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Eric Hufschmid, 15 Jan 2008

Vote Fraud with Electronic Voting Machines!

What should we do about it?

Christopher Bollyn exposes the Israeli manipulation of US elections in 5 articles:

Considering that he behaves like a kidnap victim, why would his kidnappers allow him to expose Israel?

Because it's a clever trick. But you won't be able to understand it unless you can control your arrogance, and look critically at yourself and your nation.

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Correction: in the audio I mention Part 2 of my Masquerade Party videos as describing my opinion of the fight within the Zionist network, but it is actually in Part 3.

Who is exposing the vote fraud?

Bev Harris, of
She is one of many investigators who expose the cheating with the electronic voting machines.

She has been on Lou Dobbs:

Alex Jones has been promoting her for years: vote fraud.htm

A documentary called Hacking Democracy promotes Bev Harris, and it was shown on HBO, and nominated for an Emmy award:
Brad Friedman

He also exposes the cheating with electronic voting machines:

Other sites that expose the vote fraud: vote_fraud

Can you see a pattern?

These investigators want the elections to be honest, but they lie to us about the Holocaust, Zionism, the Apollo moon landing, and Israel. It should be obvious that they don't want the elections to be honest; rather, they want to stop the Republicans from cheating so that their candidates get elected.

There is a fight going on within the Zionist crime network for control of the Goyim, but we don't have to be pawns in their game of world conquest. All we need are enough Goyim whose brains are functioning properly to stand up to these Khazar savages and put an end to their crime network once and for all.
What good are honest elections when all of the candidates are Zionist puppets? We shouldn't tolerate any of these candidates, not Ron Paul, either. We don't have to settle between one Zionist puppet or another. We can take care of ourselves. We're not babies... well, at least some of us aren't.

If the Republicans didn't cheat in the 2000 election, we would have Joe Lieberman as vice President, and for all we know, Al Gore would have died during the 9/11 attack, and Lieberman would have become president. So, maybe the Republicans did us a favor by cheating!


Why did Bollyn promote Anders Björkman?

Christopher Bollyn posted an article on January 8, 2008 to promote Björkman's conclusion that fire did not cause the World Trade Center buildings to collapse:
Björkman is the managing director of Heiwa:

He wrote a book about the sinking of the ship to Estonia:

We already know that fire didn't bring the towers down, so why would Bollyn promote Björkman's article?

Since Bollyn is acting like a kidnap victim, we should assume that this is the same trick the Zionist use over and over; namely, to promote one of their own people as an investigator. Take a look at Björkman's article and you'll see that it promotes people like Jim Hoffman and other Zionist agents.

Once we learn this trick, we realize that these criminals are exposing themselves in their attempt to manipulate us. We should assume that Björkman is a Zionist agent, and that his information about the Estonia is propaganda. We should also assume that he gets orders from other Zionists, so all of the people he is in contact with should be considered as possible Zionist agents.

On 14 January 2008 Christopher Bollyn posted an article to help Linda Shelton, the Holocaust promoter who shows no concern that Bollyn might be kidnapped, so why does he care so much about her?

On 10 January 2008 Christopher Bollyn posted the article: "Warning of False Flag Terror Attack in France":

Christopher Bollyn is behaving in a suspicious manner! We should assume that everything he does has been approved by his Zionist kidnappers. I put this stamp in the corner of all of his new articles to help remind you of this.

Why should we trust Kaasem Khaleel?

Kaasem Khaleel wrote the book Wrongly Blamed which exposes the Israeli involvement in 9/11. Why does he get such favorable publicity by Rick Adams of the RBN radio network and other people who won't even acknowledge anything I've done? 

Zionists say I'm jealous when I complain about being ignored, but it's not jealousy. I'm simply pointing out a pattern. They promote Khaleel, Hoffman, Professor Jones, and others for a reason. Don't be tricked into thinking I'm jealous. Observe the pattern. Did you know that Rick Adams works with The Barnes Review:

Control your arrogance; don't become a victim!

The Zionists encourage us to be arrogant jerks in order to instigate fights between us and suppress our tendency to look critically at ourselves.
My mother is one of millions of Americans who have been tricked into thinking that we will help the Muslim women by bombing their nations.

Some of the practices by Jews are worse than anything the Muslims have done, so why don't we bomb Jewish cities to help them become free and liberated?

Have you watched Vicki Polin describe the Jewish murder rituals in her family:

And how about this news report from Israel about Jewish men forcing Jewish women to ride at the back of the bus? Don't let the Jews fool you into hating Muslims and thinking that dropping bombs on Muslims is going to help them.
The Zionists also have a campaign to trick us into hating the Chinese. I mentioned this in my audio file for 11 Oct 2007. (The photo shows a customer buying dog meat in China)

A more blatant attempt to encourage anger at China occurred yesterday. A video was posted of Chinese taking dogs to the market for sale as meat.

The Zionists are trying to trick Americans into believing that people who eat cats and dogs are evil, and that good people eat chickens and cows.

In the box below are some excerpts of idiotic messages in response to that video: 



You chinese cowards!
They have no respect for life what soever..

As I mentioned in Zion's Little Helpers, part 2, Surfing The Apocalypse and Rumor Mill News are propaganda sites.

If you think I exaggerate, the woman who runs Rumor Mill News claims that she visited the planet Mars. She wrote about it here.

Zion's Little Helpers, part 2
Did they destroy the Holocaust "truth movement"? Do they have a team of "Zionist whores" to set us up for blackmail, jail, or death?
Click here

Most of the people posting messages at forums seem to be Zionist agents, so be careful trusting them, and don't give them your personal information. You can figure out they cannot be trusted by looking at who they promote and what their messages are. For example, the person named Questionnairy promotes ZetaTalk and bradblog:

If you haven't seen the Protocols of Zion, or Harold Rosenthal, please take a look!
Harold Rosenthal
Please, take a look at what he says, and help us find goyim who can prove him wrong
Grow a backbone!
Click here
Protocols of Zion
At least look at the summary at the top of the page

Click here

A transcript of the audio

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

In case you haven't noticed, I posted Christopher Bollyn's five recent articles about the electronic voting machines. Bollyn claims that the machines are under the control of a company called Voxeo, and that Voxeo is under the control of Israel.

Bollyn is still behaving like a kidnap victim, so we ought to wonder why his kidnappers would allow him to write articles that expose the Israeli cheating in American elections. Some people suspect that Bollyn is spreading false information about Voxeo. For example, Bev Harris, who has the site, has a lot of evidence that Republicans are using electronic voting machines to cheat, and she complains that Bollyn is wrong to assume that Voxeo is following orders from Israel.

Well, my guess is that Bollyn is telling the truth, but that his kidnappers won't allow him to tell the complete story, so his article is actually deception that is intended to help Israel. This trick is very easy to understand, but only if you can control your arrogance and look critically at yourself, your nation, and the human race. So I'll start with a discussion about arrogance.

It's been known for a long time that crime gangs manipulate people by exploiting our weaknesses. A simple example is how criminals will offer us money or prostitutes or jobs in a Hollywood movie.

Although its easy to bribe individuals that way, it's not practical to bribe an entire nation. The Protocols of Zion discuss some of the techniques to manipulate nations. By the way, somebody updated that document a few months ago so that it uses modern English, which makes it easier to understand. I have both versions at my site.

One technique to manipulate a nation is to encourage arrogance. This is what the Zionists did during the September 11 attack. Instead of putting serious discussions about the attack on television, the Zionists told us that we were attacked because we love freedom. The Zionists encouraged us to believe that we're special people, and that we're innocent.

By encouraging the Americans to become arrogant, the Zionists suppressed our tendency to wonder why the Arabs attacked us. And most Americans fell for the trick. The sale of flags went up tremendously, and they were almost no discussions about the attack.

Some people, myself included, thought that the Arabs attacked us because they were tired of our meddling in their affairs. However, instead of discussing America's foreign policies, anybody who suggested that America's support of Israel was to blame for the attack was ridiculed by the Zionists as a person who wants to "blame America".

Most people realize that whenever two people get into a fight, both of them are at least partly responsible for the fight. We even have an expression for this: "It takes two to tango." But, on September 11th, the American people were tricked into believing that it takes only one to tango. We were told that Al Qaeda can tango all by itself.

Millions of Americans were tricked into becoming arrogant jerks who waved flags and boasted that Americans are the greatest people in the world. They were tricked into believing that America was completely innocent, and therefore, anybody who blames America for the attack is obviously confused.

Americans were also tricked into hating Muslims. We were shown pictures of Muslim women wearing burqas, and we were provided with news articles and books and movies that provide horrible details of how Muslim women are abused. My own mother was convinced that the people in Afghanistan are disgusting because of a book she read which told about the life of a woman in Afghanistan who suffered abuse. My mother was fooled into thinking that this one woman's experience - which was written by a Jew - is typical of every Muslim on the planet.

My mother is one of millions of Americans who were tricked into thinking that Muslims are evil, and that Muslim women are suffering, and that Arab governments are corrupt, and that the solution is to provide them with freedom and democracy by dropping bombs on their cities.

Most Americans have been so completely deceived that they don't realize that strange religious practices can be found in every religion, even the Jews. For example, today on the Drudge website is an article about Jewish men in Israel forcing Jewish women to the back of the bus. Some Jewish women have been beaten by these men. However, since the Jews control the media, they ignore or minimize these incidents.

Have you watched the video of Vicki Polin, a Jew in Chicago, who said on the Oprah television show that her family would sometimes have babies so that they could sacrifice them in Jewish murder rituals? Imagine if Muslims were sacrificing babies in murder rituals, or if the Chinese were doing it, or the North Koreans, or the Germans. Don't you think that the Jews would be telling us about it over and over and over, and using it as proof that we must bomb those nations in order to provide them with freedom and democracy?

The Zionist Jews exploited the gullible Americans during 9/11 by encouraging their arrogance, and tricking them into hating Muslims. They also convinced the American women that they're liberated, and that they must liberate the women of other nations by dropping bombs on them. If the Americans had better control of their emotions, they would have looked seriously at the attack and they would have eventually discovered that the Israelis and other Zionist Jews were responsible for it, and that it was a trick to start a war that is still going on.

A great way to ruin a person, or a nation, is to encourage their arrogance. When people become extremely arrogant, they won't look critically at themselves. Instead they'll assume that their problems are coming from evil people. They'll hate the evil people, and they won't do anything to improve themselves because they'll assume they're already perfect.

The only way to improve your nation is to look critically at it. Consider the attitude of engineers who design airplanes. After they finish a new design, they put it through tests to see how well it performs. They don't wave flags and boast that they just created the perfect airplane. Their attitude is to make the next version even better, so they look for ways to improve their design.

As I explain in an article at my philosophy page, we need the same attitude toward school systems, tax systems, government systems, and other types of social technology. In order to improve a school system, we have to do a serious analysis of it and look for ways to make it better. We inhibit progress when we wave flags and boast that we have the perfect nation.

All of us are arrogant, but don't hate yourself because of it, or feel sorry for yourself. Your goal should be to understand yourself; to become a better person. You should try to discover your talents and your limitations.

We're not arrogant because we're evil. Arrogance would have been a necessary quality thousands of years ago because it would have given people what we refer to as "confidence". Have you ever wondered what life was like a few thousand years ago?

Try to imagine life in a small, nomadic tribe, especially in a difficult climate. Imagine waking up on a cold, dark winter day in Europe while it's snowing. Where are you going to find food for yourself and your children? There's only a few hours of sunlight, and you're only tools are some sharp sticks and rocks. If you wander away from the rest of the tribe to look for food, how do you find your way home? How are you going to protect yourself if you encounter a pack of wolves or other predators when all you have is a sharp stick to defend yourself?

The men in that era had to be arrogant. Their arrogance gave them tremendous confidence in themselves and their abilities. They would go out into the world every day with confidence that they'll succeed in finding food and taking care of their families. They would be certain that they could handle any predator that threatened them. They would never waste time worrying about failure.

The men would often fail to find food and go home with nothing, but they wouldn't feel sorry for themselves. Instead, they would arrogantly boast that they'll be successful the next day. And if they failed the next day, they would continue to be confident. It wouldn't matter how many times they failed. They would continue to have confidence in themselves. Their arrogance would keep them going.

This level of arrogance that was necessary in prehistoric eras is detrimental today. A simple example are the people who waste the best years of their life struggling to become Olympic athletes. Some of them fail year after year, but they continue to believe that they're going to be successful. Their arrogance prevents them from taking a serious look at themselves and facing the fact that they don't have the talent. They're behaving like exactly like primitive people who continue to have confidence in their abilities even though they fail over and over and over.

Arrogance is stronger in men than women. We love to think of ourselves as the most intelligent, and the most talented, and the most educated, and even the best looking. As I mentioned in one of my documents, our arrogance is so extreme that I think of myself as the strongest of men, which is absurd because I'm actually much weaker than the ordinary man. This emotion can be detrimental today, but if I had been alive 10,000 years ago and if a wolf was sneaking up on my children, my arrogance would cause me to believe that I'm strong enough to chase it away.

The Zionists encourage our arrogance in order to trick us into getting into fights with one another. The 9/11 attack is just one example.

Another example are the relentless attempts to trick the Americans into hating the Chinese. There are frequent articles at WorldNetDaily about the evil Chinese. Alex Jones has been promoting fear of the Chinese for years, and he even accused them of controlling the weather. And do you remember a few years ago when we were told that tens of thousands of Chinese troops were hiding in Mexico because China was preparing to attack America?

Their campaign to create hatred of China is still going on. Yesterday, the 14th of January, a video was posted at the Zionist propaganda website called surfingtheapocalypse. This video shows cats and dogs being transported to a market in China where they're killed for food. In response to the video, an anonymous person posted comments with such idiot remarks as:


A short time later he posted another message with such remarks as:

You chinese cowards!

The Zionists are waging a propaganda campaign to trick the Americans into hating Chinese and thinking that we're superior to Chinese. The Americans who fall for this trick are fools. If the Americans can control their arrogance, they would realize that there's nothing wrong with eating cats and dogs, and that we're not better because we chickens and pigs.

Americans have been fooled into thinking that the reason they love cats and dogs is because we're superior people, but I think it's a symptom of loneliness. America is a collection of people from around the world, many of whom have mental problems, and a significant percentage of our population are people who were brought into the nation only to serve as cheap labor. A lot of Americans are lonely because they're surrounded by people they have little or nothing in common with.

We're not going to improve the world when we behave like arrogant savages. We have to take a critical look at our nations and realize that every nation has a lot of problems to deal with.

Most of the people who post propaganda on the Internet are anonymous, but I bet that if we could identify them we would discover that they're Zionist Jews. Unfortunately, we can't identify them because most people have been tricked into believing that the Internet should protect our identities. But how does this secrecy protect you or me or any honest person? And what are we being protected from?

Think about this. Since cverybody has a unique Internet address, we are theoretically capable of identifying people who have websites, who post messages, and who send e-mail. So, if we were allowed to identify a person according to his address, how would you, or any honest person, be harmed? I already identify myself on my website, so my identity is not protected. So who among us is being protected? Can you create a list of names of the people who are being protected? And can you explain what they're being protected from?

The Zionists have tricked most people into believing that secrecy is protecting us, but nobody asks for evidence to suppost this theory. This secrecy only protects criminals, such as the people who spread computer viruses, or post messages from Al Qaeda, or send spam e-mail. Furthermore, if we were allowed to trace e-mail address, we could figure out where Christopher Bollyn and his family are located.

Unless somebody can come up with a valid reason for keeping people's identity a secret, we should demand that the secrecy be removed and everybody be identifiable.

If we could identify the people using the Internet, I'm sure we'd discover that the Zionists have an army of people posting messages and creating websites in order to spread propaganda, confusion, viruses, as well as encourage arrogance and hatred.

These techniques are even described in the Protocols of Zion, and Harold Rosenthal talks about it, also. One of their tricks is to create fights among us, and then other Jews come forward to bring peace. Henry Kissinger was given a Nobel Peace Prize for his phony attempts to stop the fighting in the Middle East.

The Zionists never encourage serious analyses or intelligent discussions. Instead, they encourage destructive emotions, such as arrogance, hatred, and pity. Democrats are encouraged to blame the nation's problems on Republicans, and Republicans are encouraged to blame the Democrats. When I was a teenager, we were encouraged to blame the nation's drug problems on Afghanistan and Turkey. Today we're encouraged to blame our drug problems on South Americans.

The Zionists are trying to trick us into becoming arrogant jerks who fight with one other. We're suckers if we fall for this trick, but to avoid becoming a sucker, we have to be willing to accept the fact that we're arrogant.

However, if you're not smart enough to understand this concept, or if you're too arrogant to look critically at yourself, you will instead boast that you don't have a problem with arrogance.This actually happens all the time. An example are the people who refer to themselves as the working-class people. Some of them criticize the ruling class for thinking of themselves as being better people than the working class.

Can you see the hypocrisy? These working-class people are boasting that they are better than the ruling class because they consider all people to be equal. This attitude reminds me of the story Animal Farm. The working-class believe that all people are equal, but the working class are more equal than the ruling class because the working-class don't think of themselves as better than other people. I suppose that a lot of working-class people are slightly below the intellectual level necessary to understand the absurdity of what they're boasting about.

A lot of people are also too dumb to understand that a lot of the religious beliefs don't make sense. For example, consider the Christians who insist that God created all people to be equal, and that God loves all of us, and that God doesn't want us to kill, but God wants us to kill Muslims.

Another amusing aspect of arrogance is that if you're capable of admitting that you're arrogant, and if you can keep it under control, then you can truly boast that you are better than other people. This might seem to put you back into the category of an arrogant jerk, but there's actually a subtle difference.

Consider how this concept applies to an athletic event, such as running. If a person boasts that he's the fastest runner in the world, he may not be arrogant. If he has been winning international running competitions, then he's simply stating an obvious fact. But if a person boasts about being the fastest runner when the evidence suggests otherwise, then he would be boasting about quality he doesn't have.

So perhaps the best way to think of arrogance is that if you boast about a quality you have, then you're not being arrogant. But when you boast about a quality you don't have, then you have a problem with arrogance. Therefore, if you can control your arrogance, then you could boast that you're not as arrogant as most people.

If you can control your arrogance, you'll also be able to look at yourself and your children in the same critical manner that you look at everybody else and everybody else's children. You'll discover that you're just another person of no particular importance, and so are your children. And you'll realize that other people are not as awful as you thought they were. They're just different from you.

If you can control your arrogance, you're less likely to become a victim of salesmen, con artists, and Zionists who exploit this characteristic by praising you. And the world will make more sense to you. You'll be able to understand that everybody's worst enemy is themselves, and every organization's worst enemy are their own members. You'll be able to understand that the biggest enemy of America is the American people, and the biggest enemy of Britain are the British people.

This concept seems so simple, but most people have trouble understanding how it applies to themselves and their nation. Since it's easier to look critically at another nation, I'll explain this concept with China rather than America. If you're Chinese, just imagine I am talking about Japan, or India, or Britain. The concept applies to all nations, so it doesn't matter which one you select.

If we look through the past few thousand years of Chinese history, we'll find that there has been suffering in China at all points in time. Some of the suffering was the result of nature, such as typhoons, earthquakes, droughts, and disease. And some of it was the result of human activity, such as crime, war, and corruption. For example, in 1556, an earthquake killed more than 800,000 Chinese, and it caused hundreds of thousands of other Chinese to suffer. At the time the Chinese population was less than 10% of what it is today, so that one earthquake caused a significant amount of suffering in China.

If we were to create a timeline of all the suffering that has gone on in China over the past few thousand years, it's possible that we would discover that every day there was somebody in China suffering from something. In 1934 a movie was produced called "Death Takes A Holiday". If we were to look through the timeline of China's suffering, we would certainly find that death never took a holiday, and neither did suffering.

A timeline of China's suffering will show that most of the suffering that occurred thousands of years ago was the result of nature. As technology developed, nature became less of a problem, but technology brought about a new type of suffering. For example, today there are lots of Chinese people suffering from cadmium poisoning, drug problems, and gambling debts. Nobody thousands of years ago had those problems.

A timeline of China's suffering shows that as we develop technology, we reduce the suffering by nature but we create new problems for ourselves. And one of the most important lessons to learn from such a timeline is that almost none of their suffering has come from people outside of China. Almost all of their suffering has come from nature or themselves.

For example, the Japanese attacked China during World War II and caused suffering, but in the history of China's suffering, that attack was just a small and brief event.

There's a lot of suffering in China today, but almost all of this suffering is coming from the Chinese people. There's almost nobody in China who can seriously claim to be suffering as a result of the Japanese, or the British, or the Russians. Almost every Chinese person who has a problem today is suffering because of other Chinese people or because of their own stupid decisions.

Thousands of people in China are suffering from cadmium, lead, and other toxic chemicals, but it's not because of the Japanese or because of nature, or because of Zionism. It's because the Chinese people are doing a terrible job of controlling their production of toxic waste. There are other Chinese people suffering from malnutrition, and others are suffering from financial problems because they wasted too much of their money on gambling, prostitution, drugs, or jewelry.

Some people complain that greedy businessmen in foreign nations are responsible for setting up the terrible factories that created pollution, and therefore the Chinese are actually suffering as a result of these foreigners. To understand how silly that theory is, let me give an extreme example.

Imagine a British company asks the Chinese government for permission to set up a lobotomy businesses in shopping malls throughout China. Imagine the Chinese government agrees. The British company hires Chinese construction crews to set up the businesses, and they hire Chinese people to work in the businesses, and they pay the Chinese newspapers and Chinese television stations to advertise their lobotomy business. Imagine millions of Chinese people going into the shops and paying the Chinese employees to give them a lobotomy.

That may seem like a ridiculous example, but it's happening right now in China, except with gambling instead of lobotomies. Some Zionist Jews offered to build gambling casinos in the island of Macau, and the Chinese government agreed to allow it. The Chinese construction companies agreed to build the casinos for the Jews, and Chinese people agreed to work in the casinos. Other Chinese people are now traveling to the casinos and giving their money to the Chinese employees, and some of that money goes back to the Jews. Who benefits from this? It's not the Chinese. And whose fault is it? The only sensible way to explain these gambling casinos in China is that the Zionist Jews are taking advantage of the Chinese people who have trouble controlling their cravings for money and gambling.

And consider what would happen if China attacks Taiwan in order to fulfill a fantasy of reuniting China with Taiwan. The war would cause a lot of suffering, pollution, and destruction for both nations. The Chinese government would justify the war on the grounds that the Chinese people will benefit in the long run, but who exactly in China would benefit from such a war? Can anybody create a list of names and addresses of the Chinese people who will have a better life after such a war?

Even if somebody could offer evidence that unification would help the Chinese people, that doesn't justify a war. Rather, it would justify China offer a peaceful unification. But a peaceful unification is impossible because China doesn't have any sensible plans on unification.

The Chinese government is as inept and selfish as everybody else's government. Before any government tells another nation how to live, they should get their own nation in good working order.

If any government were to make their nation truly better than other nations, then people in other nations would be impressed and want to learn from them. If China was truly better than Taiwan, the people in Taiwan would be willing to discuss the issue of joining with China. But why would they want to join China right now? China has problems with pollution, gambling, prostitution, crime, and even sex slaves. The Chinese cities are as disorganized, ugly, and overcrowded as everybody else's cities. The Chinese don't have a sensible method of selecting government leaders, and their school systems are no better than any other nation's school system.

Why would Taiwan want to join with a nation that has so many problems? It's possible that Taiwan is an improvement over China, in which case the mainland Chinese should be considering joining with the Taiwanese, not the other way around.

The goal of the Chinese government should be to impress the Taiwanese by making China into a wonderful place to live. But the Chinese government is like governments everywhere. They don't want to impress anybody. They don't want to face their problems, or discuss issues, or do any research. They prefer to behave like dogs and wolves and monkeys and primitive humans. They want to fight with their neighbors and conquer more territory.

Men are still behaving like primitive savages who stuggle to be the dominant male. We have an emotional craving to be in control of all of the land and all of the people. And we want to impress other people with our collection of material items, and our gigantic homes, and we want to boast about our achievements.

If you can control your arrogance, you can see that you have a tendency to behave just like the stupid animals. Look at the cats and dogs in your neighborhood. They all have plenty of food, and a nice place to live. They have no reason to fight with one another over territory. But they can't control their emotions. Dogs and cats were not designed to be pets. Even though people have been breeding them to be pets, they're still wild animals.

The same concept applies to humans. There's no reason for people today to fight with one another over food and territory. We all have plenty of food and land. We could enjoy life and work together. But our emotions were designed for a life of thousands of years ago. A man's emotions gives him a craving to fight with other men and to imagine himself as the dominant male. The craving to fight is so strong that it turns the Olympic athletic events into a battle between nations.

China doesn't want to control Taiwan because they have an intelligent plan to make life better for the Taiwanese. They want to control Taiwan for the same reason the neighborhood dogs fight over territory. Humans are just intelligent animals.

It's also interesting to look at the history of China and Taiwan and notice why they're separate nations in the first place. They're separate because their history is just like the history of Europe, and Russia, and Africa. It's a history of fights, incompetent governments, corruption, drug problems, and crime. They're not going to improve the situation by getting into yet another fight. They'll improve their situation when they start discussing their problems in a serious manner.

China is not suffering because Taiwan is a separate nation. China is suffering because of their own stupid decisions. They think their problem is coming from outside their nation, but their problems are coming from inside their own minds.

For example, in the 1800s, the Chinese got into fights with the British over opium. Our history books refer to these fights as "The Opium Wars". The attitude among the Chinese was that the British were hurting China by selling opium, but it's not the fault of the British that millions of Chinese want opium. If the British had been offering lobotomies, would the Chinese have started The Lobotomy Wars to drive out the British?

The Opium Wars stopped the British from selling opium, but it didn't get rid of the problem that China was suffering from. China is suffering from the same problem that all other nations are suffering from; namely, an increasingly large percentage of every nation's population is having trouble coping with modern life. There are millions of people in China who can't cope with drugs, but it's not the fault of the British. The British simply took advantage of those particular Chinese.

When parents discover that their children are taking drugs, they want to believe that their children are innocent victims of drug dealers. When a nation discovers that their citizens are taking drugs, they want to believe that their citizens are innocent victims of foreigners.

If you can control your arrogance and take a critical look at humans, including your own relatives, then it's easy to understand that drug use is not caused drug dealers. Every adult over the age of 30 should be able to look back at his life, and the people that he's known, and notice that a lot of people experiment with alcohol and other drugs, but only some people decide to use drugs on a regular basis, and of those people, only some of them choose to use drugs to such an extreme that they hurt themselves or other people.

We can't stop the use of alcohol and drugs by making them illegal because some people have such a strong craving for drugs that they don't care whether their legal.

Even if we could stop the sale of drugs, the people who have a craving for alcohol and other drugs will continue to have whatever problem causes them to crave drugs. Therefore, they may end up doing something else to excess, such as gambling, or eating, or becoming famous, or watching television, or getting involved in dangerous sports, or stockpiling material items.

Today China is allowing an enormous gambling industry to develop, and eventually they may decide that gambling is causing trouble, and so they might start The Gambling Wars to get rid of gambling. But making gambling illegal won't eliminate gambling, and it won't solve their true problem; namely, that millions of Chinese are having trouble coping with modern life.

Only some people are attracted to gambling, and of those people, only some of them have trouble controlling their gambling. Laws that prohibit gambling might reduce the gambling, but it doesn't cure the people who have a craving to gamble. Their problem is not gambling. Their problem is their mind. Therefore, if we stop them from gambling, they may end up involved in some other destructive activity.

These concepts also apply to people who get involved in selling drugs, or managing gambling operations, or running prostitution businesses, or getting involved in some other criminal or deceptive business practice.

Some people with mental or physical disorders get involved with crime simply because they have difficulty making a living, but those people are just trying to survive, so they're a different situation. What I'm referring to are the people who are capable of making an honest living, but they don't want an ordinary job or an ordinary income. Some of them have had ordinary jobs while young, but they weren't happy with an ordinary life or an ordinary income, so they quit and got involved with crime. And some of them continue to work at ordinary jobs but they commit crimes during their leisure time. And some of them have jobs as salesmen or in advertising, and they manipulate their customers in order to make more money than they could make in honest manner.

All of these type of people have chosen to get involved with crime or to exploit people. Nobody is forcing them to do this. These are choices that they made.

Most people believe that the solution to these problems is to arrest the drug dealers, and pass laws to regulate advertising and sales, but laws are not going to fix this problem because the people want to behave this way.

There are a lot of people who don't care about contributing to society or getting along with other people. They're not happy with an ordinary life or an ordinary income. Laws are not going to fix them because their problem is their mind.

If you can understand how these concepts apply to China, then you can see how they apply to all other nations. India, for example, rebelled against the British, but the British were never a significant problem to India. If we were to create a timeline of the suffering that the Indian people have gone through during the past few thousand years, we would find that almost all of their suffering has come from nature and themselves. They've been fighting with each other for centuries, and they still haven't figured out how to create a government that can deal with their problems. The British caused only insignificant suffering in their history.

Pakistan and India are separate nations because of the constant fighting among religious people. The Zionists probably exploited the situation and helped to create Pakistan, but Pakistan never would've been created if the Indian people could deal with religion in a more intelligent manner.

