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When did the world
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20 March 2006

British, American, and Russian troops defeated Germany in 1945 and opened up the Nazi prison camps to release the prisoners.
However, it took a while for the world to figure out what was going on inside those camps. Actually, the story of what happened during World War II is still changing.


Eisenhower, Churchill, and de Gaulle did not know of the Holocaust?

A French Professor, Robert Faurisson, claims to have read thousands of pages of memoirs of World War 2 from Eisenhower, Churchill, and de Gaulle, and there was not a single word about gas chambers:

Why would those three leaders ignore such an incredibly large slaughter in their writings about the war?

One of the reasons it is taking so long to understand what happened inside the Nazi camps is that many European nations have laws that prohibit investigations of the Holocaust.

How do the Europeans expect to understand World War II when they have laws that prohibit investigations? The Europeans are fools to allow these laws.

Another brief summary of Eisenhower and Churchill on the Holocaust:

Auschwitz; how many people were killed?

Americans have the freedom to investigate the Holocaust. Not surprisingly, our ideas on what happened at the Nazi camps change through time.

If you have access to old encyclopedias, or a library that has copies of old newspapers, take a look for yourself. For example, the entry for Auschwitz in the 1965 World Book Encyclopedia has:

From the 1965 edition
In June, 1941, it became an extermination center when four huge gas chambers were installed. Rudolf Hoess, who directed the camp for more than three years, testified at the Nuremberg trials that more than 2.5 million persons were executed at Auschwitz. He said that another 500,000 starved to death there.

The 2006 on-line edition reduces the number of people killed by 50%:

From the 2006 on-line edition
About 1 1/4 million people died... 
The Nazis used gas chambers and other methods to murder most of these people. Other victims died of starvation or disease, and some were worked to death in nearby factories. Most of the victims at Auschwitz were Jewish. The Nazis killed them as part of a plan to murder all the Jews in Europe.

Obviously historians reduced the number of deaths in half because they could not find evidence to support the figures provided by Rudolph Hoess during his trial. Was Hoess merely guessing? Or did he exaggerate his killings in order to make himself into the greatest murderer in human history? Or was he forced to make exaggerated claims?

Where was the Holocaust in 1965?

In the 1965 World Book Encyclopedia there is no entry for “Holocaust”. However, the 2006 on-line edition has an entry, and it states:

From the 2006 on-line edition
...was the systematic, state-sponsored murder of Jews and others by the Nazis...

...Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate all Jews as part of his aim to conquer the world. By the end of the war, the Nazis had killed about 6 million Jewish men, women, and children—more than two-thirds of the Jews in Europe.
Historians estimate that perhaps as many as 11 million people were killed, including the Jews. Many of the Holocaust victims were killed in specially constructed gas chambers, and their bodies were then burned.

If the Nazis killed 6 million Jews, and even if we assume all 1.25 million people who were killed at Auschwitz were Jewish, where were the other 4.75 million killed? Dachau? No. Even the Encyclopedia Britannica, which may have a British bias, agrees with Americans that Dachau was not used for killing prisoners:

So where were those 4.75 million Jews killed? Add up all of the killings from all of the Nazi camps, and you will not come close to the 6 million figure. And remember, the 6 million figure is only for Jews. The official Holocaust story also claims that 3 million Poles were killed, and 1.5  million other people were killed.

There is no entry for Treblinka in the 1965 World Book Encyclopedia, but the 2006 edition has:

From the 2006 on-line edition
...was a death camp...
From July 1942 to August 1943, about 840,000 people died in gas chambers there.

To kill 840,000 people in gas chambers in only 13 months is an incredible achievement. Why didn't the 1965 edition bother to mention this amazing slaughter? has a short video describing an investigation of Treblinka, along with links to articles, to show that it was not a "death camp".

Hollywood gives us our Holocaust

Why was there no entry for “Holocaust” in the 1965 edition? Because the expression “Holocaust” did not become common until Hollywood decided to promote it in the 1970s.

There is interesting information about the Hollywood connection and the development of the Holocaust stories here:

Please find the emotional strength to look at that page, and its links. We can disagree on details, but all adults should be capable of looking at this issue.


There is only one way to resolve all of these disputes. Specifically, the European goyim must grow a backbone and get rid of the laws that prohibit investigations of the Holocaust.

What is wrong with the European Goyim? If you have goy friends or relatives in Europe, tell them to stop embarrassing us, and starting helping us!

Most people's view of World War II, the Holocaust, and most other subjects comes from television, movies, books, magazines, and newspapers, all of which are dominated by Zionists. Goyim should not exist on a diet of Zionist propaganda. Get a difference of opinion!

Here is an introduction to the Holocaust: