what in Hell you are bitching about.

Fact – Deborah Simon is not a billionaire, she is not a millionaire and you Eric are as stupid as a cubic yard of dirt.  No one finances you because you are not worthy of it.

Fact – Loose Change is a much better video than yours.  They left out the political bent for DNC and Al Gore that you are too stupid to leave out.  If indictments were to rain down there would be just as many Democrats as Republicans go down.  That is what my book is all about and you probably have yet to read it, lazy bastard with a mouth and no brain.

Fact – your rant was sent to people in Europe to block my project.  A 10 billion euros per year production facility that has now been delayed for over 10 months because of lies and idiots like you.  You will pay for your lies.  My technology is not for sale, I control it and who my partners are is none of your damned business.  You will find out in a court of law whose feet you pissed on with your stupidity.

Fact – Christopher Bollyn called me from your house on this matter.  Yes, we got the telephone number and yes, you are stupid.  He is just as big a fraud as you are.

Fact – Daryl Bradford Smith asked me to hire him for my campaign.  We did a background check, found his civil and criminal arrest and conviction record and declined.   Most of it was under the name of Daryl Bradford Setters.  It was when I told him NO WAY that he started in on me with his lies and assumptions of facts that do not exist.  Congratulations Eric, you fed off the lies of a derelict.  He was banned from RBN and GCN due to what I found out about him.  Did you know he tried to knife his own brother to death?  In his brother’s home?  My bet is, Daryl did not bother to tell you any of that, did he?

Fact – Madame Karnak was fired from my campaign.  You made the mistake of believing a liar who had malice with intent.  She will be hearing from my attorneys too and several websites that posted her drivel.

Fact – I am not selling my technology.  That was the only part John Stadtmiller did not get right.  I have controlling interest of my company and you, your lies and the lies of others are about to be taught a very expensive lesson as to what your lies have cost me and my investors.  You hurt many, now it is your turn to suffer the consequences.

Fact – you could not qualify for the clean up crew in my plant.  You lack the skills.   Of 1250 employees in Phase I, 750 are nanotechnology chemistry scientists, 300 are engineers and about the only thing you might qualify for is laundering the laboratory uniforms.  No child can do what I do and neither can you.  It is not my problem that you are too stupid to figure out that the entity was in EU all along or that you are too stupid to work for my company.

Whether you like it or not, I will be on with Jeff Rense soon regarding nanotechnology.  Since you cannot find Indiana, discussing deeper subjects with you would be a waste of my time.

You seem to have a problem with what I put on the table regarding the A3 Skywarrior.  If you have better, put it on the table other than your bitching and whining like a faggot or bitchy female.  Put up or shut up.  I have proof is was an A3 Skywarrior.  Disprove that or shut your stupid ass up.

I am going to schedule a show with John Stadtmiller.   If you have the balls to come on the air with me and get your balls ripped off and shoved down your throat join us on the air.  I have had it with you and your asinine bullshit.  You have liability headed your way.

If you think John was pissed off at you July 14, 2006, you have no idea what losing close to 10 billion euros in income to me and my investors makes me in being pissed off at you and your stupidity.

You will pay, dearly.



What is Schwarz complaining about?

For example, he wrote:

Fact – the Simon Family is not from OHIO, they are from Indianapolis, IN....

Fact – Lee Hamilton is from Indiana ...

I don't see any reference to Ohio in my article. I have a link to an article by Christopher Bollyn in which he mentions that the Simons and Lee Hamilton are from Indiana:

So where is the reference to Ohio? It is possible that I mentioned Ohio in an audio show, but it's easy to make mistakes on live shows, especially about Indiana. Let's be honest; who is aware of Indiana?

Schwarz asks me about Rupert Murdoch, but I explained that situation years ago here: HufschmidMurdochCoincidence.html  And here: un_patriotic.html

Incidentally, he mentioned "Madame Karnak". If you think I make terrible accusations about Karl Schwarz, take a look at what she says about him: (new link at Internet archive)

Dr. Linda Shelton's complaints

Shelton posted her complaint at Rumor Mill News on 20 Sep 2007: 110139

She complains about my recent article:

I don't understand what she is complaining about. For example, she has some remarks about the foreclosure of her property:

• "I must demand that you withdraw all that you wrote about foreclosure ..."

• "The foreclosure notice by GoIn Realty is fraud."

• "The River North Law Group in Chicago is handling the foreclosure for ME..."

In my document, I wrote only one vague remark about the foreclosure:
"It is described as a three-bedroom house in foreclosure."

Shelton admits that the building is in foreclosure, so what did I write that is incorrect? I never wrote anything about who is handling the foreclosure.

Shelton says the building is vacant, but if I lived in Chicago, I would drive by to see if somebody is using that building for something illegal, such as holding the Bollyn family, or a storage center for stolen items.

She also demands that I withdraw all that I wrote about Jason Tabour, but I didn't actually write anything about him. Instead, I was merely wondering why his web site was showing Linda Shelton's address, and I wondered if he has a connection to Zionism. Is it improper to wonder who among us is involved with Zionism?

Shelton complains that my research is sloppy, but it was not "research". As I clearly explained, I was merely showing how the Internet allows us to easily gather information in just a few minutes.