Today the Zionists seem to be trying to start a war between Pakistan and India, and they're also trying to create anger towards Pakistan here in America. For example, Sibel Edmonds, Paul Thompson, Dylan Avery, and other Zionist agents are trying to convince us that Pakistan played a major role in 9/11.

Pakistan's government doesn't seem to be doing much to defend themselves from this Zionist propaganda. If a war get started in Pakistan, it's going to be partly the fault of the Pakistani people for not dealing with Zionism.

I'm even more surprised that the Arab governments don't defend themselves against the accusations that they're responsible for the 9/11 attack. Why don't they expose Zionism? Why doesn't the Iranian government do a better job of exposing Zionism?

Europe, Japan, and America have more technology than most nations, but their governments are just as corrupt and incompetent. There isn't a government anywhere that's properly dealing with their problems.

All of these concepts apply to individuals, also. If you were to create a timeline of your life and identify all of your suffering, it will be similar to the timeline that shows the suffering of China or India. You'll discover that almost all of your problems were the result of your own stupid decisions. Only rarely did other people cause you trouble.

Consider how people suffer from problems related to money. A significant percentage of the population is unhappy with the amount of money they make, and no matter how much they make, it's never enough. Their house is never large enough, and they never have enough cars, jewelry, or television sets.

People today are wealthier than people have ever been in all of history, yet most people complain they don't have enough money to enjoy life. Many of them commit crimes or abuse people in order to get more money. But their shortage of money is an emotional illusion. They're not suffering from a shortage of money. They simply can't control their emotional cravings.

All of the stress, arguments, crime, and suffering related to money is coming from the minds of the people.

You are your worst enemy. You are responsible for your behavior. You can't blame your problems on other people.

People who are too arrogant to take responsibility for themselves are easier to manipulate than people who have better control of their emotions. The reason is because the arrogant people are more likely to be attracted to con artists who offer them the opportunity to blame their problems on other people. We can see this during every political election. Most people are attracted to the dishonest candidates who praise them and tell them that the nation's problems are caused by somebody else. The voters respond to this nonsense by waving flags, cheering for themselves, and hating the other groups.

If somebody like me were running for president, most people would be angry at me for accusing them of being partly responsible for the nation's problems. The Democrats would insist that they're not responsible; the nation's problems are due to the Republicans, and the Republicans would blame the Democrats.

However, every nation is suffering problems because of inappropriate decisions by their own citizens. Consider the nations that have a lot of starvation. Most people assume that starvation is caused by a lack of food, but starvation occurs with all living creatures because it is caused by excessive reproduction.

The only way to prevent starvation is to control the rate at which we reproduce. But if the people of a nation cannot understand this concept, then they're going to continue reproducing excessively, and that's going to cause them to suffer from starvation, overcrowding, and other problems.

Every nation is suffering from a lot of problems, but their problems are not due to foreign nations, or a lack of oil, money, or land, or food. Their problems are due to inappropriate decisions by the majority of people. Most people simply can't cope with modern life. They are behaving as if this is 10,000 B.C.

We can't solve our problems with money or technology because our problems are caused by the animal-like minds of the people. The only way the world will improve is if the people start making better decisions. But, if only a few hundred people can improve their behavior, the world is not going to improve.

Consider a simple example, the purchasing of stolen items. When people purchase stolen items, they encourage crime and they hurt the honest businesses by denying them a sale. However, if the majority of people cannot understand this concept and if they cannot control their emotions well enough to avoid purchasing stolen property, then the world will continue to have high levels of theft.

We can't stop crime by making crime illegal. Crime is coming from people's decisions. It's coming from their minds. Laws, jails, and punishments cannot improve a person's mind.

Laws are useful for regulating automobile and airplane traffic because those laws provide us with guidance over decisions that don't affect us emotionally. However, laws cannot change or control human emotions. A law cannot force a selfish, arrogant animal to behave like a responsible human.

People who cannot follow laws can't be cured of their problem because their inability to follow laws is due to their mind. Some of these people may be on the borderline between having the ability to follow laws and not having the ability, and so jail and beatings may help to push these people into following laws, but it doesn't cure them of their problem.

A more complex example is voting for government officials. In democracies, the government is based on the theory that the majority of people know what's best for their nation. The government consists of submissive representatives who do what the people ask. This type of government system doesn't have true leaders.

The voters in a democracy don't judge candidates according to their leadership abilities or their intelligence. Rather, they look for a submissive candidate who will serve them.

We're attracted to the concept of a democracy because we're arrogant and selfish. A democracy makes us feel special. We love to imagine that we know so much about abortion, crime, religion, and school systems that the government will follow our orders. We love having other people serve us and treat us as if were special.

A democracy appeals to our animal-like emotions, but it doesn't make any sense from an intellectual point of view. In fact, it's easy to realize that democracies are idiotic. This is why almost no other organization tolerates a democracy. Businesses don't use it, and neither do football teams, orchestras, police departments, or school systems.

Theoretically, a democracy would work if the people of a nation were truly as intelligent, honest, fair, loving, moral, and educated as they claim to be. But if people were that wonderful, then even Marxism would work. The reason Marxism and democracies fail is because people are not what they can claim to be. People are just animals with intelligence. People are very selfish, and the majority of people don't have the ability to manage a nation.

It's possible that a democracy would have worked 2000 years ago when life was much simpler because in those days there weren't many problems for the government to deal with. But the majority of people cannot cope with problems that we face today. As I mentioned in a previous audio file, most people can't even have a serious discussion about abortion. All they do is fight over right or wrong. A democracy is not going to work when the majority of people can't understand the problems, and when all they fight like arrogant savages.

In order to improve the world, the people must stop thinking of themselves as all-knowing, super intelligent experts. Most people have to accept the fact that they're just ordinary people, and that they have nothing of value to say about life. They need to keep quiet and let somebody else deal with the problems. Most people can't even cope with problems in their own lives. Most people's lives are full of problems and stress. Anybody who can't set up a pleasant life for himself should concentrate on his own life rather than tell the rest of us how to live.

The majority of people must face the fact that there are some people in this world who are better than them at managing a nation. However, if the majority of people continue to behave like arrogant savages, how can anything improve? Our problems are coming from the people, so unless the people improve their behavior, nothing is going to improve.

Most voters realize that our government is incompetent, and many people also realize that our government is involved with organized crime. However, the voters are so arrogant that they won't accept responsibility for the government they created. They insist that the government is crummy because of other people. But everybody who votes is partly responsible for this crummy government. Voting for a corrupt candidate is like buying stolen property. The proper behavior is to refuse both stolen property and corrupt candidates.

Look at the American presidential election for 2008. There is evidence that every one of these candidates is working for some faction of the Zionist crime network that gave us the September 11th attack. The proper reaction from the voters is to refuse all of these candidates, but instead most voters refuse to face 9/11 and Zionism. How can a democracy work when the majority of people are so incredibly irresponsible and selfish?

The Republicans are not stopping the Democrats from dealing with 9/11 or Zionism, and the Democrats are not stopping the Republicans from dealing with it. So who's stopping the American people from facing these issues? The answer is that the people are stopping themselves. They don't want to deal with it. They have minds that belong in 10,000 B.C. They can't cope with the problems of today. They can't deal with the 9/11 attack, and they can't deal with Zionism, and they can't deal with abortion or euthanasia or religion or anything else. All they can do is eat, fight, and reproduce, just like animals.

Most people should not vote, but they're going to vote, and they're going to select between one of these Zionist candidates. As a result, these people are not innocent victims of government corruption. Rather, they're part of the reason we have so much corruption. They're supporting the corruption.

