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"The brutal Zionist role in the Holocaust"
If you were to tell your friends that Zionist Jews were working with Nazis to create Israel, you might be called an "anti-Semite", so let people hear it from a Rabbi. That should make them more willing to listen to us:

Amazing holocaust facts
Doctor saves Jews by pretending they had typhus
The Nazis didn't want to put Jews into the "death camps" who had typhus! Obviously, the Nazis didn't want the Jews to die from disease because... uh, they spent a lot of money on gas chambers? Another article here
Holocaust« currency!
This is an exhibit of money given to the Jews in the Nazi death camps. The Jews imply this was a form of torture because it "was worthless Nazi propaganda as there was nothing for prisoners to buy". More info and photos here and here.

The truth does not need laws to protect it
There are many European nations that forbid investigations of the Holocaust. Supposedly this is to protect the Jews from Nazi propaganda. Don't be a sucker! The truth does not need laws to protect it.

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Why are we hiding evidence of Nazi crimes after 60 years?
We foolishly allowed evidence of the 9/11 attack to be destroyed. The Nazi records have not been destroyed, but millions of documents have been hidden for decades, as this news report describes. How does this secrecy protect us? We should release all Nazi information and expose the truth about the Nazi camps!
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Some recent news items about the Holocaust
"the mother lode from history's worst genocide - is missing"
Nazi records are being prepared for the Internet after decades of hiding them, but some of the most important Holocaust documents are "missing"
Spanish police arrest writer wanted in Austria for Holocaust denial
Gerd Honsik fled to Spain after being convicted in 1992 in Austria. To prevent British children from becoming Holocaust Deniers, teachers are getting Holocaust training in Israel.
Lithuania investigates top Israeli historian 
They believe he was involved in murdering Lithuanians at the end of World War II. Please find the strength to look closely at the Holocaust and notice the Zionist involvement in the world wars


General Eisenhower's death camps
Was he really a hero who saved us from Nazis?
Or a Mass Murdering Zionist?

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“Stupid Goy!”

A short video comparing Eisenhower to Hitler
Compare the Auschwitz death camp to Eisenhower's death camp.
My video is on youtube in English or Espa˝ol

A direct link to my video (wmv format) is: Eisenhower-Death-Camp.wmv


Why can't we investigate the Holocaust?
Some victims of the 9/11 attack are angry at those of us who investigate it, so it's not surprising that some Jews oppose investigations of the Holocaust. However, why should history be altered so that a small number of victims can feel sorry for themselves? Let's investigate the Holocaust!
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Is the Diary of Anne Frank genuine?
Professor Robert Faurisson analyzed different versions of the diary and interviewed Anne Frank's father. In 1978 Faurisson wrote a report to expose the diary as a work of fiction written by Anne's father.

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Professor Robert Faurisson on the gas chamber stories
Professor Robert Faurisson explains why the stories of Holocaust gas chambers could not possibly be accurate.

1986 lecture by Faurisson With English subtitles:
His speech in 1986: English Franšais 
His speech in 2007: English Franšais 
(The English translations are "rough", but you can understand it) 



David Cole investigates Auschwitz
David Cole, a Jew, decided to visit to Auschwitz to investigate the death camp. He came to the conclusion that the gas chambers were "life chambers" because they were used to kill lice in clothing and bedding.
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David Irving... Historian? Or Zionist agent?
He investigates Hitler and World War II, but the evidence suggests that he is an infiltrator. By putting him in jail for investigating the Holocaust, the emotionally weak people are frightened into silence. Don't be a sucker! Don't fall for this simple and rather obvious trick.
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Conspiracies and Underdogs
In my series about conspiracy theories, I have one article related to the Holocaust: "History is Warped".
The direct link to it is: Conspiracies12.htm

The complete series of articles is here on my philosophy page



The Armenian Genocide
Up to 1.5 million Armenians were killed between 1915 and 1917, and Armenians want to refer to it as a genocide. During the summer of 2007, the ADL was arguing that it was not a genocide or a holocaust. Why would the ADL care how the Armenians refer to that slaughter? Because Crypto Jews appear to have been  responsible for the slaughter, and the ADL is trying to hide their involvement.
Hufschmid's audio file and information is here.
Smith and Rafeq's audio file is here.
Info about Crypto Jews is here.

Firebombing of Dresden in 1945
The true Holocaust, which is a burning to death by fire, occurred in some German cities, such as Dresden, in which the civilians were burned to death for no apparent reason other than the destruction of Germany.

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When was Holocaust discovered?
After the Nazis surrendered, people began learning about the Holocaust. However, information about the Holocaust came out very slowly. It took many years before people realized what had happened, and the stories changed through time. How are we supposed to understand what's going on when nobody is allowed to investigate?
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Adolf Hitler; A Useful Idiot for the Zionists?
Hitler appears to be a mentally unstable freak with sexual disorders, not a super genius who wanted to take over the world. He appears to be another Lee Harvey Oswald; another mentally unstable loser that the Zionists were using.

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The 1919 Holocaust that Failed 
Some Zionist Jews try to promote the idea that 6 million Jews in Europe were on the verge of death. These stories were not very successful.

We are not always successful on our first attempt.

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Zionism, Blackmail, Deception
Part 1 of my Masquerade Party videos is about Holocaust Denial

Part 1: Holocaust Denial

Part 2: Little Piggies
Part 3: The Wizards of Zion
These and other videos are at my page of videos

Final Solution to Holocaust Denial
Some Jews believe that the solution to "Holocaust Denial" is to arrest the people who investigate the Holocaust and reach a conclusion that differs from the official Jewish version. May I offer a solution that is guaranteed to work?
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Unfortunately, a few people will escape my solution, and this will cause them to become "Holocaust Denier Survivors":

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Holocaust humor
If the Holocaust material gets you depressed, maybe you'll find this amusing

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