Some people realize that all of the candidates are crummy, but they will do what they refer to as "voting for the lesser of evils". This is a destructive attitude. This is equivalent to a person who selects the least disgusting meal from a restaurant that serves only disgusting meals. Everybody is capable of understanding that we don't have to tolerate disgusting food from restaurants, but most people can't understand that we don't have to tolerate crummy political candidates, either.

When a business is looking for an employee, and when it discovers that none of the people applying for the job are qualified, the business doesn't pick the lesser of evils. Instead, they continue to look for somebody who can do the job properly. Voters must have this same attitude.

The same concept applies to strip clubs, gambling casinos, and even publications such as Newsweek magazine and the New York Times. The people who spend money on these products are supporting Zionism and other crime gangs. The people who subscribe to Newsweek magazine think of themselves as innocent, but a person is not truly innocent when he supports organized crime.

Of course, some organized crime gangs have legitimate businesses, so it's difficult for us to completely avoid giving money to crime gangs. However, it's very easy for us to avoid their gambling casinos, strip clubs, whiskey, and publications. Those type of products and services are unnecessary, so it's easy for us to avoid those products. And there are lots of alternatives to their products. For example, if you like to gamble, you can gamble with your friends instead of with a crime network.

And consider the diamond business. This business is dominated by Zionist Jews, and as I've complained about before, these diabolical and abusive Jews have tricked women into believing that diamonds are a girl's best friend. This is manipulation. It's abuse. But how many people can understand this? It makes me wonder how extreme this type of abuse would have to be before the majority of people could see it and complain about it. What if a copper company convinced women that copper wire is a girl's best friend, and what if popcorn farmers were also convincing women that popcorn is a girl's best friend?

Imagine women all over the world craving hundreds of different products because they're certain that they need those products in order to be happy. Imagine men all over the world being pressured into purchasing these products in order to prove that they love their wives and their daughters. Imagine your wife crying that you don't love her because you didn't spend much money on popcorn and copper wire for her birthday. How extreme does this abouse have to be before you complain about it?

In 2006 Hollywood released a movie called Blood Diamonds, and this appears to be an attempt to improve the life of the African people, but there's more evidence to believe that this is just another diabolical trick by a particular group of Zionist Jews in the diamond business to get rid of their competition.

What would you think if thousands of other businesses were also producing propaganda movies in order to destroy their competition? The Zionist Jews are disgusting and abusive, but most of their victims can't understand that they're being abused.

If you purchase diamonds, you're not truly innocent because you're giving money and support to these disgusting Jews who are involved in an international crime network. These Jews are not contributing anything of value to society. They're parasites who exploit people. The Jews in the jewelry business take advantage of a woman's desire to look attractive and feel loved. The men should protect their women from the abuse and help them to understand that they're being exploited, but most men can't understand what's happening, either. Most men are overwhelmed with modern life. Thousands of years ago the men were capable of taking care of their families, but today most of them can't even take care of themselves.

Most men are also doing nothing to protect their children from abusive advertising. There is no valid reason for businesses to manipulate children into purchasing products. This activity should be forbidden. But most people don't see anything wrong with it, and most people don't even care that many of the advertisements are titillating the children sexually.

The ordinary working-class people like to imagine themselves as innocent victims of the ruling class, but part of the reason the ruling class is so selfish, abusive, and corrupt is because the majority of people support the corrupt and abusive businessmen, political candidates, and religious leaders. The ordinary working-class people are not innocent. They're part of the reason that every nation is suffering from so much crime and abuse. And the Zionists make the situation worse by exploiting people.

For another example of how Zionists exploit people, when a woman is having problems with men, the Zionist Jews, such as Naomi Wolf, will exploit this situation by telling the women that the reason they're suffering is because men are "sexist", and that men have been abusing women all throughout history.

If these Jews really wanted to help women, they would be encouraging us to discuss how life has changed for both men and women during the past few thousand years, but they don't encourage us to discuss anything or do any research. Instead they encourage destructive behavior, such as pouting and anger.

The men should protect their women by helping them to understand that feminism is just another trick by Zionists to break down our society so that the Jews can get more control of us, but most men can't understand what's going on. Most men don't have the intellectual ability to realize that there's no such thing as "sexism". The concept of sexism doesn't make any sense. What is sexism? And why do men have sexism but not women? How is it possible for men to be evil, but not women?

The concept of sexism is as idiotic as the concept of anti-Semitism, or racism, or bigotry. What is bigotry? And who among us is a racist? None of these words have any meaning. When an adult refers to another adult as sexist or an anti-Semite, it's equivalent to a child calling another child a "do-do head". Unfortunately, most of the human population is incapable of understanding that these words don't have any meaning.

The Jews take advantage of people's inability to understand these concepts by encouraging us to accuse one another of racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism. The Jews also use these words to ruin the image of people they don't like.

It might be best to refer to the Jews as Khazars or Neanderthals because the majority of people won't know what the Jews are complaining about if they refer to us as anti-Khazarian or anti-Neanderthal.

If Naomi Wolf and the other Khazar savages were really interested in helping women, they would promote the attitude that men and women are different, just as an apple is different from an orange. And they would encourage us to investigate our differences.

Life has changed for both men and women during the past few thousand years because of technology. We should have serious discussions about the differences between men and women and our goal should be to design society so that both men and women can enjoy this modern era. Unfortunately, the Khazars never allow discussions like this on television. Instead, they instigate fights between men and women. You have to wonder what television might be like if we could get these Khazars out of our lives.

These Khazars also instigate fights between the working class and the ruling class. For example, when a person has trouble holding a job, the Khazars exploit the situation by encouraging him to feel sorry for himself or get angry at the corporations, or the ruling elite, or the Republicans. The Khazars trick these people into supporting political parties that promise to overthrow the ruling elite and put the nation back into the hands of the working class people.

The Khazars used this trick a hundred years ago in Russia. They fooled millions of Russians into supporting communism by promising to get rid of the ruling elite. The end result was that the Russians helped the Zionists Jews get control of their nation.

The Khazars are using this same trick in America, but in a more subtle manner. They encourage the ordinary Americans to imagine that they're helpless and innocent victims of corporations, the Military Industrial Complex, and “The Special Interests”. The Khazars encourage the Americans to vote for Democrats so that they can put the nation back into the hands of the ordinary people.

The Democratic Party is just a variation of the Communist Party. The members of both groups are encouraged to feel sorry for themselves and hate the "ruling class".

In case you think my criticism of Democrats means that I approve of the Republicans, let me remind you that one of the ways I describe the difference between Republicans and Democrats is that they are similar to the difference between diarrhea and constipation. Both groups are disgusting.

It might help you understand how these groups came into existence. These two groups are not unique to America. In America we refer to them as the Democrats and Republicans, or as the liberals and the conservatives, but these two groups can be seen in other nations, and all throughout history.

Men began separating into these two groups when they developed cities a few thousand years ago. Our natural tendency is to associate with people who are similar to us, so it's not surprising to discover that after cities began to develop, the men tended to form smaller groups within the cities. The men in leadership positions tended to associate with other leaders; sailors tended to associate with sailors; carpenters tended to associate with carpenters. Even children form groups within their school, if their school is large enough. Women also separate into groups.

The first associations were informal and of little importance, but eventually the organizations began to exert significant effect on society. They developed into trade unions, medical associations, sports organizations, political parties, and scientific societies.

A sports organization can function regardless of its size, but a political party has no effect on the elections unless it has a significant percentage of the nation's population. As a result, everybody who wants to influence the elections is under pressure to join one of the major political parties.

The names of the political parties change through time, but the two primary groups are the same regardless of which nation or time period we look at. The largest group is what we could call the Liberals, and it attracts most of the working-class people. The second-largest group is the Conservatives, and it attracts most of the wealthy people and most of the people in leadership positions.

Unfortunately, as I said before, both of these groups are disgusting. Neither of them provide their nation with proper leadership, and neither of them provide us with an understanding of the problems we face. Neither of them have anything intelligent to say about global warming, abortion, crime, religion, the 9/11 attack, or drugs. But there is a subtle difference between these two groups, and understanding that subtle difference will help you to understand some of the peculiar events that are going on today, such as Christopher Bollyn's latest article that exposes Israel's influence in American elections.

The Liberals are always the larger group. This has tremendous significance to America, but most people don't understand what it is, so let me try explain it.

America has a political system in which there is only one winner. If a candidate loses by one vote, he loses completely. Unlike some nations in which the second or third place winner is also elected, the second place winner in America loses just as much as the last-place candidate.

Since there are more liberals than conservatives, the Liberals should win every election in America. The entire American government should consist of Liberals. The American government should be so completely dominated by liberals that even people in other nations should notice, and even they should be complaining that our election system is ridiculous. So why is it that conservatives are winning the elections almost as often as the liberals?

There are only three ways that conservatives can get elected with America's idiotic system. Those three methods are apathy, stupidity, and cheating.

By apathy, I mean that if a lot of liberals don't bother to vote, they allow the Conservatives to win.

By stupidity, I mean that if the Liberals are stupid enough to offer a candidate who is more unappealing than the conservative candidate, then some liberals will vote for the conservative candidate instead.

By cheating, I mean that if the Conservatives cheat, then they can get their candidate elected.

There is a lot of evidence that the Conservatives regularly use electronic voting machines to cheat. I make software, I can guarantee that whoever makes the software for those voting machines can easily cheat in a lot of different manners. For example, the software could be designed to allow people to alter the votes through the Internet.

The software could also be designed to randomly discard votes for Democrats. This wouldn't guarantee that the Republicans get elected, but it would help the Republicans, and because the software would manipulating the votes all by itself, a team of inspectors could be closely watching the machines, and they would never seeing any cheating. This type of cheating would be useful when the machine is placed in locations that don't have Internet access, or where people are closely watching it.

Bev Harris, of, is just one of many people exposing the cheating with these electronic voting machines. A couple days ago, on January 7, she posted another article and video that provides even more evidence that the Republicans are using these machines to cheat. Brad Friedman of Bradblog and Jim Condit Jr. are also exposing this crime.

Christopher Bollyn has gone even further and accused Israel of being involved in the cheating. There certainly are a lot of people who want to help America have honest elections, aren't there?

The key to understanding what's going on is to look at who these investigators are, and what their overall message is. A couple years ago I pointed out that Brad Friedman is a Zionist Khazar who promotes other Khazars. Last year I also pointed out that Jim Condit, Jr. cannot be trusted, and I pointed out that he associates with all sorts of phony white supremacists who cannot be trusted.

And look at Bev Harris. She and her associates get very favorable publicity on television. For example, she was interviewed on the Lou Dobbs program on CNN, and HBO broadcast a documentary called "Hacking Democracy" that promotes her. And Alex Jones has been interviewing and promoting her for years.

If you follow my advice, Bev Harris should be investigated as a Zionist agent simply because of the favorable publicity that she gets. And once you look into her and her associates, you'll find they're supporters of Zionism and Israel. They all lie about or minimize the issues of Zionism, the Holocaust, the Apollo Moon hoax, and every other issue related to Zionism and Israel.

So why would Zionists want to stop the cheating in American elections? To answer that question, ask yourself, who benefits? Who benefits if we stop the Republicans from cheating?

The answer is, the Democrats benefit. If you believe that the Democrats represent the ordinary working-class Americans, then you would come to the conclusion that Bev Harris, Brad Friedman, Jim Condit, Alex Jones, and the other Zionist agents are trying to help the ordinary working-class Americans. But if you continue to look into this issue, you can see that it's just a trick. All you have to do to figure this out is look at the 2006 election.

Americans elected a lot of Democrats in 2006 in order to stop the war, but the war is still going on. Why is the war still going on? According to the Democrats, the Bush administration is so powerful that the Democrats can't stop the war. The Democrats want to feel sorry for themselves and imagine that the Bush administration has unbelievable power over the world, but that's not what's happening. The Democrats are controlled by Israel.

After the 2006 election, some Israeli newspapers were boasting that they were more Jews in the American government than ever before. One of the websites in Israel, the Jewish Virtual Library, shows 43 Jews in the American Congress, and 38 are Democrats.

Most Democrats are so stupid that they can't figure out that their party is dominated by Zionist Jews who have strong support for Israel. And what makes this sad is that there are lots of websites in which the Jews boast about their dominance in the American government. For example, Joseph Aaron, who is the administrator for Chicago Jewish News forum, was so excited after the 2006 election that he posted a message with the title:
"Jews, Jews everywhere".

In his article he boasted that the Jews now have 13% of the Senate.

So maybe now you can understand why Christopher Bollyn's kidnappers are allowing him to expose the cheating in the elections. There are more Zionists in the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. Therefore, if we stop the Republicans from cheating, we help the Zionists get more control of the American government.

People like Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley will tell you that there's no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats because they're both controlled by the same group of people, who they describe as the "New World Order". But I think there is a difference between these two groups.

My assumption of what's going on is that the Democrat Jews are more concerned with Israel, and the Republican Jews are more interested with their personal wealth. I think these two groups of Jews are fighting for control of us. I mention this possibility in Part 2 of my Masquerade Party videos.

In the 2000 election, for example, there was a big dispute over the votes in Florida. If both parties were controlled by one group of Jews, why would they waste their time and effort fighting over whether George Bush or Al Gore won the election?

My explanation of that ridiculous dispute is that the Israeli Jews were fighting with the Republican Jews for control of America.

Both groups of Jews consider us to be worthless Goyim, so it may seem as if it doesn't matter which group has control of us, but I think it does matter who has control of us. The Israeli Jews seem to be much more vicious, disgusting, and abusive group.

A lot of people have the attitude that life was better with President Clinton, but look at all the murders that were going on to protect Clinton, and how the Jews were using American technology to bribe China's government during those years. The Democrat Jews are diabolical and murderous, and they're involved in all sorts of pornography, pedophilia, sex slavery, torture, rape, and other crimes. The Democrat Jews fit the description that historians provide of those Khazarian savages from a thousand years ago. They are truly a disgusting group of people. And you have to wonder what are they doing with Christopher Bollyn and his family? And how many other people have they kidnapped?

It's also interesting to consider what might have happened during the September 11 attack if Al Gore had been elected president in the year 2000. I wouldn't be surprised if Israel would have arranged for Flight 93 to crash into the White House and kill Al Gore. That would allow Joe Lieberman to become president of America.

Have you noticed that during the past few years Lieberman has been pleading with us to attack Iran? If he was president, we might be having that war right now. And we might be attacking Korea, and we might be getting into a war going between China and Taiwan. For all we know, we should be thankful that the Republicans cheated in the 2000 election.

Now consider the 2008 election. Should we put our effort into stopping the Republicans from cheating? I don't think so.

For one reason, only Israel will benefit if we allow more Zionist Democrats get elected. But a more important reason that we shouldn't waste their time worrying about the cheating is that there aren't that many of us fighting Zionism. We don't have the resources to waste on this issue. We should continue putting our effort into exposing Zionism and finding more people to help us get rid of Zionism and all other crime gangs. If we can succeed in getting rid of Zionism, then we open up all sorts of possibilities for us.

Imagine a world without Zionism. The police and the military would be released from their bondage. Television would stop the Zionist propaganda and could start offering more intelligent programs and discussions. Schools could encourage students to discuss issues and investigate historical events.

Our primary goal should be the destruction of the entire Zionist crime network and their base of operation, Israel. Once we destroy this crime network, we can start learning from the mistakes of the past and develop a better system for selecting government officials, and a better economy, and a better school system, and better cities. Eliminating this crime network will provide us with tremendous opportunities. Zionism is like a cancer on the planet, so getting rid of it will be one of the most wonderful events that has happened in the history of the human race. By comparison, what will we gain if we stop Republicans from cheating in the election? For all we know, President Hillary Clinton or President Barak Obama will be worse than whoever the Republicans are trying to elect.

Alex Jones, Bev Harris, and almost everybody else who complains about the electronic voting machines are pushing us into voting for Ron Paul. As of today, I think Ron Paul is a just a submissive puppet for a faction within the Zionist movement. I don't see any evidence that Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Bev Harris, or Brad Friedman are trying to help us. It seems to me that they're just a different groups of Jews fighting for control of us. Why should we worry about having an honest election? Our goal should be the destruction of this entire Zionist crime network. We should stop being pawns in their game of world conquest.

Instead of worrying about the voting machines, we should help people understand that none of these candidates should be elected. We need more people who realize that we can do better than this. We don't have to be babies who eat whatever the Jews put into our mouths. We don't have to make a decision between voting for Jewish constipation or Jewish diarrhea. We're fools to pick any of their options. We should be saying NO to all of the candidates.

We should also expose the Democrat party as being just a modern version of the Communist Party. Both Democrats and Communists are dominated by Khazar savages who exploit their members by promising to overthrow the ruling class and put the nation back into the hands of the working people. They encourage their members to feel sorry for themselves and hate the mysterious ruling class. This is blatant exploitation of stupid people.

The Republican Party attracts people who are slightly more intelligent and in better mental health, which is why the Republicans are more successful in life and do less pouting, but to be slightly better than the Democrats is nothing to boast about. We're not going to improve our situation by voting for Republicans. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are offering real leaders, and neither group has anything intelligent to say about the problems we face.

The Republican Party also attracts a lot of criminals. And its the party of extreme hypocrisy. For example, Republicans condemn a welfare receipt for asking the government for a small amount of money each month, but they don't condemn one of their own people for receiving enormous amounts of money every month from trust funds. What's the difference? Neither person is earning their money.

The Republican Party also attracts all sorts of religious freaks. Take a look at Mitt Romney. He's a Mormon! If Romney doesn't have the intelligence to understand how stupid that religion is, why would we want him in control of our nation?

The majority of Republicans are not much more intelligent than the Democrats. That's why the candidates of both parties are so corrupt and stupid. That's why neither party has anything intelligent to say about the problems we face. We're not going to help ourselves by electing people from either of these parties.

The only way we're going to improve the world is get rid of Zionism and all other organized crime gangs. Then we need to analyze our nations and try to develop a better system for selecting government officials. The people who are running for president right now should not even qualify as candidates. The election system we have right now is idiotic and it's easy cheat with it.

So now you can see why I believe that Christopher Bollyn's kidnappers are allowing him to expose the Israeli influence in the American elections. If they can convince the American people to stop the cheating by Republicans, then Israel can take control of America through the Democrats.

Speaking of Bollyn, he and his family has been hiding since June 11, 2007. That's seven months. At what point will everybody realize that he's either dead or he's a prisoner?

Regardless of whether he's dead or a prisoner, every article that has his name on it should be treated as if it's been sent to Israel for review and censorship. I added a Mossad stamp of approval to his articles at my website to help make this more obvious. His articles may be completely accurate, but his kidnappers may be steering him into certain directions and preventing him from discussing certain details, and this allows Israel to use his articles as clever deception.

For example, his kidnappers may have told to that it's OK to expose the Israeli involvement in the election system, but they wouldn't have told him the reason that they want him to expose the corruption .

On January 8, 2008 Bollyn posted an article that from Anders Björkman, a Swedish engineer who investigated the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings and determined that fire was not responsible. Considering that millions of people already know this, why would Bollyn promote this mans' article in 2008?

The answer is because both Bollyn and Björkman are promoting other Zionist agents, such as Professor Steven Jones, Jim Hoffman, and the Scholars For 9/11 Truth and Justice.

A trick the Zionist Jews over and over is to promote their own people as an investigators. Also, Anders Björkman wrote a book about the sinking of the ship the Estonia, and so his book should be considered Zionist propaganda. Björkman and his associates should be investigated.

On January 14, 2008, Bollyn posted an article in which he complains that Linda Shelton is a political prisoner in a Chicago jail. If you've been following the Bollyn disappearance, you ought to wonder why he would promote a woman who insists that we're crazy to think that the Bollyns have been kidnapped.

A few days before that, on January 10, Bollyn posted a message to warn us that there might be a false flag operation in France. So now Bollyn is warning us about upcoming attacks, just like Alex Jones.

You should not ignore the mysterious disappearance of the Bollyn family, or the other people who seem to be missing, such as Carol Valentine, Ahmed Rami, and Peter Kwaja. Bollyn made mistakes about who he can trust. The only way to protect ourselves is to spread this information and be suspicious of everybody. We've got to eliminate the secrecy that protects criminals. We've got to bring information about Zionism out in the open.

A man named Kaasem Khaleel wrote a book called Wrongly Blamed that accuses Israel of being behind the September 11 attack. On January 4, 2008, I heard him interviewed by Rick Adams of the RBN radio. As I've explained in other documents, Rick Adams associates with the Zionists at the Barnes Review and the American Free Press, and he's good friends with Scott Smith, who is the brother of Daryl Smith. Why would this group of people approve of Kaasem Khaleel? This is evidence that he's another person the Zionist are trying to set up as an investigator.

Christopher Bollyn won't contact me by phone any longer, probably because his kidnappers are afraid I'll record the conversation, and he doesn't respond to many of my e-mail messages, but when I sent him an e-mail message the other day that Kaasem Khaleel was on the RBN radio show and is probably a Zionist agent, well, that changed everything. I got an almost immediate response that I'm mistaken; that I can trust Kaasem Khaleel.

Years ago the people in this so-called "truth movement" were willing to interview me to a certain extent, but now they won't even mention me by name. When I bring this issue up, people say I'm jealous, but it's not jealousy; it's a pattern.

On January 7 2008, David Icke appeared on an RBN radio show, and it seemed like his primary message was that we must stop arguing and work together to defeat the criminal network that's trying to take over the world. For years people in this so-called truth movement have been telling us to stop arguing and work together, but if they really wanted us to work together, why did they refuse to work with me and Christopher Bollyn? The answer should be obvious. Me and Bollyn are not part of their crime network.

When they suggest we stop arguing, what they're trying to do is fool you into ignoring my accusations that they're Zionist liars. And when they suggest that we work together, what they're really trying to do is fool you into following them and ignoring me.

They have never really worked with me, and they are especially avoiding me now. This is a sign that they're losing, and they're afraid my information will reach more people. So don't get worried. We are beating them. And since you're the only people promoting my information, don't stop!


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